I amble through the Garden thinking
how beautiful it is where peacocks live.
Then One flies down

—and I’m surprised that He can fly—

from the Tree of Light, speaking,

“We have awaited your arrival.”

Harps pluck their strings in the past,
and Emerald Bird flies over
tweeting his rendering of Peacock Song:
“I enjoy their loveliness!”

This is our Garden,” the Peacock says…
“Let’s walk; I have jewels for you.”
I follow his train, and in the Light,
leaves shadows dance in the stream;
Emerald Bird sings to me,

“A little Light-headed”,

and I reach for his wings
for balance in the shift—
“You love peacocks!” he twitters,
starlight glittering in his dark tail…

“Are you the reason”? I ask.

“No,” says the Peacock in the Garden
and on the farm in my past
a little boy runs across grassy land
playing with peacocks.

“Go back,
Go further back”, the Peacock says
and in the Light of his crown,
another child,
floundering in shallow water,
reaches for the Peacock standing there,

He found balance in the struggle
and rose, upon his feet.
When Emerald Bird sang to him
“Oh, the prettiness of peacocks,”

he looked into me from long ago.

Submitted by: Naimah on 02/19/2017

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