Reincarnation Concept By Ernest L Norman

Is Karma Related to Reincarnation?

It is without a doubt that the most misunderstood concept of metaphysics is contained in the ideology of karma.

This is quite true whether we are concerned with people who have studied occultisms Budda - Unarians Unitedor various other religions, or that we are considering the layman who has accidentally bumped up against some expression of the word karma in his daily life.

The term karma is derived from such occult expressions as are portrayed or lived in many Eastern countries such as India, China, etc., and these occultisms have been so lived for perhaps several thousands of years.

They are usually derivations of such concurrently expressed deifications as Buddha, who is the prime reigning deification at the present time; however, Hinduism, in itself, embrace perhaps a hundred million different gods, and the confusion among the Hindu cultists can be considered to be extremely varied, to say the least.

What is Karma?

Karma, as it is understood by the Eastern mind, is a connotation which relates directly to reincarnation; and in reincarnation these people have derived some rather weird and fantastic suppositions.

For instance, if they commit some sort of a crime, self-flagellation is necessary; they will pierce their flesh with hooks or skewers, lie on beds of nails, and do other strange and weird things in order to punish themselves for some crime which they believe they have perpetrated.


Other expressions in this same vein include the supposition that if they harm or hurt an insect or animal they will, in the future lifetime, reincarnate into that particular animal form. This, of course, is also quite ridiculous.

Furthermore, the Western minds, such as various people who are studying these cultisms in this country, have abstracted some of these similar weird transformations of this ideology into their own studies.

In order to clear up some these different indispositions about this extremely misunderstood concept, we must go directly into the vein of pure science.

We cannot hope to understand karma in a sense that because we perpetrated a crime against one of our fellow human beings, we will have to reincarnate and, in reverse, the same crime or sin must be perpetrated again.

If someone had killed one of us in a previous lifetime, it makes no sense that we would come back into some future life and commit the same act against the same person, or any other different version or transposition of experience which we might envision within our consciousness.

I have used murder as a concrete example of one of the more heinous forms of crime which has been perpetrated by mankind since the beginning of his evolution.

Let's get back to basics ...

light and man1

First, let us go back into the more basic understanding in a scientific vein, as I have suggested in the different liturgies of Unarius, and, in particular, to the construction of the psychic anatomy.

If you remember, thought is an active oscillating wave form connected and interconnected within the psychic anatomy with hundreds or thousands or even millions of other wave forms which are harmonically attuned to it.

Therefore, in realizing this most important principle, you are at any given time, here or hereafter, the sum and total of that which is contained in the psychic anatomy.

It is constantly, in all ways, manners, and forms reflecting back into your consciousness, into your physical anatomy, just exactly that which has been impounded there in previous experience quotients. It cannot be otherwise; by the same analysis, even if we think a thought and we do not follow through with a physical action, the result is just the same; we have impounded this particular little concept or this thought as part of our psychic anatomy.

As a wave form it has gone into this structure and oscillated with other existing wave forms harmonically attuned to it such similarities of life experiences, to form one or more of the numerous vortexes of which the psychic anatomy is composed.

The impact of Reincarnation is ...

If we think about this for a moment, then we can look back into history, so to speak, and see ourselves in various other life configurations. If we have hurled our weapons, or plunged our swords, or fired our guns into the adversary, we cannot justify or excuse this act of aggression against mankind on the basis that it was most necessary that we do so to preserve intact, our way of life, or that we were commanded to do so by the king, the emperor, or any other ruling personality.

Neither can we justify our acts if we were merchants and each day we did a little plain or fancy cheating or any one of the many different types of experiences which were impounded in these previous lifetimes.

As we progressed through these various lifetimeslost soul1 and different experiences, most of the little acts of aggression stockpiled, as it were; they piled up to form some of the more numerous vortexes within our psychic anatomies; then, as we began to be spiritually quickened, when we lived in the spiritual worlds in the lives in between earth lives, we became increasingly aware of these situations.

We must remember, at this point, that we are also concerned with a very definite and a dynamic principle of evolution.

