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  •     Voice of Venus: Addendum
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Mal Var

A Word from the Channel

It had been my original intention that as a channel for this book I would remain unheard and unspoken. However, in view of two recent national announcements, I have been prompted to add or point up several of the more vital and pertinent issues contained in this book. And while these issues have been quite thoroughly and adequately covered, yet I believe what I have to say will not go amiss.

A few days ago, our Government announced it was planning to build the long dreamed of space satellite. They had hoped to project some sort of rocket which would travel in an orbit around the earth. Almost immediately, Russia also announced similar plans. It is quite obvious that while these two similar plans were loudly acclaimed as scientific projects inspired for the sake of pure science, behind it all was the same old militant ulterior motive. And so again it has come to pass that two nations are extending their right hands in a gesture of friendship and peace, while in their left hands they clutch the weapons of war. It should be equally obvious to the leaders of our nation that after thousands of such wars and peace treaties, this too will come to naught. True peace will be attained only in an absolute concept of Brotherly Love and in the perception and conception that all mankind, as individuals or collectively, have their own way and right to live.

Back in 1945, the second great World War was brought to a sudden, dramatic and ghastly climax by the explosion of atom bombs over Japan. It can be said that these explosions ushered in a new atomic age. It can also be said that it is also an age of fear. Since that time, mankind all over the earth has walked in the shadow of that fear. Not only did the explosion of those atom bombs bring a new way and concept of life to our people, but it ushered in another age.

Almost immediately, the skies seemed to be filled with strange glowing objects, or spacecraft, from outer space. In the years following these various thousands of appearances, everyone has become space conscious. Every little boy has had a space suit. He can and does frequently indulge in rocket takeoffs and other things which are supposed to be part of this new Science while as yet man has not from this earth, produced a craft which is capable of traveling into free space.

As in the years following the first appearance of these craft, the world has been divided into two camps: those who do and those who do not, believe in flying saucers or spacecraft. In a certain sense both camps are right. The great mass and preponderance of evidence and photographs which support the appearance of many and numerous types of spacecraft cannot be denied nor can we deny the reasonable equations and views of those who do not believe. The truth is that spacecraft have not as yet appeared in this third dimensional world nor will they do so, for this third dimensional world or material world, as we know it, is not conducive to such craft and their operation.

In the preceding pages and chapters of this book, much emphasis is given to what is termed space and energy, and the relationship of energy to mass. In the various equations and hypotheses which have, up until this time existed, all have missed certain relative and vital points in their relationship to energy and mass. It has not yet occurred to the scientist that while he has 101 elements and that they each express in their own way through the difference of their atomic structures a relative weight or a reactive consequence to certain known physical laws, if he thought for a moment it would become obvious that there were not only 101 elements but perhaps many thousands of other elements which existed in other dimensions which were not reactive to our physical laws.

He has also not correctly evaluated a true concept of an atom. An atom is not a solid particle, neither is it composed of a number of solid particles. An atom is composed of tiny vortexes of wave energies which are pulsating in outer rings of wave forms around a central vortex. This whole atomic structure is sup- ported internally by what the scientist calls space. Actually, there is no such thing as space. Space is full; not with a solid substance or a static substance, but with a pulsating radiant energy. This energy comes from the Fountainhead or, as some people say, God. This energy which is constantly stemming from the Fountainhead, is also returning. It can therefore be said to be expanding and contracting simultaneously in all directions.

This Radiant Energy is Supremely Intelligent because it reflects the Infinite Mind of the Creative Fountainhead of God. Thus to be Infinite, it must express infinity and in infinity, it must become also finite. So therefore this Radiant Energy will express itself in countless dimensions and in countless forms. Thus it has done in our material world, in our 101 elements with which our scientists are familiar. We also know that these 101 elements are bound and held together in our world by certain physical laws, as they are called. These are gravity, inertia, momentum, centrifugal and centripetal force. There are other laws, of course, which are relative but of less consequence. These laws are the determining factors in the behavior of static masses of energy which you call elements.

The scientist has not yet become aware of the fact that, if we change the relationship of the emanating or sustaining life force of the atom, that it likewise changes its qualities and its relationship to the dynamic controlling forces. Many years ago the scientists were pondering about the sound barrier and thought that an aircraft could not pass through this supposed impregnable barrier.

