“No wrong is wronger and no right righter than another. Where you put your consciousness, therein it applies.” Ever since these words entered my mind during a radio interview, I’ve given them much thought, grasping a deeper understanding of individual evolutionary progress and new concepts that do not involve right or wrong, but rather objectivity or disregard.

I am of the old "are we there yet" school of thought, or "how to succeed in evolution without really trying." I thought having selfish emotions was THE END of me, so I took out a big log and beat them until deluded of success. After all, how unseemly and non-decorous these can be to someone that wants to be anything but, much like a stenchy groom to his bride. And so, I struggled to be on the right, but that was ego operating in a most microscopic spectrum within an infinite evolutionary highway called the life cycle. It wasn’t until I saw myself amid that endless highway, shown the road signs along the way by the higher self, that I perceived the triviality of micromanaging emotions and judging myself, rather than practicing scrutiny.

What I saw was a line, one end going through the ground and the other into the sky. Both ends went to infinity and could not see the end thereof. Going down meant wrong and wronger, up meant right and righter. Where I placed my finger, that’s where I falsely judged myself to be, and therefore so I was. Moments later, I placed my finger on a section slightly higher, making prior assumptions of right and wrong relatively irrelevant. Matter of fact, in the infinite evolutionary scale of things, it doesn’t matter where I think I am or in what direction I am headed, or anyone else for that matter, because progress is NOT measured by mileposts but by the summed objective polarization of cycles and experiences in this and countless other evolving interdimensional mental states. You are what you are, an infinite expression guided by the higher self and worthy of respect. Therefore, evolution is not something that can be measured, only complied with.

This line became no less than a tree of good and evil, my life cycle bearing a record of the sum and total of personal fruits from countless interdimensional expressions which are in a constant state of flux. Students are not concerned with the school’s grading system, rather they learn and are objective with what is being taught. Likewise, this tree is what it is, what it has become in its multi-dimensional entirety. We can give us no right or wrong labels, grade, or scorn, only objectify resonant cycles from the inner fold.

Cycles are the clarion call to objectify, extremely important and to be completed. A painting, poem, composition, task, even studying Dr. Norman’s works, all are cycles that must be completed because they are part of the tree, cycles that were, are, and will be in our personal eternal evolutionary path. Be a wise student, complete your cycles, objectify, and let the higher self polarize them. Make no false pedestals for yourself, good or bad; that’s extra work keeping you from homework and gets you no extra credit.

Submitted by: Roberto on 01/08/2017

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