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  •     Voice of Venus: Chapters 6 - 8
Voiced by Ruth Norman
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Mal Var

The Non-Atomic Nature of Life

Although only a few hours have passed since my last visit, conditions are so propitious that it was deemed advantageous that I again make contact. I hope that you will pardon my intrusion in your daily earth life routine.

So we will resume our little trip where it was left off the previous evening. Now we are again back on the surface of Venus and we find ourselves standing in a beautiful forest glade and although it is quite familiar to me, I see in your mind that you are almost overwhelmed with the beauty. For the benefit of your earth brothers, let us sit down upon this grassy bank beside a pool so that I may not only explain more fully these things about you, but that I may also clear up some of the salient paints which I see are not quite transparent.

As you look about you, you see many tall trees which stretch hundreds of feet into the air, and the overhanging branches seem to reach out and form a canopy which delicately laces the radiant solar energy that comes from the great golden orb which shines above; and while it is the same sun which shines on your earth it has here quite a different appearance, not so small and white or extremely brilliant, but it is large and of a soft golden yellow color which can be easily looked into.

As you have been told, the sun is not as commonly supposed, a mass of disintegrating atomic energy which is dissipating itself at white hot heat, but is instead a radiant energy projector which converts energy and reflects its light and other associated energy fluxes into what you term your three dimensional world. This energy source is, of course, the Fountainhead.

Due to the difference in atomic constituents and frequency vibration in the atmosphere and astral shell of Venus, the sun is therefore able to transmit or reflect a somewhat different frequency spectra upon Venus' lower orders of the more actinic rays being properly filtered out, as these rays are merely byproducts in frequency transmission from the radiant source or sun.

I see that you are looking about you and gazing with wonder and awe at the display of the many strange and different species of plant, bird and insect life.

Over there is an orchid-like plant which thrives on air and which has a blossom so large you could easily lie down in it. Floating upon the surface of the lake, you see another aqueous plant growing before you, exactly similar to the one you call the lotus which was brought to your earth by one of your Holy Men who had made an astral flight to this planet and had actually lived here at one time. However, it is impossible at this time to describe all of these many and wonderful flowers and trees and the busy insect and bird life which lives and flourishes among them. Let it be said however, and you'll agree with me on looking about you that it exceeds beyond the wildest reach of the imagination, what an earthman might be capable of envisioning.

Many earth people have, in moments of psychic transmission or experience, caught a glimpse of this fairyland you see about you and thought they were in Heaven and while this is partially true in comparison to your earth planet, yet we here on Venus are still in a comparatively low state of evolution and we are now able to see that stretching far ahead of us there are various and innumerable realms or planes which far exceed our Venusian planet not only in beauty but in a spiritual way of life in which the people of those places live.

As I have told you previously, some of the more spiritually advanced peoples of the earth have had contacts or flights to Venus, several of whom are living in your day and age. However, they have all returned with different and diverse reports as to what they have seen on this planet. As I have said, this is of course due to the extent of their spiritual perception. You may liken the planet Venus in certain ways to your earth world. As you know there are countless expressions and ways of life upon your planet. There are the savages in the jungle, as you call them, and there are the Orientals; there are numerous separations which you call nations, each maintaining a distinct and separate way of life which is characterized by differences of clothing, speech, forms of government and so on.

In all your previous accounts of the planet Venus you may have been given the impression that there was only one race or type of people living here. This is entirely erroneous. There are many kinds of people living on this planet, the difference being, however, in the stage of their spiritual evolution or position in the spectra of frequency vibration into which they have automatically gravitated. It is somewhat like the keys upon the piano which are divided into groups and octaves. Your earthman divides these frequency vibrations into relative planes of consciousness as physical appurtenances. It is different on Venus, inasmuch as the physical does not exist in your generally conceived idea of material or physical. Therefore, such divisions as planes or strata reside in a spiritual concept.

When a discarnate entity evolves through time un- to the planet Venus, he usually finds himself in one of the lower states of consciousness. He will therefore, through time (as you call time) or cycles, incarnate or evolve to this planet and if he is advancing properly he will each time rematerialize into a higher state of consciousness.

