IMG_20160617_143150726 First, I want to thank Roberto for sharing his vision of 1849. It occurred while we were having a conversation and is the catalyst behind the appearance of this poem. Essentially, the vision was of a golden yellow light and the year 1849. When asked if it meant anything to me, I responded at once that it brought to mind Edgar Allan Poe, though in the moment I couldn't remember if it was the year of his birth or his death. I learned later that it was the latter.

Most of my adult life I have been attracted to Poe's work. Though it is dark, I was drawn to the Light that allowed me to see the man and his work, and even to this day, he is still one of my favorite writers. Since Roberto shared his vision, I have researched Poe's life, and online, I came upon "The Beautiful Yet Dark Mind of Edgar Allen Poe," a forty three-minute presentation from the Poe Museum. I was pleasantly surprised, excited too.

For many years, I have aspired to write, and this poem, and other posts, reflect healing that has made this possible. There is more for me in Roberto's vision, but since then, I've had beautiful visions and visitations by the birds who have accompanied me so often in the last sixteen years. In the poem that follows, another appeared, the most magnificent of all. Enjoy.

He was huge...and powerful,
Gray like storm clouds,
A true silver lining.
Beautiful and formidable, too!

His wings stirred fierce gusts of wind.
His breath, expelled, disturbed the silt that buried me.
I raised myself up,
And great talons reached for me.
The riverbed let me go...
Free of the clutches of the past.

Hovering, sheltering,
Light was his presence.
Love, his power.
My liberator wept for me--
Buried a long time.
A long time.
I cried too.

Then, feeling special,
Like a writer in the presence of Greatness,
"The meaning," I asked, "of the Light of 1849?"

"Fellow writers," he said.
"Poe and Gaetan, their expressions you Love.

Submitted by: Naimah on 06/17/2016

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