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UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science

Pic 2 Venus high planeWe are a community of students studying Unarius and the core teachings of Dr. Ernest L. Norman who desire to share our journey with other like-minded individuals wishing to participate.

If you want to join our Unarius discussions in an open, safe, positive and friendly forum without dogma or judgment, we invite you to become a member of our Unarius community. As such, we envisioned people from around the world gathering here to explore their inner self, getting in touch with their Higher Self, and understanding their connection to the infinite.

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About this website

stairs1Exploring what we offer on this site, it is believed that a particular person who is perceptive will recognize a kindred energy that will speak to his inner self and he will know for sure through preconditioning that he has found the true teaching which he has sought for such a long time in his own life.

That is why we provide access of the community to those dedicated people who believe these teachings will help them. They know through reading the Unarius Books and lessons that this study and application of Dr. Ernest Norman's lessons will transform their lives for the better.

The Unarius United Community affords dedicated students the ability to interact with each other and fully participate in many inspirational ways. Members are able to share with others their spiritual visions, past life realizations and workouts along with discussions of Unarian concepts learned. Artistic expressions such as painting, poetry, written books, screenplays and music and much more are shared.


We will explore scientific ideas and demonstrations for our future

Unarian - Unarius Academy of SciencePositive participation helps immeasurably to keep the all important attunement with the Higher Brothers of Light.

The wonderful thing about internet technology is that it allows this interaction to take place where ever we reside in this world - without the necessity to leave our homes!




Core Teachings of Dr. Ernest L. Norman in Unarius Books

Cosmic Continuum
Infinite Perspectus
Inifinite Concept of Cosmic Creation
The Voice of Venus
The Voice of Eros
The Voice of Hermes
The Voice of Orion
The Voice of Muse, Elysium, unarius
Infinite Contact
Tempus Procedium
Tempus Invictus
Tempus Interludium
True Life of Jesus of Nazareth

Unarius Library

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