white peacockBorn we were from yester's fate so truth would boldly stand,
bound to pledged infinity on a path to always-land.
And though visions of wariness on trying lands fanned,
timeless whispered pledges are always at hand.

Dr. Ernest Norman - Founder of Unarius"Fear me not, be deceived not,"
the mentoring whisper told,
a voice residing in us from ages of old,
"for life an enclosed field of dreams unfolds,
and a learning imaginarium of purpose beholds,
as we visit but a little while with lessons
that dazzle and blind us from the Whole."

peacockWe strive forth through countless living sojourns like a peacock,
boasting colorful feathery regalia behind us among the flock,
ignoring that as we visit with the past but a little time,
higher whispers reside in us most sublime,
reminding us that feathers wilt and fade,
yet whispers forever blossom and pervade.

Let therefore pride boast not behind us like a peacock disobedient to truth,
and yell not to be heard or will be done in ruse,
but stand with Infinite radiance, serve humbly, and never accuse.
A brilliant avalanche of light awaits the meek at heart that cries not,
even among deceiving earthly obstacles that last not,
for this physical universe only serves as kind wonder,
from atom to cell, to stars and galaxies far yonder,
not to be craved or saved, 'cause we know their source not,
but as lifeless dolls these must be replaced with grander opts.

roberto35It is our time to visit but a little while,
a time to want things not of earth but of heavenly worthwhile.
The conceived cocoon we shall leave dispensed from high branches,
and a butterfly to elevated horizons shall wander,
preparing to visit but a little while with yet higher challenges,
never again nesting as a field caterpillar whose tasks are simple,
but a being of light whose errands surpass universal kindle.

Submitted by: Roberto on 02/13/2016

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