My name is Billie. I have been a student of Unarius for 42 years now and proving that past life therapy really works. Not only to clear the channels of past negative lives lived, but to learn how to replace it with a creative outlet where we are in touch with Higher Spiritual Brothers who teach us and inspire us from the Inner Worlds of Light.

When Leonardo Di Vinci painted the Mona Lisa, everyone knows it was his own and would not sell it until his death bed where he gave the painting to the King of France. We now know that the Mona Lisa was inspired from his twin ray Uriel from the spirit worlds and the frequency vibration of her on the Spiritual side and the high frequency that Leonardo impinged into the paint on the physical side has held people spellbound for several hundred years, it also is why he needed no physical companion. This is what we all can achieve when we are properly in tune with a Higher source.

This is what we should all aspire to because that frequency is healing and uplifting everyone that gazes upon it and tunes them into the real inspirer and raises their frequency or transcends one from the physical consciousness. So I have learned to be inspired from Leonardo and Uriel through learning how to paint while studying with Uriel or Ruth Norman at her Center for 15 years in person. I learned with her help to step aside and let her teach me first of all, how to paint because I had no lesson before this on how to paint, and then I had to learn about my karma at the same time.

Uriel would give us a project to do and usually, as we worked at it and were ready, we’d learn something from our past at the same time. I found that I had a lot of karma with Ruth and was being aided to bring it to the surface to be looked at. The painting that you see here was just completed at year’s end 2016. So as you will see, I am still learning about myself and working through these same pasts that can become a block if I am not aware.

I started this painting a while back and I could not get the figure to look good. So, realizing I was blocked from some past, I set it aside for at least a year. Every time I tried I would be aware that I was putting myself into the painting where I was trying to paint Uriel from a description in an unpublished manuscript called “Lisastratha;” a spiritual teaching center on the Inner, Lisastratha being another part of Uriel.

About three months ago, I picked it up and started to work on it again. At first, I was still having trouble with it, so I sat myself down and said, ‘what am I reliving?’ I realized what it was. In Egypt right after the sinking of Atlantis, Isis and Osiris were the spiritual leaders and were teaching what we are learning right now as a continuity from Atlantis, the two being Uriel and Raphiel.

Some time ago, maybe 20 years back, Uriel asked me to paint a scene that she described to me as Isis in a huge Temple with a lake. In the center of the lake was a throne about 10 feet high or more, and Isis was setting on the throne dressed in gold with golden hair, a gold headdress on, and was teaching the people seated around the lake. When I took the painting I had done, she handed it back and said, “it’s no good, you put yourself there on the throne.” I already knew that Isis and Osiris had been murdered and that I was a part of this energy from this past.

I realized that I was reliving this cycle of time where I wanted to be Isis. This was my motivation for what I did because I wanted to be the priestess on her throne and again become a false teacher as I have done many times before. Each time over the years that this cycle would swing in I would see more. One thing I saw was, I had scalped her. One day, my hair was falling out by the hand-full, and when the cycle would come around again and again, my hair would start to fall out, but I was aware of what it was and it would stop. My hair is still thin. However, after realizing what I was reliving, my hair stopped falling out. I also had a lot of different pains to work through with this, all because of my big fat ego and jealousy.

Image result for soul awakeningI had helped to block the Light from this world as I have done many times before.

Now I can keep this energy out of phase with the present and in the past where it belongs. I could go into more depth with this past and what I took part in, for I have been looking at this for sometime.

Love in Action, Billie

Submitted by: Billie on 02/06/2017

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