Today, with many, many thousands of aircraft passing through this barrier, the scientist has learned certain facts, namely: that an airplane will behave quite differently after passing this certain line of demarcation which he calls the sound barrier. In other words. The known physical laws which govern the elements in his more familiar earth plane at stationary levels, have now somehow become altered after passing over this barrier.

In the future, the scientist will learn that in crossing over the ultimate barrier, which is the speed of light at 186,000 miles per second, he will have crossed the last known barrier which relates to his physical world. Between the sound barrier and the speed of light. However, he will find many other barriers or lines of demarcation-all of which change the relationship of mass and his elemental atomic structures to any of the known physical laws.

In the appearance of the various types of spacecraft we have visualized that man on other planets has arrived at or past a point in his concept of science which relates to the ultimate barrier-the speed of light. Therefore, the appearance of any spacecraft in our third dimensional world is not an appearance in a true sense of energy and mass equated from our own standpoint or position. In other words, the scientist in the other world has succeeded in transmuting or levitating elemental atomic structures into a relationship with the energy source which takes it completely out of the realm of the known physical laws of this earth planet. He finds then that he is no longer affected by gravity, inertia, centrifugal force or any other known factor. Actually these laws are all one and the same. They are expressions of the cosmic energy as a controlling ingredient in the expression of energy as mass on our plane .

Therefore, it can be said that the appearance of a flying saucer to some individual even though he may touch it or go for a ride in it does not mean that he does this in a true physical sense. He has been, temporarily at least, transported in his concept to a point where he will somehow meet halfway with this spacecraft. The spacecraft itself has had to come down from a much more highly evolved position, into our lower earth strata.

We might compare these things with the chords of a piano. Thus while we are playing a chord at the high end of the scale, we can also play chords at the lower end of the scale which are either harmonious or inharmonious with our original basic chord.

The flying saucer man must therefore bring his craft down into a level of relationship which is closer to our known physical laws of the earth plane. This accounts for their peculiar behavior such as the wobbling or the pendulum-like motion, the tremendous rates of acceleration and their appearance of being glowing, white-hot, or transparent or translucent. Actually, these factors in themselves, are only relative to the plane which the saucer is in contact with at the moment. In its true state, it is not bound by our known physical laws. So you can see that spacecraft have not actually visited our world or our dimension, nor has anyone, in a true physical sense, ever contacted a spaceman or taken a ride in such a craft.

I can say this truly to those who have written books or accounts of these contacts: in reading all of the various stories of contacts which have been made by such persons, there always has been one important ingredient lacking. None of these people were, in themselves, a clairvoyant or a medium. In other words, they did not have the supersensitive development with which they could properly evaluate their position. Now, I know that the word clairvoyant is likely to arouse some antagonism or skepticism. Let me say, that if you have an open mind, you will start with Dr. Rhine of Duke University and when you thumb through all pages of history the past two or three thousand years, including the Bible, you will begin to understand what clairvoyance means. Clairvoyance is not some hocus-pocus thing which is practiced in some dark room. It is a clear cut science which relates man with the higher and infinite source of his nature.

In the inward sense, every man is a part of God, as was pointed out by Christ. The very fact that we exist in material bodies supports this theory. We could not exist a single moment without the supporting force of the Infinite Mind of God, as He manifests himself in a continual stream of power, into every atom of our being. The very life of our body is dependent upon this source. Even the elements which we call food and take into our bodies are dependent, in their relationship to us, upon the expression of this cosmic force.

So in conclusion, may I say that man never will and cannot attain mastery over any dimension other than his own until he has mastered the concept that energy and mass, and the product of mass in relationship to energy, can be changed and altered. He must also learn that any or perhaps all of his present-day known physical laws will, in a few years, be discarded. Newton served his time; so did Einstein. There will be others who will come along and give a much newer and greater science; and with this new science, will come a new knowledge and a new wisdom which will more definitely relate the consciousness of man with his true, inner self. And with this consciousness that he is God, he will lay aside his warlike weapons. He will lay aside his desire and restlessness to conquer space. He will lay aside many of the aggressive militant attitudes which lack the common ingredient of brotherly love and thus he will come into his millennium, his Utopia.

