I had asked the Brothers for help
so I could help myself.

A man and his dog came by,
both gesturing for me to follow.
We walked up to an old brick house,
large and stately, and I knew
inside it was ablaze...
"Through that door", he pointed
and looked into my eyes;
his companion barked agreement,
and looked into my eyes.
Having no fear, I walked
over the verge into the flame,
but not a burning, consuming one;
it was a Flame of Light,
my Source for evolution;
no regression,
no matter what's transpiring!

I woke up to a vision
of old things shifting, crashing;
moments later I went outside
and asked, "Where are you going"?
The bright birds there
flying, singing,
sang an enchanting song:
"We're not going or leaving,
we're ascending in the Light"!

Then in delight, I sang with them,
"There is no last time that we flew,
We're always flying"!

Submitted by: Naimah on 09/22/2020

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