I must first thank Billie for sharing the incredible inspiration, Overcoming and Freedom. She spoke of the long years of working out karma, that it was not easy for her; in that expression, I saw myself. Also, like Billie, I have thought that I wouldn't be able to take anymore, and in those times, particularly over the past few weeks, I seemed to have been drifting "in nowhere", longing to reach a higher plane of illumination.

For many years, and more often lately, I have been wondering why I do certain things and why certain events occur repetitiously in my daily life. As I prepare this testimonial for posting, I am attuned to an event that occurred just before Autumn in 2007 when I was contemplating joining Unarius. I fell and broke my leg on September 1 and had surgery on September 5, my birthdate. In November, just a day or two after I returned to work (using a cane), a tree fell on my car. Most of my adult life, I have experienced traps and blocks of some type, even life-threatening situations (one in which my doctor said I should have been in a coma), and now, I am deeply concerned about the reasons for them.

I have had appliances stop functioning at critical moments; vehicle malfunctions as I traveled alone on road trips ranging from 4 hours to 12 hours; my printer to run out of ink when I really needed it, and when I went to the computer lab at Alcorn University, it was closed for a seminar. I've gone to the market to get an item I forgot the day before, and when I arrived, there wasn't any. In Summer of 1989, I made plans to relocate 225 miles from where my son and I were living and gave the driver of the U-Haul a check to cover his fee. At the bank, he was told the check could not be cashed due to insufficient funds. I had to go there and have their error corrected. In June 2017, I received a new computer but was unable to use it for two months because the video card was defective. Delivery of a new one was delayed because the order, though promptly placed, was lost. All of this, and more.

I know that I am psychically responsible for my life circumstances, but I haven't gotten a view of the causes. I have always managed to surmount the difficulties with, not just patience and determination, but by consciously working against them or waiting for changes. Help always came and will come again! It wasn't until after we relocated and my son, 10 years old at the time, told me I wasn't a regular person that I began to pay attention to myself. Now at age 38, he says he hasn't gotten used to me.

Recently integrating within my consciousness that my psychic anatomy is being reconstructed, I have been experiencing significant internal changes, and just this morning the word "Balance" has been oscillating within my awareness; it is a beautiful sensation...appearing to be what I needed when I was drifting "in nowhere". In this moment, my attention is again turned to my post, I, the Idiot, in which I expressed confusion in my limited understanding of the psychic anatomy. Also, in this moment, there are still questions unanswered, but I know the answers I have anticipated will come quite soon. Until then, I will enjoy waiting a while longer and share with you more of what the Brothers have given me:

IT WAS A DREAM. I walked through a flat land forest covered with Autumn leaves, curled and brown, enjoying the presence of two who are strangers to me on our Earth world, but were longtime friends in the dream. We walked, casting our glances around for whatever would be granted to us there, individually or collectively, and the pleasure of doing so was immense. Walking among the slender trees, tall, but having no branches except near the top, I could hear my breath, the leaves shifting, presenting as a bracing panoply created by our feet and seemingly by the force of the excitement we bore.

My friends and I found remnants of my past partially buried in the leaves, some held in the grip of the soil. Straightaway they gave me whatever they found, but when they made personal discoveries, we appeared to be farther apart, perhaps because I was distracted, wondering why the treetops were suddenly profusely green and the ground flourished with lavender flora. However, I wasn't distracted long; we came upon an old cabin in the wood and rushed into it, exploring the interior--opening timeworn boxes and closets. I combed through a lone chest standing in the middle of the room and uncovered many, many memories, as well as vestiges of the years I embraced the principles of Islam. Because one of my friends was peculiarly silent, I turned and saw him lifting a flaccid, brown covering from a cot. Beneath it was a thin, eggshell blanket with an image of a grizzly bear sleeping under a red sun that was gradually transforming to a golden glow. I walked away from the chest to get a closer look, and the bear, a powerful stimulator of memories, raised his head, gazed at me, and turned away to sleep again. Then I saw him in the forest we had just walked through, stalking me in my past. I realized that I had been his unwitting prey for a very long time and that before the dream, I had no knowledge of his presence or the forest in which I was lost, though protected in the Light that has inspired this testimonial.

It's beautiful, isn't it? The Light of a Unariun, I mean.

Submitted by: Naimah on 11/29/2017

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