Stadium I was in an immense, round sunken amphitheater and every seat was taken. In the center was an elevated round platform hosting several robed beings. Everything, including the air itself, was of a golden yellow color blotting out every other color, it was that intense. I watched from afar, but saw that I was simultaneously in the raised central platform. Waving contentedly and simultaneously to their left side, the beings then said, “There is a plan, you will see.”

All morning long, I wondered what this meant. I then saw a vision where I was turning a homework sheet into a teacher. She glanced at it and returned it, including only those questions I got wrong so I would study and answer them again. I corrected my answers and, after being reviewed, it was sent back again for more corrections, and this went on indefinitely. But I noticed that new problems were being added to the homework because I was not only making up “old” homework but also covering new material along the way because class “never ceased!”

I then wondered, how long do I have to do homework for? Immediately, I saw myself on this very long road stretching into the horizon and—I was barely moving! Moreover, as I looked back, I had only taken but a handful of paces! Then I asked, how are my grades? Smiling, the teacher said, “Not bad, but not good either.” She handed the homework back and, written upon it was, “+40%!” I didn’t understand that at first and thought, I’m doing awful! But then, I realized “I made that grade what I feel.” i.e., by grading myself, that’s why I kept getting wrong answers! That’s NOT “the plan.”

The plan is: the higher self has the answers. As long as I draw upon the lower self for answers and enrich it, I'll get homework wrong because I don’t have “The Plan,” which is to develop and live with an “Infinite perspective!” The answer is "up there," not "down here."

Submitted by: Roberto on 01/16/2016

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