Addressing the Flying Saucer Landing controversy of Unarius

For years, certain Unarius group members made predictions of a space ship landing on earth by beings from other worlds...

The following explanations, comments, and true beliefs of Dr. Ernest L Norman - Moderator, founder, and original teacher of Unarius - were obtained from various liturgies and dissertations through the years. These make perfectly clear that these predictions originated from distorted interpretations and misrepresentations of the Unarian concept. Such predictions exhibit general mental escapes born from past life remembrances of those involved with long ago civilizations such as Atlantis and Lemuria. In truth, the ‘Landing’ cycle was just a reliving of the people involved, experienced as REAL because of the intensity brought forward from past negativity impounded in the psychic anatomies of the participants.

What follows is direct evidence that the true precepts of the dedicated students of Ernest L Norman’s teachings called Unarius Science of Life DO NOT subscribe to any UFO Landing for the present day and any foreseeable time to come!

Even though it is certainly acknowledged that life of differing stages in development on myriad worlds are truly part of the Infinite creative plan of expressionary evolution!

The Moderator's First Hand View
Question posed by student Tom Miller (Cosmon) at age 14:

The Moderator's response:

"In 1960, I was curious about space ship landings. At the time, mother and I were told of an imminent mass spaceship landing on earth to free mankind of their burdens, so I asked the Moderator what that meant and whether it was true."
Those who are looking for spaceship landings are expressing an escape mechanism. It is the intercessor syndrome, where a higher force will come down and cure all the ills of earth and generate some idyllic utopia. It is tantamount to the second coming of Christ expressed by the religionist.

The people on the other worlds who know of space travel are very advanced and realize that it would be against principle to try and change any earth world not ready for the science of inter-dimensional space travel.

Each earth world is in various stages of evolutionary development and most are still primitive in their psychic awareness and not ready to receive such knowledge - this earth world included. Look around this world at this present age - billions of souls reenacting their past emotional iniquities.

If you took away the various emotional problems expressed by and large by the present earthman and replace them artificially with the higher science of consciousnes the aliens would bring, people would be deprived of their spiritual birthright to change and grow through the experiences of the third dimension - a dimension which is a formative classroom maintained through the Infinite Mind for nescient souls.

Most earth worlds are generated to sustain the formative environment of the younger souls still learning to master their emotional differences. Now if all 5 billion people were working with principles we are bringing to them in Unarius, then maybe.

We might ask: How many sincere and active students of Unarius are there as of this moment?

Moving On... even if Aliens did land en mass, they are still 3rd dimensional in nature – more advanced than us true, but still not the true focus all Unarian pupils should be pursuing! A student who contacts Unarius is doing so to begin or resume his or her quest of the higher worlds, not a better physical life existing in a wise earth-man civilization. The up and down changes of earth worlds take place as an evolutionary or oscillatory process.

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We, at Unarians United, hope the above words convey what the founders of Unarius thought about UFO landings.

More importantly, all the controversy is counter to the concepts, principals, and teachings of Unarius.