It might be well to say that the announcement of the satellite might bring a new wave of appearance of spacecraft, and if you should see one of these, do not doubt what you have seen because it is quite likely that you have really seen it; but remember that this craft does not, in a true sense of the word, belong in your world. It does not react to our known physical laws simply because the minds who conceived that craft were definitely able to alter the relationship of the materials in that craft beyond the point where they were reactive to even such things as light. They have gone beyond the last of our known barriers or lines of demarcation. They have passed the point of 186,000 miles per second, which is the ultimate concept of our present-day scientists. Einstein tried to evaluate this by saying that such a relationship would assume a compressed effect as far as matter was concerned. He was not quite aware of the factor of frequency relationship with the infinite emanating Source of the Fountainhead. This is of the utmost consideration and importance. It will be the basis for the new world age and the new world science.

An announcement which recently came from one of our great medical centers, the Mayo Clinic, at Rochester, MN., stated they had found that newly-born infants, just one day old, sometimes had the symptoms of cancer. There was no evidence in the report to indicate that such cancer symptoms were inherited, nor is there likely to be any. Another one of the great factors which man will have to learn and consider in relation to himself, is the factor of evolution and reincarnation.

In the pages of this book, you are told how you are a creature of many lives and many evolutions. You are continually revolving back through states of consciousness where you can learn to assimilate and evaluate certain concepts. After thousands of such evolutions, you will be objectively viewing God in an infinite number of aspects. And in such viewing, and in such knowledge, you will attain sufficient wisdom to assume mastery over these conditions. Thus, you will become one with God. As was explained, a person is not primarily a physical being, but a spiritual being; and he manifests into this world as a product of relationship with his spiritual self.

This spiritual self-function through his psychic body which link him with the supreme energizing force of the Fountainhead. This psychic body is composed of countless thousands of tiny vortexes, or wave forms, which can be similarized to atomic structures except, of course, they exist in a much higher dimension or frequency relationship. Many of our past occurrences and experiences in past lives are thus deeply imbedded in the intricate wave form patterns.

Cancer is a product of misalignment with the cosmic motivating force which sustains every atom in our body and, being nonproductive, becomes destructive in nature and, like many other diseases, multiplies its destructiveness. When the doctor or the psychiatrist, in this day and age or some future day and age, has properly assimilated this concept, he will be able to cure cancer. He will be able to cure many of the other diseases now incurable. He will have passed the last of the great barriers which have held civilization back in the slavery and drudgery of ignorance and disease.

So, friends, read this book through carefully. It was designed by the Great Ones themselves and these great intellects are much closer to God than you and I. It was brought into existence as an expression of Divine Love and the consciousness of these great Beings. And in reading, may you absorb the wisdom which is contained in its pages; and though you may or may not agree with all of the things which you read, you may rest assured that if you continue to pursue your course being inquisitive and open-minded, you will eventually understand all that is contained herein, and much more. It is quite obvious that with the great number of subjects which have been covered in this book, they necessarily had to be made quite brief. However, we have been promised a succession of similar books, * which will go into much more length and detail about the various subjects which have been covered primarily in these pages. But until this time, may you all rest in the graciousness of God's Love.

* Additional volumes of the Pulse of Creation series provide a continuity numbering five volumes:

The Voice of Eros, The Voice of Hermes, The Voice of Orion, and The Voice of Muse - Elysium - Unarius.


As this book goes to press, astronomers are becoming convinced of the possibility of life on other planets. The reader will be interested to know that no less an authority than Dr. Harlow Shapley has confirmed this in an interview with the press. We quote:


"A conclusion that living things with some kind of mentality exist in other worlds now is inevitable," says Dr. Harlow Shapley, noted Harvard University astronomer.

"Probably the conscious beings who inhabit other planet-like bodies in the universe are not like the earth's humans or manlike animals-the primates," Dr. Shapley told a lecture audience at the University of California. "Nevertheless, they must be capable of some kind of thinking," he said.

"The developments that make this conclusion inescapable," Dr. Shapley asserted, "are comparatively recent biological discoveries and they make a convincing picture when linked to findings in the fields of chemistry and astronomy.

