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A Message from Cosmon (Tom Miller)

Why should I do it -- How can I do it?

Through the years that I was privileged to know him personally, Dr. Norman spoke numerous times of the absolute necessity for all students to participate in positive actions in order to neutralize or work out the detrimental effects of their negative past experiences which has for so long dominated and compromised life’s interactions and relationships!

Dr. Ernest Norman - Founder of Unarius

Dr. Ernest Norman
Founder of Unarius

Dr. Norman also said that studying and learning of the Infinite Principles was one half of the equation necessary for the evolutionary development of a progressive soul – that the other half is the continual effort to apply these principles in our daily life! Most if not all students who have been exposed to the Unarian teachings know this.

Throughout the many years of attempting to apply this principle, I have been challenged constantly by my lower self along with the pressures of living the material earth life in my attempts to generate such actions.

Of course, I can only speak for myself.

However, this challenge always brought into play the vital decision to live as an earth man or heed the inner self’s admonition ‘to be in the world but not of it’! And what a challenge it has been, and still is – a few successes and MANY failures through the years.

Yet, Dr. Norman’s consul has always been foremost in my mind which bore very wonderful fruit when I found that positive spark of inspiration from the Higher Self to perform some action that might be of some benefit to others. Many students I have known throughout the years have expressed the same sentiments in their own lives and how the teachings of Unarius carry the weight of this truth!

The above statements give rise to the purpose of this community side of this web site – to give all students (anywhere in the world) the opportunity to express in different ways using Internet technology, that others might be helped and encouraged through the viewing and possibly responding to various insights, inspirations and realizations posted by the students themselves!

This is why you and I are here now

One vital concept or principle that Dr. Norman emphasizes emphatically – It is very important to always POLARIZE or write down your past life realization and also follow through with any artistic, educational, philosophic, scientific or other expressions learned on the inner! This affords the student to change the negative energies in the psychic anatomy and fulfill desires of positive expressions born in one of the seven classroom centers.

One word of note: The Guru says ‘so above, so below’. Nothing can happen in this world until it transpires in the HIGHER WORLDS FIRST!

Dr. Norman also explains that whatever we are working out in our lives does not complete the cycle until it is made REAL in this dimension – That is to POLARIZE it! Or the act of writing it down COMPLETES the cycle from whence the energies were originally generated! That includes all types and forms of expression, even the positive ones.

The bonus here is that when we accomplish the completed cycle, we can possibly help others who will read or see what we have overcome, learned or created and become inspired by our example! This is the Infinite within us at work!!

In accomplishing this, we are setting up this website forum by generating the categories of expressions using the seven centers of Unarius described in the pulse of creation series channeled by Dr. Norman. This helps to organize our thoughts and develop a sense of the higher world methodology employed by an initiate or student who is traversing the higher classrooms and set up their learning curriculum in order to relate to the particular frequency of expression as they come and go in their sleep state!


Read, Share, and Help Others

The Voice of Venus  - (Read Others and Share Yours)
Spiritual Healing and Psychic Therapy (Posting of Past Life Testimonials) Note: These expressions are displayed with great propriety and exclusiveness - seen only by other dedicated students! This site is set up so that no one will be ridiculed or judged.

The Voice of Eros - ( Read Others and Share Yours )
4th dimensional Scientific Exploration and discovery (analyzing 3rd dimensional experiments and theories as they relate to Unariun concepts.)

The Voice of Orion - ( Read Others and Share Yours )
Education - where students report their successes and efforts to meet and help potential new students get in touch with the teachings through this site and group sessions in their local areas. (Of togethers in their area)

The Voice of Hermes - ( Read Others and Share Yours also)
Philosophy – Where students can discuss various past Philosophers and their mode of interpretations that they may have learned in the Higher Worlds - which would help the student understand the Unarian Science more thoroughly such as: Plato, Kant, Descartes or Spinoza etc.

The Voice of Muse - ( Read Others and Sharing Yours will help others)
The Inspirational Arts – Where students will be able to post their artistic expressions (Painting, Poetry, Writing, Music or other expressions and talents that have been learned because of their Unarian studies or brought over from past lifetimes.

The Voice of Elysium - ( Read Others and Share Yours)
Devotion – We will post Dr. Norman’s two poetry books (The .We will also explore and have discussions of the differences between Unarius -Science of Life and the various religious sects.

The Voice of Unarius - ( Read Others and please Share Yours too)
Leadership-This center will explore the past Spiritual Leaders who displayed the positive principles of life as Unarius is doing today. The comparisons will help us see that most of these leaders are members of the Great Unarian Brotherhood! Also, many of the higher concepts studied by the students will afford each of us the ability to discuss what we have learned of the Science or post questions regarding our efforts to understand.

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