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What is Unarius

UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science 

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Unarius is basically an organization of spiritual leaders and teachers who are functioning from certain celestial planes which have heretofore been known as Shamballa.

This is an organization formed by thousands of teachers, doctors, scientists, and Masters who have the destiny and guidance of mankind as their inspired life work.

Many of these people have, until quite recently, lived on this earth; others lived here thousands of years ago. They are at present trying to inspire and develop in man the new age meta-physics or spiritual science. However, their work is limited to the extent of finding suitable channels of expression on earth as well as of finding general acceptance by mankind as a whole.

Moreover, they must also work in conjunction with certain celestial or astrophysical cycles. As each man is his own moderator of life, he is not forced to accept wisdom against his own will for that would tend to defeat the whole concept for the necessity of evolution or reincarnation and the prime purpose of life.

In our work here, I represent an organization we call UnariusUniversal Articulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science – so far as our present dispensation is concerned.” Ernest L. Norman

Ernest L. Norman, Tempus Procedium,
chapter LI; pp 365 electronic vers,
A talk to group of Santa Barbara students on philosophy and science – 1960.

Overview of UNARIUS

The teaching of Unarius is, on the one hand, a psycho-dynamic therapy that corrects and prevents negative experiences from repeating themselves, which they have done life after life. Essentially, this teaching is presented in the language of the new science, Interdimensional Physics.

It gives the student information that helps he or she to see the reality of their positive nature and at the same time, bringing in to focus the mental and physical diseases that have been lived in hundreds of lifetimes or more; phobias and reactions that have resulted in holding back a portion of the understanding of their infinite nature.

It is the accumulation of negative life experiences that have not been polarized that holds the individual in a prison-like atmosphere and thwarts the individual from receiving the energies of the Fountainhead, the transmitting pulse of infinite Intelligence.


Basic UNARIUN Precepts

    • Everything is energy including you which is never created or destroyed – just changes form
    • You, as a generated form of indestructible energy, possess a soul that has recorded data from this and past lives within what is called a psychic anatomy
    • All experiences that are currently happening in this life to you have their origins in past lives and past actions
    • To progress one must generate positive (unselfish) actions which cancel out or neutralize the negative or past actions – this is accomplished over an evolutionary process
    • The Infinite universe consists of multidimensional worlds populated by Beings who are compatible with either a higher or lower nature
    • The purpose of life is to generate energies in our psychic body that are compatible with the higher planes through an evolutionary development of our Super consciousness or Christ self

Lesson Excerpt

Energy & Waveforms Part I

In the words of Dr. Ernest L. Norman

Science and fundamentalism must accede to the fact that man is a generic creation of God’s own spiritual life forces and has a definite plan of evolution whereby through his numerous reincarnations, he learns of the Infinite nature of God and thus acquires what Jesus called the Father within, or the Christ-self.

Ernest L Norman. “The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation,” Lesson One. Copyright 1956, Unarius


Final Comment

We are a community of people desiring to share our journey with other like-minded individuals willing to participate in an open, safe, positive, and friendly forum without dogma or judgment.

If that describes your intentions, GREAT. Join us today!

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