As we progress into the future, that which we are doing at the present, or have done in any given moment in the past does become a negative quotient in our consciousness in the future.

This is quite true in whatever manner or form of life experiences we so live at any given time.

It may be true that at this moment you are studying Unarius, you are actually stockpiling some negative energy wave forms, because you are subconsciously or consciously realizing that you are still not capable of understanding its full import and its breadth and scope.

Also, you may not be, at present, actually practicing or putting into effect the different principles which have been explained to you. But from whatever point of introspection we wish to derive an analysis, we are always confronted with this inescapable fact;


Therefore, so far as this future is concerned, we must always immediately be concerned with the dynamic proposition of evolution as it concerns thought consciousness or experience at any particular or given moment of our existence.

So, Right Now

As you are today, a student of Unarius, you are reading this message; you can look back into your past life or even into numerous past lifetimes and see yourself, figuratively at least, in numerous experiences, and while they were part of your daily life at that time, and perhaps, even in a way, were considered the ordinary manner, way, and form of life about you.

You were a citizen of good standing in the community, yet the fact remains that because of the difference in evolution from that point to this point, whatever it was that you may have done in this previous earth life experience, it is now negative to you; it has, and will always continue to present a certain negative bias in the general conflux of energy wave forms which oscillate into the conscious form of your mind.

This, then will give you a sense of guilt, and the sense of guilt is always proportional to the distance you have traveled into the future. If you have approached that threshold, about which I have spoken many times, then this sense of guilt is much greater than it would be under ordinary circumstances; and, at this point, when we become so obsessed with this sense of guilt, we begin to do many strange things. No, we do not lie upon beds of nails nor stick skewers into our flesh, like the Hindu might; but we do use other strange and devious ways to try to detract from our conscious reality, the sense of guilt within us.

We are always avoiding the inescapable fact that sooner or later we must have to face this past guilt realistically. We must learn to cancel this guilt out and to superimpose into our consciousness the scientific mechanics of evolution, so that we shall be enabled to travel into the future dimensions of time less hampered by the reactionary way in which we have formerly lived.

spirit3When we have approached this threshold, we have, as I said, become more and more conscious of these various guilt forms in our past experiences; this is approaching a certain dimension of consciousness which the Christian calls repentance.

Now, repentance should not be misconstrued with some of the practices which are presently in effect in Christianity, no more so than repentance should be confused with the practices which are taking place in India in the manner and form of mental and physical flagellation.

For the sense of guilt gives us a certain degree of recrimination, and we should not, at that moment, resort to any common practices which will involve us in an even far worse situation.

A guilt complex, when it is supported or entwined with a persecution complex, is indeed a horrible monstrosity! Many people attempt various forms of mental or physical flagellation in order to escape the reality of facing this guilt mechanism which their daily life has engendered from the past experiences.

How We Make A Guilt Complex Our Own

The manners and forms of these inversions or subversions are perhaps as numerous as are the number of people; for each person seems to be particularly adept at starting his own way, manner, and form of self-flagellation. The degree of self-punishment may range from very mild and deceptively innocuous practices, to some of the more perverse manifestations which can and do lead people into mental institutions.

A feeling of self-pity or recrimination, if it is continued or practiced, can lead to disastrous results; for self-pity is a mental venom which is far more deadly and dangerous than that which is given off by a cobra.

Neither should we, as have many religious people of Christian faith in the past, renounce the world to become celibates in a sense, nor indulge in other weird practices, such as proclaiming that God is punishing the world or punishing ourselves individually, nor any other strange and unrealistic attitudes and presuppositions.

We Overcome This By ...

There is only one way in which we can cancel out guilt and that is to understand the scientific mechanics of life as it is being portrayed to you in Unarius. When you begin to do this and it becomes a factually related science, then guilt is cancelled out as it is incurred in the day-by-day experiences.

If you have done something in the past few days, which at the present moment does not seem right to you, then you can, by understanding the Being with Aura - Unarians Unitedscientific mechanics of evolution, almost immediately - or to a large extent - see that this experience was a parallax or a justification of consciousness which occurred because other different and particular experiences were activated at that moment.

