Ernest and Ruth Norman - Unarius Founders

This February marks the 60th Anniversary of Unarius on our planet.   It feels appropriate to give the opportunity for any of us to give Thanks or share memories, stories, etc. about Unarius or our own memorable experiences.   I'd like to start with mine....

My favorite story is how the mission started and how the Moderator and Ruth met.  Ruth had just returned from the desert and decided to attend a convention at a Spiritualist church She had never visited before.  A lady psychic, giving Her a reading, was very excited about the wonderful things she was seeing, but first had to speak to another.  It was at this time that Ernest appeared (leaning against a wall, as if waiting).  Within moments, Ernest was reading for Her.  Ruth's pet joke between Them was that while He was correctly telling Her all about Her past husband,  She really wanted to hear more from the lady who spoke about the Wise Ones who were around Her and the wonderful things she saw...not about Her former husband!  Of course, She was sitting next to the Wisest of them all, with Whom She started the Mission.   It was a fun joke They shared.  Really charming!

A memorable happening of my own was several psychic experiences I had while emceeing a Unarius Seminar/Convention in San Diego during the mid-seventies.  But, it was at this meeting that Uriel gave me a note saying, "If there is time, tell the audience what Unarius means to you."  Fear of how I would 'come off' made me not find the time, and so I failed Her (and myself) in that request....but I won't now!  As tears fill my eyes, I know I owe my life to these Archangels.   There is no way without Them... and Their Intelligence and Love given... that I would have, in the long run, survived.  The downward and egotistical pull into religion, politics and materialism would have been too strong.   Without Unarius, a progressive evolution, and the Love I now feel, simply would not have been possible.  That's what Unarius means to me.... and why today I am thankful for our Unarians United getting us back on track!

So, Thank You Dearest Brothers and Sisters of the Light.....and Happy 60th/Infinite Anniversary!!!!!!!


Submitted by: Kenneth Bond on 01/29/2014

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