On your earth planet the divisions of life are very strongly marked in the physical or material sense. The black man born and raised in the jungle would not feel at home living among your modern sky- scrapers. Therefore, there are mental as well as geo- graphical separations. On Venus this is somewhat different. We might liken them to the differences or levels in one of your skyscrapers; and while all of the people here remain in harmonious relationship with each other as they are vitally interested in each other's welfare, they of course know, as individuals, their proper place in the scale of their evolution on this planet.

Because you have not yet been completely separated from your physical body and have therefore not advanced in your perceptions, you will have to remain content and satisfied with seeing the dimension or plane upon which I, in my plane and those who are like me, are living. So to avoid confusion, you will not be permitted to see the lower realms of consciousness which exist on this planet.

Let it be said, however, that the terminology of lower and higher is used only because your vocabulary is so limited and does not include the proper phraseology which would clarify the meaning. Even the very lowest form of man upon our planet could be considered as similar to an Adept or Guru, as you call them on your planet. He has already begun to learn to break away from the more bestial way of life such as is found on the lower earth planes.

You people of the earth spend all but a very few hours of each day in catering to the needs of your body. You must feed it, sleep it, bathe it and otherwise pamper it and yet you must otherwise use it or misuse it in gaining more and more of the things to pamper it with. You have become so steeped in the fears which are induced by pain and insecurities, that you have incarcerated numbers of your kind because they have become so weak in mental and physical ways that they have broken down in your treadmill-like existence; and while so incarcerated, they are treated even more like animals and guards with whips and guns are placed over them and they are chained or beaten, or perhaps shocked into insensibility.

Such things are indeed crude and barbaric and do not belong in the consciousness of a man who sup- ports such a system six days a week and supposedly worships his God on the seventh. And so to further increase this great travesty against his God he must arm his children with the destructive weapons of aggression and send them out to kill his neighbor's children.

Yes, my friend, even the beasts of the field which you use for food are not so unintelligent. But let us get back to my people. As I have said, we possess no physical bodies in your sense of the physical; neither are we born on this planet, as you would call birth by your standards. When a person from another spiritual plane wishes, for reasons of his own evolution, to live on this planet, he first seeks out in a spiritual way, a plane or place in which he feels most harmonious and which will be most conducive to his proper growth. He will then seek out a family and a community and make his presence and his wishes known. They in turn will, through the power of their minds, project energy and build for him a body in which he can enter and thrive upon this planet.

This is somewhat like your materialization séance but in a much more advanced and practical form, inasmuch as the participants themselves, or as you call them, the mediums, actually become the parents of the newborn, materialized being. Sometimes however, the newly entered entity is not accustomed to supporting his body in its new environment and it must therefore be from time to time refreshed and rebuilt by his parents. Sooner or later however, the newly born individual grasps the idea by using the radiant energy and through his mind will project it into this body and thus keep it alive and vigorous.

On your earth planet you must eat foods, which are transformed into energy by a reflex digestive sys- tem so that your bodies may survive. On Venus, however, there is no eating in your commonly accepted concept. Our digestion is processed through the mind into our bodies and becomes an automatic process, which of course leaves us much more time for the better things of life.

Just in case you may think this a bit preposterous, remember that energy is energy in whatever form it may assume. Your earth scientist has already harnessed the solar energies in countless ways for your comfort and convenience. Even the battery in your automobile has stored energy which was originally sunlight in a bygone age, which came down to you stored up in carboniferous deposits or petroleum and has been converted back to energy through the process of combustion which turns the generator, thus reactivating the battery.

As you can easily see by now, we have engaged in what is quite likely to turn out to be a very detailed and lengthy dissertation upon our planetary way of life and that it is quite different than your way. You must therefore take it in small doses, if I can so use this term, as I know the limitations of your earth minds; and as I would avoid any confusion, therefore let us rest for a while and I will return after a suitable interval. So until then, this is Mal-Var, can I say, "Signing off'?

Azure Crystalline City of Splendor

The goodness of the evening to you, brother, and as you seem a little surprised to find yourself back sitting beside the lake where we left off this morning, may I say that I took the liberty to set you back in this same spot after receiving the impulses from your mind.

