He stands,
transforming to white Light
within His crystal body.
He is The Snow Man. Quite tall.
I sleep without understanding
and before dawn I view,
upon a snowy landscape,
a Light in a storehouse--
a beacon, but I don't go,
I don't walk across the snow
until The Snow Man drifts down.

"I have been wondering,
and so many memories...
What are their perspectives?"
"Come with me", The Snow Man says.
I walk with Him and
He speaks of the Snow...
"It comes in flurries".
"Like memories and wonders," I say,
"In them is no silence;
will they ever cease"?

"They whisper! I know you hear.
I have seen you walking in the snow."
"Oh, You were there"? I ask,
just standing, everything lovely, loving it,
hoping that snow will fall on me.
"T-here", The Snow Man says,
then directs me to the storehouse;
He says it is my own,
so I walk across the landscape;
memories stir and
looking back at Him I wonder,
"Is He the Light in the Snow?"


Submitted by: Naimah on 05/24/2017

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