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Tom Miller

Unarians United, a nonprofit organization formed by Thomas Miller in 2013, is dedicated to help Unarius students have a forum where they can study and express the true meaning of the teachings of Unarius Science of life—founded by Ernest L. Norman—who generated the original teachings and his wife Ruth. We are students who do not subscribe to the Flying Saucer epitomes propagated in El Cajon, CA years ago until present.

Ernest and Ruth Norman when I met them

Ernest and Ruth Norman when Mr. Miller met them

It is our mission to return to the true cause and purpose of the Unarius principles originally brought forth in the science—that is: pursue a personal, spiritual and mental quest imbued within a higher consciousness. As the last student (for over 50 years) on earth who actually had personal knowledge and interacted in a close manner with Dr. Norman and Ruth, Tom Miller is in a unique position to understand the true intentions and meaning of the Unarian teachings!



Tom Miller's Mission and Testimony

UFOIn December 2012, I had an operation and, after waking up, have since been overshadowed with great higher energy projections. The Higher Brothers tasked me with polarizing (neutralizing) the end the spaceship landing reliving, making others aware of the more positive incoming Unarian cycle. I feel many present students sense this change.

I kept silent for many years after promising Ruth Norman that I would not interfere with the students reliving the so-called spaceship landing-which I knew all along was not real in this time and place-and realized the need for everyone involved to understand the truth of it in their time. None of the students knew or were aware that for 4 years-starting in 1976-Vaughn (another student), in the guise of the Brotherhood, set up definite dates of a spaceship landing. As Ruth's closest student, I tried to counteract this fallacy.

Unarian Looking Toward Star - Unarius, The Science of LifeOne night in 1980, Ruth (Uriel) and I had a discussion alone at her home about the latest landing prediction. She told me that I should channel the brothers and endorse the landing event, or else leave and not make trouble. For 4 years I never channeled this and in good conscience could not do so now. I suggested that she too was reliving the Isis cycle. That was not received well.

Whatever the students were told about me at a meeting that night was an attempt to discredit me for fear that I would try to challenge her proclamations-which I would never do to this day! This great soul who I love greatly, still do and forevermore, wanted the landing to be REAL and could not tolerate my continued obstinacy. She said that, if I did not confirm Vaughn's latest 'channeling,' I was a dark force attempting to stop the light. As you can imagine, this was a great crisis for me (not some petty ego deflation). I had asked my inner self and the Brothers the truth of the matter hundreds of times. It always resolved into the fact that Vaughn's statements from the so-called channeling of the Brothers to be false. I had to make a final decision! So, I left the group.

Because of this, a short history is in order

I was exposed to my past early in life. From ages 4-8, I was abused and tortured by a mentally ill person (my aunt) who hated the male gender. I was beaten constantly, stood against a wall bare while she-liquor bottle in hand-paced back and forth threatening me with dire forms of torture. She tied me to a chair bare, wielded a knife, and raved on and on about taking my life. I relate this because, while this was going on, I closed my eyes, saw a great luminous ball of light, and actually heard voices telling me to enter the ball of light and I would be protected! I know now that this was the Brothers who were very close and helping me get through this cycle. Later when channeling at the center, this beautiful ball of light always made its appearance. To this day, this light presence comes to me.

Mt Shasta

From age 9-14, my mother became what can best be termed as a 'Flying Saucer Chaser.' She took me everywhere seeking them-the Californian Desert, Mt. Shasta, and Arizona. We even climbed a steep mountain waiting to be picked up. This was in 1960! So, I was not unfamiliar with the idea of a landing even long before Vaughn's predictions.

At age 14, while attending a flying saucer lecture given by George Adamski-a well-known so called contactee-someone mentioned a book written by a man living in Santa Barbara California. What was the book? It was The Voice of Venus by Ernest L Norman.

Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation by Dr. Ernest NormanMy mother bought the book. When I read it, I bellowed out loud that this Truth is what I had searched ALL My Life! Yes, all my 14 years. Actually, I recognized the advanced Beings of my younger years.

I wrote this to the Moderator (Dr Norman) and we were immediately invited to their house for a reading. We were told that I was the youngest ever to contact Unarius. This was the last reading Dr Norman gave to anyone in person-I felt most privileged. He normally lost up to 15 lbs when meeting anyone for any length of time. When he and his wife Ruth greeted us at their front door, to my amazement, the physical body of Dr Norman disappeared and I actually saw the Great Ball of Light that always made its appearance in my mind!! This confirmed that I had come in physical contact with the Truth and the Way. We sat down and the Moderator proceeded to give us our various past lives-all the while the only thing I saw in his place was the luminous palpitating sun like radiance!

Soon after, the Normans moved to Glendale California where we lived. They invited me to their home and Dr Norman took me under his wing. He told Ruth that he considered me his son. He would explain the principles and how the higher worlds worked. Of course, I had many questions and concerns about personal frailties. He answered at length about the past and how energy propagated and regenerated throughout the infinite dimensions. I felt in heaven's presence itself. During this time, I received great revelations and witnessed numerous phenomena displayed by this Great Being! I vowed to him that I would never distort his teaching as I had done in the past.

At age 19 (1966) I was drafted into the army and Dr Norman told me that they (He and the Brothers) would keep me out of harm's way and not be made to shoot a gun. I went to Vietnam with the 4th Division arriving in Da Nang near the border with North Vietnam. Within one week several clerks, cooks and I were literally plucked from our units and sent to open a new training base at Ft Huachuca in Arizona. I spent my entire tour completely protected from war!! Such is the proof of the continued help given to one trying to overcome.