In this sense, as we superimpose this concept of science in our daily acts and thoughts, we will then become increasingly less intimidated by the negative quotients from these life experiences. They will, in effect, so far as their negative biases are concerned, be cancelled out and they will not have that insidious guilt imposition which they have formerly incurred upon us.

Moreover, we will also progressively advance; we will be less inclined to perpetrate these smaller or even larger crimes against ourselves; for with the increasing understanding of the science, the mechanics involved in evolution and the Infinite principle of creation, we will also superimpose in our consciousness a much higher degree of expression.

The form or expression of life is always tantamount and relative to our understanding of how well we can conceive the principle which is activating the moment of consciousness.

This brings us down to
the reality of the present moment.

Just how well you understand the principles, which have been described to you in the lesson courses and books, can be easily evaluated when you scan your life at this present moment so that you can objectively analyze your present position in your lifetime. If you have achieved some concrete results, if you can see that your life has changed, and that you have a much broader and a greater degree of understanding, then you have at least made some progress.

If you have not achieved, however, there is no one to blame but yourself; it means that the sum and total of these large or small biases, negatively speaking, which you have interwoven into your psychic anatomy in the past, are, at the present moment, exerting their same pernicious effect in your consciousness; you have not objectively realized that this is true.

They are there, nevertheless, and when you succeed in eliminating these biases in their various inflections, you will advance proportionately as to how well you achieve the removal of these negative wave forms.

Now, should yoaura1u, in the course of the future days, suddenly achieve a more complete adjustment, then you will indeed have a great working out; and the sum and total, so to speak, of all of these different interpolations of life, the life experiences negatively biased, will, in a very short period of time, be largely cancelled out; this has a rather pronounced and seemingly drastic effect upon the physical and mental consciousness at that moment.

You will recognize the symptoms immediately as to the moment and the hour you have achieved this parallax of consciousness, wherein you are working out and canceling the various negative wave-forms which have been impounded from these past life experiences.

Your physical body will be rendered partially or completely incapacitated to the extent that you may not be able to walk across the room; your legs will feel like jelly or rubber; you will cry hysterically, perhaps for hours. This is a rather drastic moment, in a sense, but one which is not to be feared; for it merely means that you are leaving behind you many of the old friends that have supported you in your day by day existence in the past.

It means that, as they are being cancelled out, you are left,temporarily at least, without a life raft; this may seem to you to be a moment of great unreality and, perhaps, if you are not forewarned of these consequences, you could be negatively biased or fearful at this occurrence.

However, do not fear it; it is the way in which you are being reborn into spirit as it was described by Jesus to Nicodemus.

Karma1It means, in effect, that you have, in those few hours of time and in this great psychic purging and working out, accomplished that which might normally require thousands, or perhaps hundreds of thousands of years to accomplish in the ordinary reactionary way which most people reincarnate or evolve in these future day by day, life to life experience quotient patterns.

You can easily see that under these circumstances, by this great purging, this great working out, you have made a proportionately large degree of progress. You must always remember too, that as an active Unarian, consciously dedicated to a better future and to reconstruct yourself into a better attitude toward the Infinite Creator, you will always be supported in whatever activity in which you may be presently concerned.

There are at all times a very strong and positive number of energy wave forms which are being psychokinetically  projected unto you. You will be helped, you will be encouraged, and you will be projected in all ways, manners, and forms; when you are asleep at night, you will be in the classrooms and will obtain new information, new teachings, and new contacts which, in the following days will make themselves very evident to you.


At no time should we ever enter into this proposition of the future as an escape; it must always be a proposition which is dedicated to the best intents of all of life's purposes; to become a creative effigy of Infinite Intelligence, and to manifest in this effigy a direct facsimile of the Infinite Intelligence; in this way we have re-created the most objective development of Infinite Consciousness; and we have supremely manifested and reinstated this Infinite Intelligence in the most ultimate of its dispensations.

                                                                                                                         Ernest L Norman

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