An Evil Obsession Removed Through Unarius

This is a letter written to a Unarius student by Dr. Ernest L Norman - Founder of Unarius.
This student had been partially and at times, totally obsessed and possessed by very strong negative forces which sometimes completely controlled his mind and thinking, often to the point of having him believe he was some great master and that he was fully aware of all energy principles – ready to change the world!

George was material for the psychiatric ward, often demanding exactly what the Moderator should do to help him, even though he, himself, claimed to be a master! It was shortly after this information was sent him that he experienced complete release of all his evil obsessions, leaving him a demure and humble man with gratitude overflowing.


Since the beginning of our association I have taken more than the usual interest in your case because, for one thing, I know of the tremendous struggle you were making against various obsessive influences. Your letter of this morning, however, has inspired me to answer you directly (personally) because it is now clearly indicated that you have entered into an even more dangerous phase of your self-liberation. Your letter states that you now have a fair understanding of energy.

My dear brother, may I say this is probably the over-statement of the year and one which many students make after reading the books and lessons.

It must be borne in mind that these texts are tailored to fit the minds of those who are just beginning and have, up until this point, been completely ignorant of the most rudimentary knowledge of energy and the Creative Intelligence, which is composed of energy.

Therefore, these texts are not presupposed to be the ultimate conclusion in learning but only the first step taken by any student in breaking away from the false doctrines of the material world – a step which must be taken by all those wishing to continue into eternal life.

Furthermore, Unarius is not just another escape mechanism whereby a person can escape the insecurities of the material world, for in presenting this constructive evolutionary knowledge, it is clearly indicated that each future dimension of life will have its own particular set of expressionary forms and these attendant demands that they be solved in constructive knowledge.

In this lifetime, I have spent some thirty-five years actively engaged in electronics, various systems of communications, etc., and it is safe to say that I spent many thousands of lifetimes in the direct pursuance of learning of and the usage of energy.

Galaxy of Planets - Unarius Science of LifeAs a matter of fact, the more I learn, the more I am not only confronted with my own ignorance but also, how much more there is yet to learn.

This, however, does not involve me in an emotional conflict: instead, there is a calm, dedicated desire to proceed into the countless eons of time which lie ahead in my future in the pursuance and usage of knowledge of Infinity, which is the re-creative, interdimensional energy.

The vast and staggering proportions of this great energy—Infinity—cannot be assimilated in a few months or even a few years: in fact, it is in the gradual learning of, and its usage, which gradually begins to supplant the old material drive or libido with a calm dedicated assurance of this immortal posterity which is inherent and inherited by those who become aware and who begin its pursuance.

Your letter also speaks of acquiring mastership in this lifetime.

This too, is an idle dream and fantasy which is a product of deep-rooted subconscious mal-adjustments which have created on the surface of your life, a strong escape mechanism. The rest of your letter completely vindicates this statement- your constant indulgence in past recriminations about your sacrifices and sufferings.

Your attainments and beliefs in what you think you formerly were are merely devices used in this escape mechanism to try to compromise yourself to various deflationary happenings in your past. This, in turn, has created the supreme effigy of an escape mechanism to become a master, for in such mastership it is, of course, assumed by the escape that he can now be supremely all-powerful over men and world conditions.

This delusion has also been fostered and kept alive either directly or indirectly by various religions. However, it just does not work that way.


Mastery over the material worlds is a gradual, long drawn-out process, taking hundreds of thousands of lifetimes lived in these material worlds and the equally gradual working-out process of the various infinite experiences contained in these lives.


When any person so relives this constant experience sequence and begins to obtain personal mastery over each experience by connecting it with reason and purpose in regard to this experience as being a personal outlet of expression for this great Infinite Intelligence, this then is quite different than the reactionary way which demands a robot-like existence and which, in turn, engenders subconscious escape mechanisms. Almost needless to say, when any person (even as yourself may so do) reaches this far-off position in his future where he has completely emancipated himself from the material worlds, he is what one would call a master.

Epicteus - Unarius Science of LifeHowever, in that position, he does not call himself a master; by that time he has worked out his subconscious psychisms which he created in the material worlds. He no longer needs or feels a desire to overcome and master the material worlds which engendered them; instead, he is confronted with a new aspect of his progression.

In visualizing the future, he is again confronted with a whole new dimension of unknown and seemingly intangible elements... a new part of this great Infinity. This, again, is a new challenge and in proportion to his knowledge and attainment, he again proceeds to progress into this Infinity.

In our files here at the Unarius Center, we have grateful, unsolicited testimonials from many thousands of people who have had wonderful miracles happen in their lives, some of which are even more miraculous than those which happened in the Holy Land during the administration of Jesus-more miraculous in the sense that the entire circumstance was carried on by mail with no personal contact involved.

Even more important, these people were given direct knowledge of the how and why, which would, in turn, coupled together with other instructions, enable them to prevent future recurrences or to heal themselves from other future mal-adjustments.

