What is God - A Message From Dr. Norman

The following message by the Moderator (around 1966) is a letter written to a 12 year old named Jennifer. She said that she was being sent to a new school which was Catholic in it's teaching. She is asking Dr. Norman how she should proceed or how she should think about this new environment in the context of how she believes in the Unariun Principles.

Unfortunately, the original voiced tape message is not uniform and is not the best quality. However, the message is thought to be an important one - so we present it here.

Please be patient with the quality, and if viewed positively, it is hoped that it will be a rewarding and learning experience, as the Higher Energies are impinged - as always!

Dr. Ernest Norman - Founder of Unarius

Dr. Ernest Norman Founder of Unarius

Because the first few lines are inaudible, Dr. Norman begins thusly:


Dear Jennifer, I have just finished reading your letter and I am very happy that you like the school bag that I sent you, and that you are keeping it close to you at all times.

Now, please continue to the voiced message...

What is God Part one. Best viewed in Full Screen

What is God Part two (Audio Only)

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