I woke up with a superbly powerful intuition regarding the Unarius mission that shook me up and energized me until late in the day.

I saw how Unarius is a spiritual, not physical, organization composed of seven celestial worlds dedicated to mankind's progressive spiritual development. It is a spiritual university of sort that has NO REMOTE CAMPUSES on this world or any other world. Instead, Unarius students are their own individual remote campus, reporting directly to the higher worlds and no man on Earth, or in-between.

Therefore, NO earthly building, group, or person can claim to be Unarius, its teachers, their representatives, designated leaders, or dogmatic disseminators. By the same token, no other student (remote campus) has the right to prescribe coursework, point out what is right or wrong, or introduce knowledge in day-to-day personal evaluations and homework.

Each campus has its own teacher and leader, THE HIGHER SELF, and anyone that sets up a physical campus or school to supposedly define the activities, inspiration, development criteria, direction, teaching, approval, or auxiliary services for ANY soul is NOT of Unarius, moreover is against it.

The Unarius mission and its success is an entirely individual effort, not partisan or conglomerate. Thus I now understand why Unarians United is the only Unarius mission on this world as it uniquely represents the Brotherhood's model for spiritual guidance as established by Dr. Ernest L. Norman, meaning, thou shall not define activities, judge inspiration, imply dogmas, divulge information selfishly, or remunerate from auxiliary services provided. Rather, the mission must promote individual development and sharing free from judgment, allowing souls to experience knowledge by expressing their own conceived lessons inspired by their teacher, the kingdom within ... their higher self. In doing so, the expression is one of love and beneficence aimed to reach others, written in an ambience driven by a higher sense and purpose.

Submitted by: Roberto on 03/28/2017

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