Unarius and the Dedicated Student

It has been said, that in the latter days there will be many false prophets. We see this in numerous ways and avenues. The Internet has given many of these false prophets an unrestricted voice to the masses.

Any seeker of truth must be very discerning

lost soul1Many people (especially in the media) have in the past referred to Unarius as a cult because the teachings have been channeled by only one person, Ernest L Norman. However, through the ages, any new teaching or belief system has at first been labeled Cultistic such as: Jesus and Christianity or Buddha and Buddhism – later to find full acceptance as a legitimate religion.

However, if in some future time Unarius Science of Life is ever considered a religion then it will have gone the tragic way of all past works of the Higher Beings who have incarnated amongst us to leave golden grains of truth - only to have them distorted and warped into a symbology of worship. Dr. Ernest Norman always said that if he was ever put up on a pedestal then his cause would be lost!

Convey the real meaning of Unarius

Unarius is not attempting to be the most popular self betterment fad on earth, nor is it an easy way out for a troubled mind. Unarius is not just another escape mechanism!! Any true student will tell you, it is hard work and humbling. But any and all spiritual healing is permanent, transfiguring and transcendent.

Unarian on Road - Unarians United

Unarius - the Road Less Traveled

There is only a very limited percentage of the population who will find an affinity with this Science. For those who do not find an affinity, their awakening is in another time and place. They will be helped in other ways. When you enter through the gates of Unarius, you enter into a long, deep and satisfying apprenticeship spanning many lifetimes of study and usage of the higher principles of life.

That is why this site is exclusively for dedicated students who know for sure that Unarius is totally true and meant for them and not for those who wish to say that Unarius is one among many on par. If the latter is true, then Unarius is not for you.


The New Age & Unarius

people18The so called New Age is one of those more positive cycles which the earth is being ushered into by the natural cycles of the infinite universe - or more commonly referred to as the ‘Cycle of the Recessional’ which will attain a pinnacle of development in a thousand years or so into the future. Numerous more advanced souls are at present being born right now to help usher in this positive cycle.

Even so dear brothers and sisters...



It is still subject to the emotional subconscious which is vulnerable to the downward trend of cycles and negative aspects for any soul who has not progressed past their grasp.


reincarnationAs Unarian students, our focus in this coming positive cycle is to advance our evolution by psychic transformation and to polarize (neutralize) our negative past by learning and using the principles in the Unarius teachings - in this life and into future earth lives.

Meanwhile, we learn to LIVE as positive expressions in the Higher Worlds and create a new home in this future millennium.


star being1Thus we begin to ingest a new kind of air, food and clothing devoid of mundane earth bodies - that of intelligent radiant energies. And see our new life imbued more positively within Infinite Consciousness! Also, at that time, we will have made wonderful and harmonious friendships with more advanced beings who will work with us on behalf of our fellowmen along with our own progress into greater Infinite understandings.

This of course does not bring a conclusion in our efforts to attain mastership, but is another beginning on our journey into the more infinitely attuned states of consciousness in an ever expanding personal evolution!

This is the promise when seeking the kingdom of heaven, which is within!

Plato says...Unarius Science of LifeActually, as we stated earlier, only a comparative few are ready to take this step at this time. It is the road to self mastery. It requires the student to employ a great and concerted effort with complete self dedication.

There are many pitfalls to overcome. Each student must continually ask themselves: am I seeking truth in the Unarian concept or being controlled by my past – a negatively biased vortex continuously impounded and regenerated in my psychic body from life to life, depriving me of peace and soulic emancipation.

As we have said...

unarius_books-of-ernest_l_normanOne of the main purposes of this site is to introduce souls to the “Real Unarius” and to hopefully give an opportunity for the ready ones to experience personal insights that will transcend the bounds of earth life vicissitudes, thus beginning a soulic journey lit by the knowledge and wisdom imbued within the teachings. This Science can change you, and your life.


All that is necessary is an OPEN MIND

and a desire to become a wiser and more positive person

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