If you're completely satisfied with your life here on Earth, then there is no need to study Unarius!

However if the world seems like a vast jungle of human derelictions, lies, depravities, injustices, war, revolts, insanity, destructiveness and sadisms of an infinite variety, and you wish no part of them, then there are many benefits which can be gained from the study of Unarius.

book_of_light-unarius-unitedReading the contents of the Unarius books will—if you are persistent—answer ALL questions and completely change your attitude toward all things. Your consciousness will be expanded and you will become a much wiser and more intelligent person while learning how to live a more productive and rewarding life.

In the beginning, you will find many things said that could make you say to yourself, "Oh my God, I’ve never heard of such a thing!" (or words to that effect). Once again—if you are persistent—you will begin to see, over time, that everything in the Books of Unarius is true.

You will gain a much greater sense of well-being and peace of mind than you could ever have imagined before. Your consciousness will be tremendously expanded. Miracles will happen in your life; and the greatest miracle of all will be the miracle of understanding, and in time you will become a Channel for Infinite Intelligence.

As a matter of fact, at first you might not even understand what you are reading. The Power is in the words and you will receive this Power. All you need to do is try your best to be open-minded and study. The attendant results will seem like your own personal miracle of understanding!


We will help you because ...

Our mission, at Unarians United, is to seek out and assist those who have (intuitively or consciously) cried out for help, those who have recognized the possibility of personal salvation by learning how to live in a better way!

Studying Unarius Begins With ...

unarius_books-of-ernest_l_normanIn its total curriculum, the Unarius Library of Books is complete and will supply answers to any and all questions for many thousands of years. We would be doing you a disservice by trying to piecemeal, as it were, bits of information, which might seem relative at the time, to your questions. The proposition is, by beginning to read and study, by constantly pursuing this never-ending quest, you will in time begin to understand. All the power and help you need is in the complete set of Unarius Books.


There are many levels of consciousness to be attained through reading the books and lessons

Unarius, The Science of LifeThey are a never-ending source of transcendence and inspiration. New clarity and new answers appear as higher levels of consciousness are attained. And don’t forget that wonderful transcending, life-changing power, which is always projected whenever a student picks up a book and starts to read.

Even if this Power is not felt, it is with you nevertheless and in the final analysis you too will pass on to Higher Worlds, leaving the earth men to their wars and strife.

But, in order to gain the power spoken about here; you have to make the first step. It is the hardest one to take for most people even if it is actually the simplest. What is that step you ask.... Decide to start studying. Read more here, read the books, talk with friends and like minded people here.

Just begin today, everything else will fall into place, I promise you!