I believe we were discussing matters pertaining to the emergence, or shall I use the word birth, into our planetary way of life. There are also other aspects which relate to the absorption of radiant energies into our bodies which replace your familiar intestinal tract. Of course by now you will have begun to cast about you and have found many heretofore seemingly unnoticed examples which are in every sense just as miraculous. Each tiny leaf and blade of grass carries on this radiant energy process. Your own bodies, using the lower orders of intestinal absorption, could not do so without the direct interpolation of this intelligent radiant energy; and while all of these things have been almost unnoticed, nonetheless, each and everything about you and within you carries its own message of its conception from the Infinite Fountainhead.

But come, let us walk toward the mountain which you see in the distance; and do not be surprised if you’re walking has lost the laborious physical effort or that you seem to float. As you are somewhat used to astral flights, however, I do not feel you will find any great difficulty in adjusting yourself.

While we are progressing toward the city, may I say that you will quite likely see things which may stretch to the utmost your powers of conception. All things on Venus, including the substructures which com- pose the planet itself as I have said, in their own spectra, have a relationship to the Source or Fountainhead which is much closer, or shall I say in a higher stage of evolution. Therefore, those elemental substances, as you will see, will reflect in consequence an outward expression which has a great deal more perfection and beauty. On your earth you have similar examples of this evolution. The soft black carbon in a higher state becomes the sparkling diamond. Likewise, many of the darkened masses of metal may enter, in an oxide form, into some other siliceous material and give to it the radiant hue of the ruby or the blue cool depths of the aquamarine. In fact, your gems are direct transmutations of these lower orders of elemental substances into a higher frequency expression.

The earth chemist has, in this last age, learned to tremendously alter things by the rearrangement of molecular structures, and while he must use tremendous quantities of caloric energy, he will no doubt someday find a much easier and less costly way to not only change molecular structures, but he may actually find a way to alter the frequency relationship of the substructures themselves.

But see, now we are approaching one of our fairest and largest cities and as I said previously, it does seem to hang suspended between earth and sky but you will soon discover that it is actually resting on the top of a huge mountainous mass of what might be called perfect crystal. In your normal relationship, that is, if you are actually living on this planet you would see that this crystal mountain was actually reflecting all of the colors of the rainbow from the many facets or prisms which go to make up this huge mass. However, as you are not properly attuned to all of the spectra or light radiant sources, you will see this simply as a mountain of clear transparent sparkling crystal. But come, here is the pathway. Yes, I see you are wondering how such a small pathway could serve such a large city and, as you have correctly surmised, there are many thousands of people living in what looks to you like some creation which you may have seen painted for you and shown in one of the darkened halls you call movie theaters.

Transportation in these higher Venusian realms is not, as you might suppose, a problem which is solved by the use of various types of vehicles. We have no need for them, as we all travel freely about in the inner plane of consciousness; in other words, in some- thing in a more highly evolved state than what you call astral flight. You’re Holy Men, including the Avatar Christ as well as many hundreds of adepts, traveled about the earth in the same manner. This is, however, almost a forgotten science among your earth people of today and only some of your seekers of truth know the history of past ages in which this form of travel was commonly used by these advanced souls.

Now that we have reached what appears to be the main thoroughfare of our city, you will notice that it is built upon a flat plain, which is the actual top of this crystal mountain. For convenience, if you wish, we will call this city Azure. There are, of course, many other cities which are built upon much similar masses of more highly evolved atomic structures which can be called mountains. In the lower orders of evolution, the people of this planet have built their cities upon the flat plains or valleys in more suitable places which have relationship to streams of water; which some of these people still seem to think is necessary for the existence of such cities. If you are a bit puzzled by this, it is because some of these lower orders of evolution which have evolved onto this planet, still carry with them the strong remembrances and associations of lower earth lives in which eating, and drinking, and other things which they used to do, have not been entirely eliminated through the lapse of sufficient numbers of incarnations.

Venus is, roughly speaking, a place where a person loses the last vestiges and remnants of those earth life thought patterns; and, as I have said, he will evolve through many reincarnations to and from this planet until he emerges a full-fledged spiritual being. When I speak of earth lives, I am not necessarily referring to your earth, as there are countless numbers of such planets, not only in this Universe but in the countless Universes throughout what your astronomer calls space. All of these planets, of course, have their sister planets which have a higher place in their order of evolution, just as in the case of your earth and Venus. However, I see that you are somewhat perplexed as you look about you, for you are wondering how you may best describe all of these things which you see about you.

