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A list of lessons learned by students of Dr. Ernest L. Norman’s works is provided below.

These describe student understanding and application of Dr. Norman’s critical factors in every soul’s progressive spiritual evolutionary development.

Become a Unarius student and be freed from mundane inhibiting concepts and bonds that blinds us from true infinite intelligence. Emerge from this reactive world to become a light bearer, be of service to each other and the infinite creative fountainhead, respect creation and universal law, and most of all – experience love eternal.

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The seventh book in the Pulse of Creation series, the Voice of Unarius describes a member of the higher planes of Unarius dedicated to leadership and a view into the face of infinity. The quiet mark of mastery, unification of creative manifestation, spiritual elegance, infinite understanding of the role intelligent energy plays in our lives, respect for creation, and integrated evolutionary planning, the Voice of Unarius provides the reader with a view of how to understand and manage a progressive evolutionary life.

This book, The Voice of Unarius, by Ernest L. Norman, is the seventh work in the series, The Pulse of Creation. It is an intriguing work that leads the reader to adopt spiritual discipline, and carry out in a positive progressive way life’s mission as was pre-conditioned in spiritual worlds prior to birth.

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