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It was a lustrous Cosmic Tree,
though not spangled like the one men know.
Beneath it Seoto sat
during the ages of change in humanities consciousness,
unaffected by this world,
and people passed by doing the things that people do
until the last call.

"Greetings!" one of five men approaching said. "Help us, please."

"Your desire?" Seoto asked the lively Travelers

seeking more Light.

"We are Travelers seeking more Light," he said,
and all looked up into the shimmering Tree
unlike the tinseled ones they had seen before.

"Just stay on this Road," Seoto said.

"Is there more Light?"

"There's no end to It." They heard the

Truth in his voice.

"How de we manage this

Endless Journey?"

"Keep traveling; this Road will turn for you."


"Yes, it turned and brought us here. And you're here, why?"

"I am serving," Seoto said.

"Will this Road deliver us to a place and time where we may serve?"

"If that is your desire!"

"It is!" they all cheered. "Thank you. We must be moving on."

And in the distance,
Specks drew closer on the Road, coming to life on a picturesque canvas.
"Peace!" Seoto called to the Wanderers.
They didn't know that they were searching.

"Peace," all three said, looking up into the wondrous Tree,
far more beautiful than one ice-covered glistening in the sun.

"Let us not disturb you," one said, "but do you know this Road?"

"I do."

"Where will it take us?"

"Where do you desire to go?"

"We don't know..."

"Is it your names you have forgotten?" Seoto inquired.

"We know our names, but not our Selves. Is there wisdom in that, kind Sir?"

"Just follow this Road."

"What will it reveal?"


"The Illumination of the One?"


"Why are you under this Tree?"
Then Seoto talked with the Wanderers
as he had talked with the Travelers, and the women thanked him and moved on

Ahead of the noise created by Mims striking a large tin can,
and Jeter, blowing his little wind into a harmonica.
Their father walked between them.

"Hey, man! Is this your tree?"

"It is not," Seoto said, to Mims, and the vagrants looked up into the radiant Cosmic Tree
seeing, neither seeing a spark of Light.

"I've seen you before," the father said.

"You were an old man, then," Seoto said.

"How can that be? I'm not an old man now?"
And they all laughed, saying, "You're out of your tree!"

"Where are you going?" Seoto asked the father.

"Wherever this Road takes us." His large, dark mouth, centuries old, though filled with sludge and babble, spoke. "My boys and I want nothing."

"This Road gives Vagrants nothing."

"It does?!" All three asked.

"Just go down this Road."

Submitted by: Naimah on 12/22/2015

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