So let us be practical. If I can give you one single bit of worthwhile advice, it would be simply this:


Quit indulging yourself in your past in the negative way, which has up until this time, been your chief source of personal satisfaction. The past should be looked upon objectively as a series of stepping stones in attaining comparative and constructive knowledge of your evolution-not as a system of self-justifications whereby you can deify yourself.

The future should also be so viewed, not with ambitions to obtain mastery over the material worlds but rather, obtaining knowledge to enable you to live in Higher Worlds beyond these material worlds with the complete understanding that you are gradually becoming a more unified constructive entity in the infinite prospectus.


I might also advise you to stop practicing or using various so-called occult devices such as trying to make the eyes of a person’s picture open. Within the dimension of your own mind you can construct whatever you wish. In the realm of occultism, countless thousands of poor souls have constructed for themselves terrible demons which have, in turn, like a Frankenstein monster, obsessed their entire lives.

Occultism is only a system of devices invented as a system of escapes, the father of which is that old malformed subconscious.

There is only one way:

Hands Of UnariusThrough the doorway of knowledge and its correct usage, you will gradually progress into a higher state of consciousness, correctly placing your particular position in Infinity, and which is being expressed through your personal day by day experiences.

All of the so-called mental sciences, occultisms, mind sciences, religions, etc., which use devices to circumvent or escape the realities of personal existence and position to the Infinite are only expressionary forms of escape mechanisms.

These malpractices include prayer, concentration, affirmations, certain kinds of meditation, and various other forms of self-hypnosis are highly destructive to moral and mental integrity. They prohibit what should be a constant, constructive evaluation of experience and your position to the Infinite through this experience.

It is in this particular dimension of understanding and teaching that makes Unarius quite different from any other system of religion or science now presently known to mankind. Even material science does not factually relate man to the infinite prospectus.

As of today, mind sciences, like all religions, are still expressionary elements derived from the age-old escape mechanism where, in the inner reaches of each person, he has somehow been made subconsciously aware of this Infinity. So he longs to escape from his materialistic pit of clay and ascend into sublime reaches of some heavenly place where want and insecurity are nonexistent.


In his mad and fanatical desire to escape, reality eludes him, sanity and reason are lost in the tangled thickets of his jumbled life and he is lost until he finds the thread of reason and purpose which will again lead him out of his self-grown jungle and place his feet on the pathway of constructive evolution.


I sincerely believe you will someday attain that position if you continue to search and seek, and above all, learn to discard the falsities of today which are connected to your past.

One last remark:

Certain statements of your last letter completely deny and disprove your claim to understand energy or principles of its function. If you did, your life and your letters would be far different. No one could so understand and still cling to the past.

Indeed, his very nature is changed in proportion to his knowledge and which, in turn, re-manifests as constructive thought and action: nor would he feel the need to indulge in certain psychisms to prove his worth to himself or to his fellowman.

However, you have made a great and commendable step in the right direction. This is in the acknowledgment that there was something wrong and you placed this where it should be placed-inside. No one gets anywhere in a self-corrective development program until he can objectify himself as the cause and source of his trouble. Conversely, he can be well and happy.

Jesus - Unarius Science of LifeAs Jesus said, the kingdom is within, and there is usually a material hell until the Kingdom can be visualized and proper steps taken in the right direction.  In other words, it’s all concept.

Within the dimension of your mind you can attain any position you wish. It is wise, however, to have a definite plan of attainment and make constant daily comparisons and analyses as to whether progress is being made or lost. Using your daily life as a criteria, are you constructive and are you productive of right thought and action?

“By your fruits ye shall be known”

It is also wise to use science as a basis for beginning your constructive evolution. The world is full of “isms” and “osms”. History, past and recent, exposes the falseness of these various systems and beliefs. Obviously, as the Creative Intelligence created all and is all, we can begin to learn about this great “Creative All”, through science, and as we learn, we grow. However, present-day material science is just a beginning: this material science knows little or nothing beyond this third dimension.

It does, however, recognize to some degree the possibility of great macrocosms beyond this dimension, and at present, great efforts are being made to probe into this unknown. And here’s where you “get the jump” on present-day science; through Unarius you can acquire factual knowledge of the great worlds and dimensions beyond this one. You can also acquire a correct personal psychology which will enable you to start a progressive evolution into these more advanced dimensions. It’s all in the books and lessons.

Therefore, I can only urge you to continue to study. Do not become self-satisfied with any future position you may attain; there is always much more to learn and learn to use. Above all, objectify your progress as a development of function with the Infinite Intelligence; not to pacify subversive, subconscious elements which create escape mechanisms that are cleverly disguised and hidden, except in the way they recreate confusion and despair in your daily life.

To your continued constructive progress then, I remain.

Ernest L. Norman

Taken From Tempus Interludium - Volume II, pages 42-48