One thing more, however; I have purposely made it impossible for you to see my people until a little later on. This will avoid confusion and complication. They will also not be able to see you, nor will you suffer any embarrassment in case you accidentally meet someone, as you will pass right through them or they may pass through you. This can be done, of course, because you are in a different frequency vibration. A little later on when your curiosity is somewhat satisfied, we will change this situation so that you will be able to see and talk to some of my brothers and sisters.

However, as I said before, I am using the utmost caution and discretion for I do not wish to disturb or shock the earth minds who may read your words. Not that we are not pleasing as to appearance; I believe you will find us so and not too much different from the reflection you see in your own mirror, except that you may be able to see much more clearly the auric colors which surround our bodies. As we are in a higher frequency rate we are therefore, can I say, much more dynamic; so much more so, that we may appear to radiate light.

However, let us enter one of the larger homes here which is standing close by. As you will see, they are all of tremendous size; and even though we are on an average but slightly taller than the earthman, yet we would find that the small cubicles which he calls homes would be to us extremely cramped and con- fined. You will also notice that the materials used in these buildings all seem to be of some transparent material. Actually this is not so. I have purposely lowered your rate of optic perception so that you will not be blinded by the dazzling brilliance and radiance which is reflected from all of the buildings and streets which compose this city, just as in the mountain upon which it stands. However, you will be able to see enough of the brilliance and color so that an adequate description can be written.

In one of my previous discussions I spoke of rainfall. However, rain falls only in the lower plains. We do not from necessity construct our buildings with the thought of protection from disturbance of the elements. Rather, our buildings are constructed, not with machinery or tools, but with the creative energies from our minds. These homes and buildings therefore represent our first major efforts in the constructive use of energies. The earthman paints upon canvas the pastoral beauty of that which is about him. The sculptor may carve from stone that which he sees in his mind's eye. Likewise the bricklayer or mason is an artist in his own fashion.

We, here on Venus, are likewise artisans but in- stead of using the brush or chisel, or the trowel and hammer, we use as our tools our own minds, and the creative desires which stem from them, combined with the radiant energies from the Fountainhead become all of the things which you see about you. Yes, all of these buildings and all of the streets upon which they stand, and even all of the things which are contained within, were created by mind and not one finger was lifted in any construction.

But come, my friend, I will leave you here in the arboretum where we will again meet in one of the future hours agreed upon by us. May your sleep be light and untroubled.

Brother - Mal Var.

Venusian Homes and Families

We welcome you back to Azure, brother, and I am very pleased with a number of things. Your continued and lengthy concentration has helped much in the continuation of our project. I see now that you are able to make contact and arrive here almost unassisted. I see also that you are beginning to expand your consciousness in your own inner eye to a point where I believe shortly you will be able to see every- thing about you here as it really is.

I had thought at first that it might be necessary to keep part of this hidden as well as to conceal you, as the strangeness and strength of this world might upset you. However, I am grateful for your many years of psychic work which will now enable us to progress more normally. I thought also that you might take a slight affront at being left on the doorstep, as it were, while we were just on the verge of entering in and seeing what these dwellings are like.

But before we do this, let us ascend to the high balcony which you see on the spire above you-but we shall not climb. Instead, we shall use the powers of levitation. I will take your hand. See there, now it is done and here we are! Let us sit here quietly on this bench while you take in the panorama which is before you. As you can see, far out and below where we sit spreads one of the great valleys in which some of the cities of the lower orders are situated. In your earth cities the social structures are such that a man's place of dwelling is most often determined by your commercial system of finance or how much he has in a bank. That is why on other planets similar to earth we see such vivid contrasts-poverty and slums where human wrecks live out their lives in misery and want while their ragged children play in the street which separates them from their affluent and wealthy neighbors who live in great mansions and have far more than they know what to do with.

Such wretched contrasts do not exist in our cities on Venus. Even the poorest family or individual, living in the smallest dwelling, is far richer than your wealthiest baron. But he counts, instead, the richness of his many blessings, his closeness to the Fountainhead and his knowledge and ability to actively participate in the integrated functions of one of the great Spiritual Brotherhoods.

