"The Joining" Part One

The Joining was voiced by the Higher Being overshadowing the Moderator in 1964. It is a message from the highest energies expressed into this dimension and carries great healing bolts! This video is an attempt to put images to His words.



Two thousand years ago as men mark time,
There walked a Man among men - but
different than all others

For He was "joined" in spirit and kneweth
of all things - of what spirit is.

And He spoke of many strange things and
with His hands doeth many wondrous miracles.

So much so, there were those who feared
Him and that the hypocrisies of their lives
would be uncovered.
And so they contrived to destroy Him.

And there were others who believed this
Man, each in their own way but of the world
and of the way in which the world thinketh.
And so it came to pass in the many
centuries which followed, there were countless men,
Each in his own way, contrived to say
what this Man had said. And they sayeth
His words in their own words so that they
add or that they taketh away.
Even so, each of these speaketh of this
Man as one of them, as an earth man who
is not "joined" in spirit - understanding not
of His "joining".

And so of this day and of this hour
countless numbers live in a great
hypocrisy, a great idolatry in which they
have hung the effigy of this Man in mute
mockery and testimonial of the savage
barbarism which is in their hearts against
things which they do not understand.

They have contrived among themselves
to eulogize His words, and they sayeth as
He said "If thou believest in Me, thou will have eternal life".
So they worship Him, even in the bloody
effigy of their own making, knowing not
that as He spoke - that as
He said, "in Me" knowing as He did that
he was "joined" in spirit and was in spirit all things.
That if any man should know of Him and
His "jolning" and what He was, what He
believed, and all the other essences of spirit -
Then truly, this man would indeed have immortal life.
For surely, if he understood all that this
strange Man was - of the spirit and the "joining",
Each believer and each man who knoweth
thusly of all this, would be likewise joined as was this Man.
And, by the essences of all this knowing
and joining surely then, immortality and
life forever was the heritage.

Yet as of this day, men bow their heads in a great idolatry.
Worshiping words contrived in their own
minds which have been divested of spiritual virtues.

They have created a monstrosity of their
own divulgences to the exclusion of sanity
and reason or logic in the ever expanding
creative universe which is about them.
They have abandoned sanity in the
pressure of this symbolized madness.

For surely, how can this great hypocrisy
exist and become as of spirit?
For in this hypocrisy man has created
unto himself his own citadel.

And if he persists in its constant erection,
That he makes it his domicile, his
habitation in this and other lives,
Then he will in time become entombed.
If a man be "joined" in spirit he must in
all things be creatively minded.
He cannot think thusly that it is of his
world, or that he and others like him have
interpreted these things within
their worlds and correctly - each according to themselves.

Rather they should feel that within themselves,
And they should know that within themselves,
Is the divine spark of intelligent reason -
which can be fanned into an immortal
flame by the desire within every heart.

To be creative, To be intelligent,
To be ever conscious of this "The
Kingdom of Heaven Which is Within".

So each man cometh unto his time and
place where he must choose between the
world of his own making.
The denominators of his own experiences
can become as millstones around his neck
if he does not turn them into the Essenic
substances of spiritual manifestation.

If he cannot see creative logic and reason -
the infinite resources of personal experience
which expand his consciousness, then he is
indeed lost.

For even as I am joined, so that you too
must also be joined,
That we may live in the House of the Lord forever.

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