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A list of lessons learned by students of Dr. Ernest L. Norman’s works is provided below.

These describe student understanding and application of Dr. Norman’s critical factors in every soul’s progressive spiritual evolutionary development.

Become a Unarius student and be freed from mundane inhibiting concepts and bonds that blinds us from true infinite intelligence. Emerge from this reactive world to become a light bearer, be of service to each other and the infinite creative fountainhead, respect creation and universal law, and most of all – experience love eternal.

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The sixth book in the Pulse of Creation series, the Voice of Elysium describes a member of the higher planes of Unarius dedicated to devotion and understanding infinite intelligence. The search for God, what role we play in creation, and how, these questions are as ancient as time itself and the introspective pathway to joining with the infinite. The search for truth, the purpose of life, the vast bounty of infinity, the interplay of energy and positive behavioral constructs, how to flow with and become a contributing component of positive regenerative infinity – the Voice of Elysium sets the reader on a tour of their inner self to discover and objectify personal learning experiences and their compatibility with infinite energy.

This book, The Voice of Elysium, by Ernest L. Norman, is the sixth work in the series, The Pulse of Creation. It is an inspiring work that inspires the soul to aspire for ever greater joining with the infinite while respecting every soul’s evolutionary efforts throughout eternity.

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Unarian Looking Toward Star – Unarius, The Science of Life
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