Pasteur Better late than never to tell this experience. I had this realization back in the mid 80's.

One evening while at home I chanced to tune my stereo to a broadcast of a children's choir singing in French. Immediately I began crying uncontrollably. I could see myself standing in front of a group of children assembled in the cafeteria of a famous hospital in France. I could see myself, dressed in a business suit of the time period. The children were singing to me to thank me for helping them. I had lost several of my own children due to disease and worked hard to prevent this from happening to others. The image of the children singing brought me back to the sorrow of losing my own children. My wife came up from behind me and put her arm around me to comfort me, we cried together.

Yes, I knew my name, Louis Pasteur. I had some difficulty absorbing this experience but suddenly a thousand things in my current physical life made sense. I remembered how I built a Pasteurization device to sterilize my food when I was about 8 years old. It didn't work of course but I thought it did. I used long-wave Ultraviolet light on my food.

It's all a little foggy now but at the time of the realization this vision hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt confused but also sensed some part of me was undergoing a powerful awakening.

I talked to "Vaughn" (Louis Spaegel) at the center and told him my experience. He confirmed what I had seen and realized, he added that Pasteur was a very advanced spiritual being.

This started a storm in my head, who and what am I? My ego took off without reason. Oh boy, I'm somebody!

The following day I was driving my motorcycle past the Miramar airfield and my mind was preoccupied with the thought of what a spiritual being I must be!

Suddenly, the voice of GOD entered my head and said: "YOU DO NOT HAVE A HIGHER SELF!"

I nearly lost control of my motorcycle. The voice was powerful and forced an immediate shut down of all of other thoughts and then went silent. I cruised further down the road in a stunned condition, I have no idea how I survived my drive. I felt crushed, I felt silly. I'm guessing about 10 minutes passed as I drove in silence and experienced an emptiness I can't describe. Suddenly GOD spoke again and said plainly:


Huh? Oh I get it! I'm the tail of the dog, I'm the puppet not the puppet master. Steve Anderson was NOT Louis Pasteur, the being that has a Steve puppet once had a Pasteur puppet!

This lesson curbed my ego (at least a little) and gave me a sense of purpose. All I've got to do is listen and cooperate.


Submitted by: Stephen Anderson on 01/26/2014

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