Infinite Perspectus

Infinite Perspectus by Dr. Ernest L. NormanDr. Ernest Norman continues to dismantle religious beliefs and stresses a scientific approach to everyday living.

It will be conceded by all those that read this book that it excels, in both quality and quantity, any other expressive element in the curriculum of Unarius. It is also presented without compromise or apology for none is needed, despite what seems to be revolutionary concepts aimed at destroying all conformities.

It is, as with all other vehicles of Unarian concepts, a book created as a tool. Which can be used by any individual to dig himself out of the burrow of his material existence.  It is a book which compounds within itself, all of the vastness of Infinity.


Inside are 33 lessons of Dr. Ernest L. Norman's teachings

Course Of Study Curriculum:

Lesson text provided is translatable

Lesson 1 -   Beginning a Constructive Evolution
Lesson 2 -   Obsession - A Scientific Fact of Life
Lesson 3 -   Destruction of Religious Fantasies
Lesson 4 -   Introspection - A Constant Challenge to Man
Lesson 5 -   Prayer vs Frequency Attunement
Lesson 6 -   A Scientific Analysis of Prayer
Lesson 7 -   The Life of Jesus Explained
Lesson 8 -   Armageddon - Giving Up the Past
Lesson 9 -   Overcoming the Old Self
Lesson 10 - The Return of the Christ Consciousness
Lesson 11 - Debunking Various Religious Concepts
Lesson 12 - God and Mammon
Lesson 13 - Symbology - Idolatry
Lesson 14 - Church System vs Personal Responsibility
Lesson 15 - Sufficient Unto Each Day The Evil Thereof
Lesson 16 - Nothing is Sacred or Holy
Lesson 17 - Jesus' Mission - Debunking Religion
Lesson 18 - Even the Fall of a Sparrow is Noted
Lesson 19 - Equality is Nonexistent
Lesson 20 - Armageddon Fought Individually
Lesson 21 - Born Again of Spirit
Lesson 22 - God's Only Begotten Son
Lesson 23 - Karma
Lesson 24 - More on Karma
Lesson 25 - Judge Not, That Ye be Not Judged
Lesson 26 - Good vs Evil, An Emotional Judgement
Lesson 27 - Five Wise and Five Foolish Virgins
Lesson 28 - Insecurities = Diversion and Deception
Lesson 29 - Identical Twins
Lesson 30 - Fission, Time and The Life Cycle
Lesson 31 - The Electronic Man
Lesson 32 - The Electronic Man Part 2
Lesson 33 - Utilitarian Concepts and Values