Around you and below you, you are seeing a veritable kaleidoscope and even with your still somewhat limited concept, this riot of color is almost unbearable. You are having a sensation which is somewhat like coming out of a darkened room into the bright sunlight. I will attempt to describe for your fellow earthman something of what you are witnessing. As you see from our vantage point, the city has only two main thoroughfares which cross each other at right angles. This is done to properly intersect the parallax of the magnetic lines of force. At their point of con- junction the huge dome-like structure of crystal which seems to be glowing in all colors of the rainbow is the central temple which we may enter later on.

I might say first that the cause, partially at least, of the reflection and refraction which seems to come from everywhere is actually a part of the function of the crystal-like substances of which all the vast numbers of buildings that you see before you are made.

From up here they present an amazing and intricate array of domes, minarets and spires; balconies and galleries sweep around the sides in many places like the one we are sitting in, festooned with an infinite number and variety of plants and blossoms. A little later you will see that in the various rooms and halls of these dwellings are also displays of flowers which could be an earth horticulturist's paradise. You will notice also that there are no windows in any of these dwellings. Ventilation is, of course, for other purposes than for ourselves, as we do not breathe in the manner to which you are accustomed. Your bodies need oxygen as a means of combustion. You might say your bodies are actually internal combustion engines and, in a sense, function much the same as your automobile. Here, however, our body needs are not supplied from external sources of food and oxygen, but come from radiant energy from the inner consciousness.

You will see also as we progress through one of these homes that the crystal walls and ceilings seem to diffuse a different intensity and quality of light. There is a reason for this. If you remember a number of earth-years back at the beginning of the radio age, almost everyone who first obtained a radio had one which was called a crystal set. The music which came through the head-phones was made possible by the rectifying properties of a small bit of galena crystal.

Your scientist of today knows many more of the amazing properties of the crystal. Certain crystals enable him to send hundreds of messages over a single conductor simultaneously. Activated crystals also make possible a new vibrant energy therapy which uses high frequency energy pulsations as the energy source. We likewise here on Venus in constructing these crystal walls and roofs have endowed them with certain properties. If you think for a moment that, like on your earth where you may have many thousands of different radio and television programs which are pulsating through the air simultaneously, it is just the same here except that instead of radio and television stations we have countless thought- form wave trains which stem from individuals or collective masses, from not only the minds of the lower orders of human life which reside on their count- less planets, but we have also the great Masters and Lords, as you call them, collectively and individually radiating from the higher planes above us. You can see therefore that in a telepathic process there would be a great deal of effort and confusion in trying to single out one or any particular group of thought projections.

We therefore use various rooms and halls as centers of meditation where we can receive a certain narrow or limited band of frequency or spectra which contains only one or a few thought train vibrations of the individual or group we wish to communicate with. This function of rectification and separation is performed by these crystal-like walls and roofs and sitting in different positions about a certain room we can, in our meditation, engage in mental communication with any or all individuals of the great Celestial Universe who are capable of thought transmission.

As you will notice, even a single home or dwelling appears to be of vast and tremendous size. This is quite true. A single home may often contain as many as a thousand persons. While we speak of each other as a family, brother and sister, or father and mother, yet there are no actual blood ties as I have explained. Birth with us is materialization.

The question of family relation resolves into one of harmonic relationship. If I can again use a familiar reference, it is like a chord on a piano keyboard. Therefore, while there may be as many as a thousand dwelling in the multitude of rooms and halls which we call home, it is done with the utmost harmony and love.

Thousands of years ago when each of us first began to assume a small portion of self-mastery, we eliminated through our numerous reincarnations, one by one and step by step, all of the selfish, grasping attitudes which the average lower order of earth people seem to find necessary for their daily existence and, as these were eliminated, we replaced them with the pure spiritual attributes of spiritual understanding in all our relationships with the great brotherhood of man.

Now I can see this is a good place for us to return to our respective positions and rest awhile until we again resume where we are leaving off. May I say, keep us in your thoughts as much as possible. Remember that we here on Venus are constantly radiating our strongest thoughts to our beloved sister who is so patiently performing the task of writing this narration that she may not be troubled by discontinuance, for our brother is a missionary to the earth plane to help in opening the doorway which will admit mankind into the new era of spiritual prosperity; one which will encompass not only your earth plane but also countless planets throughout this great Celestial Universe.

And so to our brother and sister, may the richest of God's blessings be with you.

Brother - Mal Var
The Voice of Venus