hd_wallpaper-wallpaper-10601305 I was feeling a pulling sensation in and around my left eye; this didn't just start; it's been happening for several weeks. I asked the Brothers for help, again, saying "I want to know now, not next month." I saw a woman inside a dark room sitting in a stone chair, as if helplessly confined to it. There was a light in her inflamed left eye that allowed me to see it as well as behind it. From there, as if standing in my kitchen, looking out the back door, I saw a powerful windstorm--the wind was blowing circuitously around an old cabin that looked like a place she once lived.

"Sit where she sits," I was instructed, and I did, my attention momentarily diverted from her eye. Suddenly she and "I" were one, and I realized that "I" was inside the eye, behind the globe, drawn to something far beyond the moment. I realized, too, that she and I needed each other to facilitate each other's healing. She got up and started walking into the next room that had dim light. I went with her.

My father appeared and said, "Come with me; there is something you need to see." He pointed ahead on my path, and I saw a beautiful waterfall through his body. "Go behind it," he said. The woman, now gone, I went behind the waterfall and eventually emerged into another place. "Keep going." I walked until I came upon my 5-year-old-self sitting, waiting. She was pulling me by a thread of Light attached to my left eye. I watched her until she became younger, smaller and no longer existed on the 3D plane. My father watched me, not the little girl he'd known before she knew herself.

"There," my father said, pointing again, and very high above us, an Eye, seemingly formed of bright, white clouds and Light, looked directly at me, and it seemed that it always did.

"Why has it been pulling me?" The Brothers did not speak but, again, allowed my father to guide me.

"Because you wanted to be here," he answered. "You came in with this desire."

OFTEN IN THIS LIFE, I have seen my 5-year-old self, even just recently in viewing Lesley's Autumn Last. I'm beginning to understand much...Its all so beautiful, and I marvel at the infinite, eternal beauty and wonders of the Infinite Intelligence.

Eye View is about contact with my Higher Self, and...before I was even conscious of it in this life, I was on the journey.

Love and Peace, Light, to A-l-l

Submitted by: Naimah on 04/03/2016

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