Just as in the ephemeral passing of day and night, so we find the difference between worldly chats and oscillating with Unarius students. In this world, we talk about the weather. In the science, we understand and do something about it depending on the degree of effort/devotion we invest in maintaining a state of attuned giving ... not becoming part of this world. To be of the Light means to serve the infinite as is the norm in higher worlds, rather than worry about the self which we have come to elevate, not inflate.

Thus is the science and Light one and the same; attunement is service and service yields attunement, a life’s purpose to serve the infinite and make of our lives on this earth as is in heaven.

In one such student oscillation, I saw an image of the Unarians United site, one that turned into a life-like image, in full breathing motion and creative intelligence, as if it were an intelligent living being. There it remained while a huge brilliant vortex surrounded the website, quickly pulsing in and out showing that it was the source of the site’s intelligence. Where was this source coming from?

I saw several website contributing students that were linked to this vortex via wide energy beams. These students were lending channeled energy to this vortex by contributing much like a live wire or inspired conduit from higher dimensions, polarizing higher energies into this dimension by participating on the site by writing or reading its contents. As contributions and studies were carried out on the site, the vortex expanded and new energy was beamed into it. Any user or student that came in contact with the website was instantly connected to this vortex and polarized with its energy, regardless of how long or deep they were on the site, establishing an instant link to the higher worlds and the brotherhood.

The pulsing vortex and contributing students were then replaced by a large golden flame on the inner where I saw how these instant links worked. While the link was established in this physical dimension, the being itself went through this flame where all the necessary and adequate evolutionary adaptations and lessons learned were instantly applied, left to be polarized and resolved in this dimension with time, creating a new path of learning and polarization for several incarnations to come. This was the beginning phase of internship into the halls of Unarius on the inner, the gateway to spiritual evolution.

Submitted by: Roberto on 05/31/2017

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