Electron-spin I was sitting in my engineering class in college in 1976 during a discussion of crystal lattice structures, specifically 'Frenkel' defects, when I thought to myself, "what is magnetism?".

Suddenly I found myself seated in a vast outdoor amphitheater on an ethereal plane, I assumed it was Eros. In the center of the the theater was a gigantic blue transparent sparkling being that heard my thought and instantly presented a 3 dimensional model of the physical atom. It was the typical atom model pictured in physics books but yet it had a life of it's own and I could see it was much more than what we understood atoms to be. The individual components of the nucleus and electrons were not solid but were actually complex nodes of energy focal points.

I was shown how each electron spun like a gyroscope and maintained a constant orientation and generated a micro magnetic field of it's own that was always aligned in the same direction due to the stability of its spin (like a spinning top). Then a second similar atom was brought nearby and the two atoms interacted with each other. I noticed how the fields of the electrons of each atom began to synchronize because of the interaction of the spinning magnetic fields, much the same way similarly tuned violin strings will resonate together when brought close together. The term for this is harmonic synchronization, two similarly tuned objects will synchronize and eventual end up in phase with each other. Something similar to two people with hula hoops synchronizing their spinning and hoop positions.

The more atoms that are similar that are connected the stronger their influence and their spinning electron magnetic fields will become. When bringing two magnetic objects close together the spinning electron fields will attempt to synchronize with each other causing a physical pressure to result which we feel as magnetic force.

Now I was flabbergasted at the personal presentation that was provided to me, it was an epiphany that explained magnetism so simply a child could understand.

Once I understood the magnetic concept I suddenly realized that while this lesson was personally created for me, each of the more than 10,000 students in the amphitheater were being taught individual lessons by this same spiritual being! This blew my mind! Now I began to understand the potential path that lies before each of us. It's nearly impossible for us as physical beings to be able to comprehend what an advance spiritual being is capable of.

Additional realizations about this lesson were presented to me in just the last year. I have yet to come to full understanding and acceptance of this new realization. Maybe someday I'll be able to share more.


Steve Anderson

Submitted by: Stephen Anderson on 01/26/2014

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