He swims in the Stream that flows uphill,
bringing him into view.
I've never seen a fish,
crystalline or not, move in that direction
or shed old scales for new ones --
unblemished crystals of sapphire Light.
I marvel at their beauty; they glisten!

With my eyes, the fish looks into mine.
I understand, then,
this allegory of my Self.
Father, too. He says "Step up"!
I'm glad he's watching.
I'm happy --
Consciousness in the Stream of Life.

I Love the Brother who is assisting me,
carrying serenely
the enduring Flame in His raised hand.
"Blow into the Flame", He says.
I release a gentle breath
and teensy golden fires from the Flame
issue into the Infinite Light,
joining consenting Flickers more brilliant.
They will return to Me.

Submitted by: Naimah on 12/27/2017

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