I was under the garage in my back yard sorting out items to discard from the joined storage room, things that were no longer useful. Thoughts of the previous three days, when I scooped a large patch of several inches of soil from my driveway, poured into my consciousness. The soil had flowed slightly downhill from my neighbor’s yard across the street during the last rainfall.

Elle moved in recently and had the land bulldozed, shaped to her satisfaction. Contemplating how vital it is for individuals, and that certainly included me, to take responsibility for their personal evolution, I was still thinking how wonderful it was that Elle assumed responsibility after I graciously informed her that vehicles were getting stuck in my driveway. Desiring to live in peace in the neighborhood – just as I desired peace in my life — Elle erected a simple barrier to divert the flow of the erosion, just as I had been striving to discharge the painful reliving experience with my son.

I honored the inspiration to cease organizing and moved to the back porch.   Moments later "The Brother" was there.

I started to compose this over poem two weeks ago but couldn’t complete it because something was missing, so I waited and continued my studies of the Higher Self. Today, I came upon Chapter 12 of Tempus Invictus, The Little Understood Higher Self, in which Dr. Norman tells us:

Heaven is not a promise given by some religious proponent nor can it be fulfilled in any religious configurations. Heaven, however, if it can be called such, is an attainment of personal development. It cannot be given by saviors, nor can you be elevated to this pinnacle by intercessors or any other declared deistic powers contrived in the minds of earthmen … anyone who lives in a higher world must develop the capacity to live there before such a life could be possible. And this can only be done through the development of the Higher Self, for that is, indeed, the beginning of your new embodiment in a higher world where you will have no lungs, yet you will breathe the breath of heaven … you will have no eyes but you will discern all things and in the fullest capacity, without the subconscious selectivity.”

After reading this, I knew I would finish The Sphere of Light, a magnificent experience revealing that I have been progressive.



He was taller than the tallest tree—
the Brother who seemed to be on the lawn.
In a realm of darkness behind Him,
a host of tormented writers cried,
We want Peace”, and
all reappeared in the realm of His Light
realizing, “We have been progressive”!
They were eased by the Inner peace
I too had been longing for.

The Brother scooped out a mass of soil;
each emerald blade of grass
glowed with the Song of Creation.
I was gleaming when He spoke,
“Write as you learn”, and
the Illuminator changed His robe
to another blissful color and Love. 
The once-tormented host of writers,
(myself in past lives)
recorded a shadowy thought
that rose from the dark crater in the lawn,
into the Brother’s Light as He walked,
leaving more hollows I would view:
In one, a tortured man … bones breaking.
I knew him. I was there … that past life.

“Roiling in a reliving”? My lower self asked.
em>“Healing”, I said. “Striving for my Higher Self“.

“You can’t go. You need me”!
“Not forever;
I know you desire your thoughts
for me.
Not just this,
but in all things.”

“But you’re alone,
searching for this Higher Self,
that I am not,
though I am greatness;
anchored to nothing,
you’re adrift,
traveling without a boat
that has no sail”.
When he grinned at the humor,
I noted the aberration.

The Brother waved His hand
and the writers shoveled
in more Light
from a Reservoir of Light!
I saw them,
but not just them—other Brothers,

then the heavenly Sphere of Light, simply Being
Being … from of my Higher Self,
so I could see.

Then I beheld an ocean surface,calm.
I wasn’t alone, wandering.
The Brothers waved,
and on a wave of Light
We continued my crusade
against my lower self.


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