Gathering is defined as "an assembly; a purposeful accumulation; to pick or harvest from a place of growth or formation; to learn or conclude from something, observed, experienced, studied."

Since November 2018, “The Gathering” has been in my consciousness. The presence has been like a force revealing a perpetual assembly of familiar people, events, places, etc. I’ve made many mental and written notes about this experience, and the magnitude of it has been such that I had numerous visions of aspects of my past in this life—relationships, places of employment, some of my written expressions on the Site, family, events in my childhood, people I haven’t seen in many years, forgotten experiences, and so-o-o much more; all were participants in The Gathering that I knew would manifest in my life, but not how.

I needed clarity of what I was attuned to. Well, just a few nights ago, I REALIZED, in The Gathering,  that I have lived this life, unaware, in negativity. Until I became a Unarian in 2007, I gave little attention to the concepts of positive and negative. I have now acquired sufficient knowledge to make a choice; I have chosen the positive polarity. It has taken a painful, year-long, conscious reliving of a past life experience with a family member to further awaken my consciousness to “negativity.” The conflict continues; he hasn’t taken responsibility for himself. I have and moved on!


So many of them in the rain.
I hear their canorous songs of Light
pleasure for me in the balm of home!
I’m coming”!  I call out;
they chirp more songs of Light!
Others hear…listen;
I’m coming, I’m coming”!  they call
from the balm of their homes too.

We rush out, gaze into brilliance—
a constellation of birds,
branches turning, reflecting my journey,
others’ too. and everyone asks,
“Is this a gathering or a great migration”?

I see one on the Inner, perched;
in his campestral view,
I behold the path of their migration.
Beautiful is the breadth of Light;
they’re attuned to their Source!
“I’m coming!”  I call out again,
other’s too, “I’m coming!”

My vision rests
on the one serenely perched.
Everyone asks,  (they saw him too):
“Is that me? It feels like me!”

“Yes, a view of you in the Light!
His eyes twinkled for each of us:
“A view of you, and you, and you…”
Each of us was thrilled,
“Progressive evolution!”
A zephyr of Light comes through
and everyone sings more songs of Light!


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