Tempus Invictus

Tempus Invictus by Dr. Ernest L. NormanDr. Ernest Norman continues to dismantle religious beliefs and stresses a scientific approach to the soul, universe, and spiritual evolution.

Along with Tempus Procedium, like the twin peaks of Copernicus these two books will forever point the way for an aspiring mankind into the Heavenly reaches of the future—the long sought-after immortality, achieved as a practical reality of evolution!


Inside are 47 chapters of Dr. Ernest L. Norman's teachings

Course Of Study Curriculum:

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I The Psychic Anatomy Development Concept
II Man, The Electronic Computer
III Man, A Living Television Mechanism (1956)
IV Man—Progressing Or Reverting?
V Abstract Equations
VI The Evolutionary Continuity of Life
VII Science On Evolution Lecture March 8, 1961
VIIa Part II, Questions & Answers
VIII Group Lecture on History of Religion, May 23, 1957
IX The Elder Brother Discussing Energy To A Student —1958
X The Inescapable Evolutionary Pathway
XI On Reincarnation
XII The Little Understood Higher Self
XIII Newer Concepts
XIV Space Travel And H-Bombs Versus Fear, 1955
XV Mental Illness: A Missing Link In Communications?
XVI Space Age Science
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