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What does Unarius mean
Answer: The word Unarius is an acronym standing for UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science. Unarius teaches the connective and higher spiritual understanding of consciousness as an evolutionary mandate attainable by all individuals searching for the meaning of life.
Who created Unarius
ernest_and_ruth_norman-unarius_foundersAnswer: Unarius is a non-profit organization founded in 1954 by Dr. Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman in Los Angeles, California. The organization was created to advance the “Interdimensional Science of Life” based upon fourth-dimensional physics principles. Unarius centers exist in Canada, Japan, Nigeria and in various locations in the United States.

Unarians United, or Unarius Science of Life, (owners and editors of this site) is a nonprofit, educational and scientific organization created by dedicated Students of Unarius to return to the core teachings of Ernest Norman. Our primary efforts are to continue the work of Dr. Norman without all the extraneous baggage that detracts from the core teachings. We are a no cost membership organization.

What is the purpose of Unarius
Answer: Unarius, founded by Dr. Ernest L. and Ruth E. Norman in 1954, began with a mission to bring the interdimensional science of life to other interested persons through his teachings and the Unarius Books channeled through himself and Ruth.
What is the objective of Unarius
Higher-Self6Answer: The objective of Unarius, and Unarius United, is to help the individual progress in his evolution. The Unarius curriculum is a “Science of Life” which when applied by the student, places the individual on a higher frequency position in his spiritual evolution. A progressive evolution is a ‘must’ if one is to survive – Spiritually!

The keystone of the Unarius curriculum is to lift the consciousness of the individual through the dedicated study of the Unarius lesson courses so that one may attain Psychic Liberation!

What type of organization is Unarius
Answer: We are a free community membership organization and as a member you will receive access to the private portion of this website, and discover the many faceted activities of the teaching of Ernest L. Norman.
Admission to seminars, lectures, and special events is available to registered members.
If membership in Unarians United is free, why must I join
Answer: We are a community organization of like-minded students dedicated to studying the teachings of Dr. Ernest L. Norman. We wish to pursue and share with others our lessons learned without the distractions caused by certain people who have different agendas or focus.

One of the primary ways we minimize those distractions is through membership registration.  While membership is FREE and open to anyone; we can restrict access of those persons who don’t abide by the Standards of Conduct for the Unarius United Community.  The public portion of this site will always remain accessible for everyone to read, but does not allow participation in the site activities.

Once registered and accepted as a member, you will receive access to the private portion of this website, and discover the many faceted activities focused on the teachings of Unarius and Dr. Norman. You have the ability to participate in discussions, sharing success, getting help and clarity from other like-minded students, and much more.

What does Unarius Science of Life teach
Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation by Dr. Ernest NormanAnswer: Socrates, when asked what is the greatest thing a man can know, answered, “To Know Thyself!” Unarius teaches the principles of `Cause and Effect’ and of the Psychology of Consciousness, a Psychodynamics of Self. Persons who remain steadfast in their efforts to overcome their past do make continued and never-ending progress. The conceiving of the Interdimensional Principles of Life does integrate the body, mind, and spirit, resulting in good mental health. Most importantly, one learns to give of Self so that others, who are striving to learn of Spirit, can also be helped!
Is Unarius a metaphysical school
Answer: Unarius stands apart from metaphysical schools and is unique in itself. Unarius is an Interdimensional Science teaching the basis of a fourth-dimensional physics and of the existence of Advanced Intelligent Beings expressing from higher frequency planes. It is by becoming conscious of the existence of the Brothers on the Inner Planes that one experiences their help. It is each individual’s prerogative to advance to a more progressive position in their evolution.
Do you teach Eastern philosophy or mediation as a means of attunement
Answer: We teach a corrective and preventive psychotherapy based upon the physics of reincarnation, a comprehensive curriculum of self-mastery which explains the interactive, regenerative function of the mind and brain-body system. In advancing the knowledge of the spiritual principles of life, the teachings of Unarius explain the origin of atomic life within the new paradigm of an interdimensional science.
Do you conduct research at Unarius and, if so, what type of research
Answer: The broad concourse of life-after-life, of life and death, is an inner directed study of the mind, a research into the psychodynamics of consciousness. Its purpose is to awaken the individual to previous life encounters, the clairvoyant aptitude of the mind, and the reality of one’s spiritual connection.
Is group or personal therapy included in this work
Answer: Both personal and group therapy are extended in the teaching course of Unarius through the interaction of the students themselves with the continued help of the Higher Spiritual Brothers working on our behalf. The teaching of past life therapy is itself a psychotherapy basic to the application of the principles of ‘Self-healing’!