I had just started to relax after folding the fresh laundry and putting everything in place. It was 6:50 p.m.; there was a loud knock on my door! If the doorbell rang before then, I didn't hear it.

"Who is it"? I asked.

"The Sheriff's Department, ma'am".

I opened the door, and there stood a huge, pleasant deputy with my neighbor, Isom. Instantly, I had a flashback of Isom's six-year-old body running, then leaping over the hurricane fence into the back yard of what is now my house, instead of going around through the front gate!

"We're here", the deputy explained, "because this young man reported that he hadn't seen you in a few days". Isom hadn't seen me, but I had been visible to others helping a friend down the street plant beautiful wildflowers in her yard and working in my own. She had given me a young rose bush that I finally decided to plant out front so it could receive the radiance of the morning-to-noon sunlight!

"When I was going to work this morning", Isom added, "I saw some vultures over there". He pointed to the old cedar trees that had been standing since I was eight years old, and I recalled when Dad brought the saplings from the woods and planted them. At the same time, I knew what Isom had been thinking, but I was alive and well.

"Oooh", I said. "I saw those vultures also. There were about eight or ten of them. I even took pictures".

"There must be something dead out there", the deputy said. I felt safe in the presence of this titan, though I hadn't been threatened!

"It's an armadillo on the grassy shoulder, lying on its back", I told him. Earlier, I had watched the birds of prey fly up and away, some into the evergreens, when traffic came through; drivers of some of the vehicles had to reduce their speed because the vultures, in flight, were in the way.

"It was good to hear you answer the door", the deputy said, smiling.

"Sure was", Isom agreed, and I felt the presence of Love. I thanked him heartily for checking on me, then I thanked the deputy. They left and over an hour later, I was still contemplating the apparent reliving, desiring clarity.

IT WAS 8:07 P.M. WHEN I HEARD THE FAMILIAR POPPING SOUND UP THE STREET. The lights in my house went out; the neighborhood was in darkness. About twenty minutes later, Entergy employees were working to restore power to our homes. I fell asleep soon and woke up at 12:45 a.m. to flashing lights on my window and the sound of Entergy still at work on several utility poles. At 3:20 a.m., happy to hear the refrigerator come on, I got up and reset the clocks in the house. I slept again and woke up at 6:27 a.m. to a vision of a police officer, uniformed in black pants, a white shirt with a red emblem on the left sleeve, standing at the front door of my house, in England.

I, about 80 years of age, living alone, responded to the officer's knock on the door. He informed me that he'd received a report of vultures entering the back of my house through a broken window on the second floor. It was an old, red-brick house with high ceilings and stairs built against the wall, leading to the floor the officer desired access to. He entered, and I watched him go up the stairs from the large, nearly dark room where we were, where he had entered my house. The only light was cast from a lamp on a table, and the room was in disarray with clothing and other items that I was slowly placing where they belonged.

The officer entered the second floor room, and the vision shifted to the back of the house. I saw several vultures fly out of the window, over a large yard, into a grove of trees behind the house. Things were strewn about in the room that looked like a cluttered attic; it was dark except for the minimal light provided by indirect sunlight. The officer found the carcass of a small animal that I couldn't identify in the vision.

When I got up, wondering if the vultures were still present, I opened the back door and stepped onto the porch to the beat of wings and two vultures passing over, flying far apart, going in opposite directions. I went to the front door and opened it; there stood a lone vulture. A cat creeped up, hesitated, then rushed pass the bird who did not react to it. Seconds later, a neighbor walked up, and the vulture, including those still nibbling at the carcass of the armadillo below on the shoulder, left their meal, temporarily.

I retrieved my cell phone and looked at one of the pictures I'd taken. There were eleven vultures...some of them settled in one of the evergreens.

Love and Light,

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