Pluto 1Upon reading these words, one may conclude that I am opposed to Space People or Spaceships-that would be a mistake. In fact, that is how I originally came to this earth many thousands of years ago. I relived this in my early twenties when I had a huge cist removed from my outer skull. The operating doctor said the growth appeared to be like some tendril mechanism. I was a member of an advanced planetary system of people who traveled to foreign systems exploring the various populated planets-this was later confirmed by the Brothers. We came in a spaceship and established a base on Pluto-we did not wish to disturb the indigenous inhabitants-so I was sent incognito with an implanted device that transmitted the information my brain registered to my comrades on Pluto. Many of us have lived on numerous other earth worlds according to frequency relationship and the biases in our psychic anatomies.


On Spiritual Channeling

Ernest L. Norman

From 1971 to 1980, after Dr. Norman left this plane, I came to San Diego to help Ruth in the work. Dr. Norman said that the quality of a channel either for good or evil depends on the extent the soul understands energy principles and the kind of spiritual relationships and associations made over time on the inner or psychic worlds. These things I have witnessed first hand – I literally sat at the Master’s feet, so I know of what I speak!

The Moderator displayed the highest degree of clairvoyance because he mentally lived in the Higher Worlds and was a clear conduit from the Unarian Brotherhood (in fact he is the leader of this vast multitude of advanced souls). Therefore, his teachings and vocalizations from each individual Brother always are clear and inviolate! Ruth also became a very advanced channel after the Moderator left this earth plane—when it came direct from her spiritual self for the same reasons.

Ruth NormanNow it is known that Ruth employed two people to act as so called sub channels. Given the opportunity for the Ego and various associations with negative forces, who harbored destructive intent, there was created many false or selfish statements when supposedly speaking the Brothers words to us. It then becomes crucial for each student to become discerning and keep in mind the source of any utterances by anyone in the present or future who might think themselves teachers or channels of the Interdimensional Science.

My belief is that Ruth (Uriel) came to believe that every word said in trance by the two came from the Brothers and proceeded to publish these words as Unarian gospel. She said they were extensions of the Unariun teaching. This was not always true. We ALL are reliving! I know for a fact that many things were said to ‘please Uriel’—like the Landing!!!

So, the Saucer Landing reliving is over. It has been a long and sad time for me—knowing the false predictions. I watched Unarius publicly become a laughing stock—a Flying Saucer cult somewhat like the Jones cult who all committed suicide. Later Unarius was even questioned about a similar pact when another group followed the mass suicide pact at the turn of the 21st century. A horrific connection made to be sure!! We ALL are reliving!

The Myth of the Reliving

The main group reliving which concerns the so called landing was the regeneration of the Osiris and Isis cycle. Most students of Egyptian Mythology know the story—that of Osiris, king of ancient Egypt being murdered by his brother Set who usurps the throne. Meanwhile, Osiris’ wife Isis restores her husband’s body, allowing him to posthumously conceive a son with her. The remainder of the story focuses on Horus, the product of Isis and Osiris’ union, who is first a vulnerable child protected by his mother and then becomes Set’s rival for the throne. Their often violent conflict ends with Horus’ triumph, which restores order to Egypt after Set’s unrighteous reign and completes the process of Osiris resurrection.

That is the myth. As you are aware myths are generated by actual historical events which are then distorted and used as propaganda down through the ages to accommodate the religious belief systems of the various ancient civilizations.

The true past of the Myth

roberto12During this time about 25,000 years ago Egypt was an outpost to Atlantis. Edgar Cayce readings confirm this fact. This period marked the downward spiral of Atlantis—even to the point of losing contact with the Higher Brothers and the communication with other worlds Atlantis had long enjoyed had been severed. The Atlantean society was now ruled by a class of tyrannical scientist priests. Osiris and Isis fled Atlantis coming to Egypt in order to reestablish the spiritual connection of bygone years and re-contact the people who once communicated from other planets. However, a group of priests led by Set also journeyed to Egypt from Atlantis to stop this resurgence for fear of losing their power base. They proceeded to murder Osiris in the Great Hall of the main temple. Meanwhile Isis and Horus along with Isis’ guards and a few allies fled to an underground Tomb like structure which housed a great generator which was used to transmit long distant space signals. The Spaceships she was calling to come and help never came! Unknown by Isis her guard was in on the plot to kill both her and her son – they cornered and murdered her. Horus escaped aided by a few of the loyal allies present. He hid out until old enough to lead the gathering loyal forces wherein a great war ensued with Set’s forces to unseat the tyrant from power and take his throne - which he did. However, Horus interceded for the remaining priests consolidating his own power. Thus he betrayed the mission of spiritual restoration.

Many in the El Cajon group are still caught up in the false premise that Flying Saucers will land and make everything right with the world. These folks cannot be objective because of the negative and controlling past distorting our beloved Moderator’s message.

Still I know that sometime into the future they will become aware of what they are reliving and progress past it. It is the Infinite at work within each of them as it is within all of us – the truth and progressive impetus eventually always wins out! I believe we are all brothers in spirit and will someday meet in harmony without the lower self intervening and distorting the pure evolutionary mission of each soul – that is: becoming a participating and integral element in Infinite Consciousness!

Tom Miller, 2015

Unarians United