"The biological findings include a mounting pile of evidence of a close relationship between molecules, viruses and genes. All things are made of molecules, which essentially are non-living aggregations of atoms.

The molecules which compose living organisms are made of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and a few other chemicals.

"Scientists have found that viruses are elaborate molecules and they have some of the characteristics of living things. Under certain physical conditions, a non-living molecule accumulates more atoms and at some stage it takes on the aspects of a living organism. And genes, which are responsible for the transmission of heredity from one cell or one organism to a descendant, closely resemble viruses.

"On earth, it has taken a delicate balance of natural forces-just the right temperature range, a supply of water and air, and chemical conditions for bringing the atoms together to produce this," Dr. Shapley said. "And the findings of astronomers make it appear that conditions somewhat like those on earth must exist in countless other worlds."

- The Los Angeles Times, April 14, 1956.

* Foregoing: Copyright, 19, Los Angeles Times. Reprinted with permission.


At present, mankind is entering into a space age and, in this advent, there is a great broadening in certain concepts and aspects concerning the possibilities of human life lived on other planets in other solar systems in our universe. While such a concession would have been ridiculed a few years ago, it is today a commonly accepted fact; and using the newly developed radio telescopes, in conjunction with the already existing optical types, the man of science is probing the vast depths of space, trying to pick up any signals which would denote an intelligent race of humans on another planet.

This is the first of many steps the earthman will take before he succeeds in his quest to establish communication in some physical manner with other humans living on distant planets. As of today, the earthman scientist is not aware of the fact that communication between this and other planets has been going on for thousands of years. This has been done in three different ways. The first and more universally used method is mental communication; and every human who has been or is living is always telepathically speaking in direct communication with untold millions of humans living on uncounted numbers of distant planets.

The second and probably most important means of spiritual communication is spiritual transmigration. During every moment of earth's history, great numbers of discarnate entities (people without bodies), are traveling back and forth between various planets-some to be reborn in new physical bodies, others to influence through subconscious autosuggestion.

Third-there has also been in the past as well as the present, some interplanetary travel in certain kinds of spaceships. Considering the vast amount of interplanetary travel which has been and is going on, even though unseen and unrecognized by the material earthman, we can therefore safely present an obvious fact; that Unarius Channel, Dr. Norman, is an interplanetary traveler; but more than one who is motivated by some capricious whim. He is one of the original Lemurians, of which there were eleven, who came to this planet in a space-vehicle some 156,000 years ago and established the first Lemurian civilization. In this respect, he can remember and describe life on the planet Lemuria some 700 light years distant. Since that time, he has lived various periods of time in other and more closely associated planets such as Mars, Venus, Jupiter, etc., and is well acquainted with many of the people who live there and can accurately describe their lives.

This Interplanetary Brotherhood method of communication, travel, etc., is part of the life contained in his works and again will be vindicated to some extent in future history. As Jesus said, "In my Father's house are many mansions."

The great and unending vistas of space contain not only material suns and solar systems, as they are known to the modern astronomers-but unseen and unknown existing in different vibratory rates as different dimensions are other vast and infinite reaches, all thickly populated with other kinds of planets composed from energy substances unknown to the earthman. These are the many mansions-places to be visited and lived in by any and all humans on their evolutionary pathway of life-reincarnation, if you please-but always a way in which the Infinite lives and regenerates.

To an old Lemurian Master-Scientist, the earthman appears to be more puny, more elemental and more ridiculous than a group of primitive children playing a jungle game; yet he is temperate in his judgment-a temperance which has been born through vast millenniums of time-a wisdom acquired by consorting with the ageless and timeless inner dimensions which, like vast dervishes in an endless sea of time, gyrate in infinite numbers and convolutionary expressions, repeating each regeneration endlessly; for such is the way of the Infinite. A knowledge of this Infinite is yet to be acquired by the earthman which will supplant his archaic beliefs in demons and gods-an understanding which will relegate his religions back into the dust of his crumbling temples; a wisdom which will give him wings swifter than light -a way to span the vast regions of space in less than a twinkle of an eye; a high-road to eternity and a by- road into every man's heart.