In 2018, I had an opportunity to visit Mt. Shasta with several friends that had taken an interest in the Science of Life. One of those individuals had a strong desire of overcoming her past, and made every effort to be enlightened with sincerity, spiritual integrity, and devotion to not only knowing the self but practicing the principles.

This individual called me this week all excited and told me that she had a vision of a spiritual world, she didn't know which one, but everything had an "orange" hue to it. I knew just the place. Surrounded by domed glowing buildings and light, a master dressed in golden robe stood on a crystal dais. Around him were countless beings dressed also in "orange" robes. All were bald, all were enlightened. All had a semblance that was a mix between male and female.

The master then wished everyone a good and productive life on Earth, after having learned and prepared for their practice mission on the physical dimension. It is thus that I share this person's vision with a reproduction of this vision of ... Unarius: plane of Leadership and Integrity.

Submitted by: Roberto on 01/19/2019

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