UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional

Understanding of Science

Unarius stands for: Universal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science, a phrase established by Dr. Ernest L. Norman describing the original Unarius teachings that are represented by Unarians United today.

The teaching of Unarius is, on the one hand, a psycho-dynamic therapy that corrects and prevents negative experiences from repeating themselves, which they have done life after life. Essentially, this teaching is presented in the language of the new science, Interdimensional Physics.

It gives the student information that helps he or she to see the reality of their positive nature and at the same time, bringing in to focus the mental and physical diseases that have been lived in hundreds of lifetimes or more; phobias and reactions that have resulted in holding back a portion of the understanding of their infinite nature.

It is the accumulation of negative life experiences that have not been polarized that holds the individual in a prison-like atmosphere and thwarts the individual from receiving the energies of the Fountainhead, the transmitting pulse of infinite Intelligence.

Founder's Vision

Ernest L. Norman

Throughout the Bible, in both New and Old Testaments, there are references and prophecies made about the Last Days . . . The Return of Christ . . . The Battle of Armageddon, and other such prophecies pertinent and relevant to our present time.

Several of these prophecies describe ‘Jesus’ or the ‘Lord’ returning to earth on a ‘Golden Throne’ or as a ‘Thief in the Night’—the earth is burned and cleansed by fire, the wicked destroyed, etc. While these prophecies do contain a modicum of truth, there is, however, quite apparent, a great and unintelligent emotionalism which betrays the underlying psychotic nature of the prophet who uttered them.

It is quite unintelligent for Jesus or God to burn the earth.  To punish or destroy sinners defeats the promise of Immortal Life which is the birthright of every man.


The destruction of the world denies the entire facade of
an intelligent progressive evolution.

View of Man - Unarians UnitedNo, Jesus and other Intelligent Beings in the Higher Worlds would not use such violent reactionary materialistic actions. Instead, they could quite obviously be expected to use a much more intelligent re-entry into the earth world.

They would not come as a great Heavenly Host, with beating wings and fiery breath; instead they would, through scientific Principles, establish communication and directive action through the intuitive faculty of the earth man.

Moreover, these Heavenly Hosts would establish and maintain such communication and direction only with those who had been preconditioned through many lifetimes and Spiritual lives for this personal advent which would, in all effect and purpose, be the ‘Second Coming’ to that particular person.


Why is this so important?

These Heavenly Beings, however, are not interested in this most directive effort with the unconditioned average earth man. They know how useless their appeal would be to any man who is still thoroughly steeped and saturated in the earth life.

ThDr. Ernest L Norman in Gardenerefore, to make their plan feasible, communication possible—along with all their accrued benefits—one of these Intelligent Higher Beings must become the Messenger.

He will come to the earth, don the mantle of flesh and, appearing as an ordinary earth man, He will, in various subtle ways, reach out and contact these numbered earth people who have been preconditioned. After contact is made, he presents to them the entire procedium of creation.

Unknown mysteries and principles of life are lucidly explained; and while these fortunate, (comparatively) few persons are studying and learning, their efforts are further aided by expurgencies of creative energy, psychokinetically projected by these Higher Beings. Also, they are given sleep teachings in the classrooms of Celestial Mansions.


Where are we now?

All this great work, the actual ‘Second Coming’ has already begun. It started in the beginning of the early 1900’s, at a certain birth; at which time a great Spiritual Being established contact with this newly born infant. This Being is, incidentally, the same Intellect who worked through the man known as Jesus.

higher beings1Throughout the early lifetime of this child earth man, this Spiritual Being remained comparatively passive and quiescent, awaiting the proper time when He could more actively project His Intellect and great Spiritual Powers through the earth man. This proper time began at the beginning of World War II, in which might best be described as the formative period and which lasted about eleven years.

During that period this ordinary looking earth man did, on thousands of occasions, display the highest and most advanced demonstrations of extrasensory perception, attendant healings, guidance, adjustment, etc., to many thousands of people.

In many aspects, this formative or development stage was much more remarkable, much more miraculous than was the mission of Jesus—all done, of course, by the High Spiritual Intellect; much more advantageously displayed and demonstrated in a scientific atmosphere; for these great Beings are also great scientists and Their work is pure creative science.

During this formative demonstration period, however, this earth man’s body and psychic anatomy—constantly in the presence of this great Spiritual Intellect—became more and more refined, so to speak, to a point where earth life, as a physical being became increasingly difficult.


The Final Stage

Ernest and Ruth Norman - Unarius FoundersFinally the second and final stage was entered into when this earth man was brought together with a certain polarity who became his wife. It was extremely important at this stage that this earth man could have such a polarity. Through preconditioning in the Higher Spiritual Worlds, it was only a short time before she mastered the basic fundamental concepts of Creation.

She could, and did, also give great physical aid and assistance to this earth man who had, by now, advanced in the refinement process to a point where the physical life was hardly possible.

With her strong polarity she was able to stabilize the earth man’s life to the extent that he was able to bring forth into the world the great Wisdom of the Higher Spiritual Worlds;

  • a Wisdom which was all creative,
  • all scientific,
  • all truthful and all explanatory,
  • devoid of mysticism,
  • stripped of rhetoricism

Which demanded subjugation, making a personal demand of moral integrity and responsibility to every person who studies this great Wisdom. And as the student studies, he comes under the benign influence of the Heavenly Hosts who are awaiting this opportune moment.

And so it is, as of today, and at this hour, a great Spiritual Being speaks into the world, through the vocal cords of a humble earth man, giving to those who are prepared, the Message of Immortal Creativity—a realization of Immortality.

And while it is this earth man calls this Message ‘Unarius’, it is scarcely known to the multitudes of the world, for their awakening is in another time.

Thus it is, each student is so lifted up; miracles happen to him, but the greatest miracle is in the transformation of self. The wicked sinner of the past is, in essence, destroyed; and like the phoenix bird, from its ashes rises the new man—imbued with the Creative Wisdom of Infinity.

Yes, this great Being did until 1971, in a sense, walk the pathways of the world, wearing the clothing of the time and presenting only ordinary differences. He still is almost unknown. He came, not heralded by trumpets or a fanfare of drums. He cared not for accolades or applause, for he lived beyond the strife and turmoil of the world in the security of a Heavenly Mansion, built from the Creative Substance of Infinity.

To meet him on the street you would not have known him save that, in some future time, you would find a great strength and intelligence that had been given unobserved in this chance meeting.


Great Mission Accomplished

spirit5Yes, the great Mission has been accomplished. The great ‘Advent’ and the ‘Second Coming’ has transpired and will become a reality to those who ordain themselves for it. They, too, will pass on to higher worlds, leaving the earth men to their wars and strife.

Yes, like the pages of a book, this great earth man Messiah turned to the last chapter, and in its remaining paragraphs wrote the immortal glory of those who have triumphed over the barbaric savagery of their past.

To those who have dedicated their future to bring the effigy of creation to those who are still struggling to escape, Eternity is like the waves which beat ceaselessly upon the shore, each wave bringing its own effluences, its own civilizations, its own great emancipations. And as it dies upon the sands, it becomes a decadent memory in history.

So is the Way of the Infinite—not savagely, nor with the noise of trumpets, neither are there war-like sounds of destruction, but the passive Message of Peace, so eloquently expressed in even the humblest form of creation.


Let this be the Unarian Message

Live It in posterity, not as a symbol to be worshiped, but as expressive continuity of life; and as the Message is spoken, Its Voice never ceases and brings Immortality to those who have the ear to listen, the eyes to discern and the heart to beat in unison.

The Unarian Brotherhood