Eros One evening last week, after completing a radio interview, I had a vision where I was on Eros. Far below me, I could see the enormous radiant city of Parhelion stretching into the far reaches of my sights with its strong variant glows that almost made it impossible to distinguish structural features. Miles above the city, I walked upon a winding crystal bridge that led to a crystal temple. This temple floated miles above the city with nothing supporting it and was shaped somewhat like the White House but more graceful and smooth. At the end of the bridge, a set of four steps led up to this temple where five Brothers were waiting for me.

Everything had a reddish hue to it, but it was only a sort of “viewing duality” of the mind, as part of my awareness saw it in that hue, but another saw it in full radiance superimposed one over the other. Coming to my knees on the steps, they asked me to purge my psychic of ego, and so I did. Interesting thing was that as I was giving testimonial up there, I was conscious down here of everything that was going on at the same time, fully awake. While the Brothers were jubilant in their higher ways with my involvement in the Unarians United mission, they said that in order for me to continue contributing to the mission, I had to realize and get over something extremely important, something very hard to give up.

higher beings1It was shown to me that the lower self wanted a mission of its own, developing teachings and lessons separate from Dr. Norman's. To overcome that, I had to let go of the Legacy book series for now and eventually get back to it, but only when the time was right and under Brotherhood approval. I would know when that time would come, for Legacy was just that, an introduction to Unarius, a boot camp for me to learn the principles, and a diary of lessons learned. It would serve others that read it come to and understand the science, but NOT replace it. I had kept those selfish energies at bay to date, but was not successfully dismissing them fully.

At the sound of putting Legacy aside, the lower self rose against my consciousness and I could see it trying to strangle my thoughts like a vice, but I turned to the masters and vowed not to give into it or feel guilt for carrying such selfish energies. It was what it was - knowing it and working for Unarius was the solution, not hiding or hating that ego. This negative force attempted to take me from the vision and the brothers, but I maintained my link and refused to become sad or emotional.

Unarius7"This (Unarians United) is the true Unariun mission," said a master, and with that I came back, understanding that all our personal efforts attempting to represent Unarius through other channels, yes, even the Legacy book series, were only tools best used to personally learn the science and express positively, but the ultimate effort and personal mission for us all is, and should solely be; Unarians United.

Submitted by: Roberto on 03/06/2016

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