In the histories of the world, it is invariably acknowledged that all good, all great achievements and advanced forms of culture were given in posterity to mankind by certain individuals who were equally advanced in their particular idiom. Many of these great souls have died for this cause of moral, mental and physical freedom; others have remained anonymous through the passage of time until the day of vindication when mankind acknowledged their creativeness by common usage.

In line with this preface, we present this book, "Cosmic Continuum", a most amazing and remarkable book, also dedicated to the future generations of mankind who will, in their posterity, find common usage for all principles and concepts contained in its pages.

Indeed, it will be so mandated that if mankind is to survive in a progressive continuity upon the face of this planet, he will, by the necessity for survival, be forced to use and adapt in common usage, these principles and concepts just as have other races of peoples on other planets in far-off solar systems.

Equally remarkable or even more amazing, is the manner in which this book was brought into existence and one which bespeaks the highly developed and trained aptitude of the human mind which can use as its source, the vast wealth of information contained in the Higher Mental Superconscious. The manner of creating this book was achieved by the author in his usual method, by dictation, using a tape recorder. This entire book was dictated in one continuous session, save for a few brief pauses and total elapsed recording time was nine hours, completely filling both tracks of two standard 7 inch reels of tape and was transcribed and printed almost verbatim, requiring few sentence structure changes. There was no preparation for this dictation, in fact, not even a premonition; the author simply sat down and began to dictate.

When you have finished reading this book, you will agree that it is indeed a prodigious mental feat and one which is without equal. For in this consideration, we must remember that the concepts given are far in advance of our present-day scientific technocracy; scientific concepts which have just begun to be vaguely explored by a few of the more far-reaching minds.
"Cosmic Continuum" will therefore, in the future, become one of the classics of scientific literature and along with other works posed by the same author, will also become the reference library used by the scientist of the future millennium.

It might be well to note that this book carries the same transcending power often felt by those who read the works of Unarius; a power often causing drowsiness, lassitude or felt as heat; and should this occur to you, it is not the context of reading material but, through these words, you have become attuned to this great source of healing and adjusting power.
Remember also that inasmuch as these principles and concepts are extremely advanced, they will bear much repeat reading and the subsequent benefits gained from such rereading will be felt in many different ways. Your mental horizon will be broadened, you will find better adjustment in your material world; physical healing will be manifested and peace of mind will take the place of the chaotic misunderstandings of yesterday.