The Unarius Mission

Pic 2 Venus high planeThe study of Unarius is a life-long endeavor. It is not only a study of Dr. Norman's writings but the application of their teachings as these apply to the infinite macrocosm and also the individual student. Thus the term, Science of Life.

By joining the Unarians United Community, we hope you come to identify the fearful and belligerent ways of this world and see them as transient lessons that no longer bear worthy value in your life, that you aspire for the tranquil kindness of spirit, tune into the endless love of Higher Worlds, and share your learning journeys with fellow students also striving toward the same goals in their own evolutionary ways.

As you study the Science of Life, recognize and leave behind the selfish negative tendencies born from this and numerous past lives, experiences that will come to your awareness as you study and with the help of Higher Beings when the time is right. Let your Higher Self, the small still voice within, guide, inspire, and become a greater part of your life. Develop and sustain a positive essence founded upon honesty, kindness, and selfless love. Love your neighbor and the Infinite with all your mind, soul, strength, and heart, and help positively regenerate the Infinite expression within all of us.

Let us all be as one, and fall in love with Love.