Now that we have discussed some of the more infinite abstractions of man's nature and the evolutionary flight of each individual through "time and space", let us examine some of the more materialistic or physical elements as they are concerned with present-day dispensations in the fields of such existing corrective therapies which are classified as psychology or psychiatry and medicine. In our present-day understanding of psychology, the practitioner or psychiatrist is devotedly Freudian and the principles underlying the Freudian psychology are quite well understood by both the practitioner and the student.

Basically, Freudianism is a reversion into the beginning of the Age of Reformation in Europe when a certain Scotchman named John Locke first postulated the empirical doctrine which is, substantially, that the human mind was a clean and polished surface at the time of birth, and as such, each individual, in the concourse of life being subjected to various psychic or physical experiences, formed and reformed different thought patterns in his daily conduct of life. Freudianism further completely sterilized previously existing concepts of psychology from various concepts which were termed instincts. Only one of these instincts has remained a basic and essential ingredient of present-day Freudianism: that extraction is the instinct of sex.

The practice of medicine as it is concerned with present-day dispensations is likewise in a comparatively primeval state of development, although technically speaking, there has been considerable information gained about the physical anatomy and its function in the past fifty years or so since the time of Pasteur; yet so far as medicine is concerned, no knowledge of the spiritual nature of man is included in these dispensations. Through statistics as they currently exist the fallaciousness, the incompleteness, the sterility of both psychology and medicine as it is now understood by present-day practitioners, should be obvious at this particular time. The high rate of incidence in our mental institutions and asylums is a clear indication there is much more to psychology than has been postulated in Freudianism.

The unanswered causes for various diseases in our civilized manner and way of life, too, is a mute portrayal of the abysmal ignorance of the true source and cause of disease in mankind, as it is so thoroughly misunderstood by our present-day medical practitioners. So far as psychology is concerned, the admission of even one instinct automatically destroys the whole fabric of such psychology, for if there were but one instinct is it not conceivable there should be hundreds of other instincts which would support the otherwise unsupportable functions of our daily lives? The newborn infant who immediately begins to breathe, certainly could not have learned this breathing process from such intelligences as were commonly supposed to have been inherited through the gene structures or the chromosomatic cell sin the process of insemination. Here again, is a direct conflict with all known scientific dispensations as they relate to the transmissions of energy wave forms in any particular forms of life, whether in the "solid" atomic particles or in radio transmissions.

Neither the psychologist nor the doctor has the slightest inkling of the more scientific and abstract principles behind life which we have previously discussed in these texts. Either does the psychologist nor the doctor so combine any known or existing electronic, atomical or physical sciences as they relate to energy wave forms into his practice or therapies other than in the particular machine which might be called the encephalograph or the X-ray machine. But, in any case, the inclusion of these devices is not intended, in any sense of the word, to include the spiritual side of man's nature which is still hidden and unknown to these practitioners.

Let us consider scientifically for a moment just 'what the brain is and its relationship to human conduct in our present-day existence. The brain is composed of some twelve million small cells; and while it is true that at birth this brain represents an organ which is still comparatively un-functional, it, like the intestines and many other parts of the anatomy, has not yet come into its full usage. However this does not, in any sense of the word, mean that in days to come in the life of this infant, such interpolations of consciousness in his daily life will form all of the functional attributes of his brain.

Let us consider that each cell of this brain is likened to a radio tube, a vacuum tube or a transistor. In scientific parlance, we find in the case of the vacuum tube, there is a positively charged surface to a negatively charged electrode called the cathode. The emission of electrons or energy wave forms across this vacuum between the cathode and the plate is further modulated by a third surface called the grid. In certain proportions of negative and positive equations, this grid modulates the constant successive or alternating pattern of wave forms as it stems from the plate and the cathode of the vacuum tube. In this oscillation of wave forms from positive to negative is contained the idiom of this modulation from the grid which passes on into succeeding stages of amplification or emerges in a convergence of sound as it is manipulated in a magnetic structure and a diaphragm in the speaker system.

Therefore, in all degrees, the brain can thus be considered in a pure sense - either as a cell or in a general conglomeration of cell structures - as merely a series of small transistors or vacuum tubes. The external consciousness is the modulating grid and, through the five senses, this grid structure in turn, modulates the constant oscillation from these various different cells in which these oscillations are basically and potentially supplied from the internal psychic structures of the individual. The positive or plate side of this oscillating process is the Superconsciousness; the negative or the cathode side is the subconscious or the past material dimensions through which the individual has passed.

In this oscillating process between this past subconsciousness and the positive Superconsciousness of the future, the present, in the grid form, constantly modulates this interchange or oscillating pattern of energy wave forms as it is passed between the two elements of this brain cell. More specifically, for instance, the various wave forms which are called light, in passing through the lens into the retina of the eye, are thus transposed into suitable frequencies and terminating on the ends of certain nerve structures in conjunction with each brain cell, then modulates this constant oscillating process between past consciousness and future positiveness as it is posed in the Infinite abstractions of the Superconscious Self.

A short time to digest the full importance of this concept will immediately present many ramifications which can be involved in this process we call life. In this oscillating process from the negative past consciousness to the positive Superconsciousness in the interplay of these cell structures called the brain, and in the proper terminology as they relate to dispensations of frequency relationships, various regenerative factors called harmonic structures - all as energy wave forms - can and do subsequently inflict, in many different ways, certain inharmonious relationships which, in turn, will reappear upon the surface of this individual's life in numerous different forms such as mental and physical aberrations.

Consequently, psychic shocks in the various forms of catastrophic happenings in the individual's consciousness can inflict tremendous malformations in the oscillating process in these various cell structures which are relayed through the medium of the hypothalamus (an organ of the brain), which acts as a medium or a cable of transference into the psychic structures. The rear portion of the brain is relegated to the more automatic functions of the body, such as the beating of the heart, peristalsis of the intestines, etc., while the frontal lobes of the brain are subsequently relegated to the more reactionary dispensations of life which are called reason. In all cases, however, whether we are subdividing the basic functions of these brain cell structures, the principle under which they function is basically the same. It only means we are terminating their point of consciousness into different portions of the inner psychic self.

In other words, the rear portion of the brain will, in turn, terminate so far as its automatic function in relationship to the body is concerned, in more primitive or past lifetimes with the individual when he was - through successive lifetimes - orienting himself physically into the way of life in this material world. The frontal lobe structures of the cerebrum, in turn, would terminate into psychic structures which were more basically concerned with the abstractions or derivatives from any particular reactionary elements which were presently superimposing themselves in his consciousness. This too, was a two-way process; while extractions were made on the basis of past derivations from experiences in previous lifetimes, yet there also was a definite correlationship as to the interpolations of such extractions and derivations into the immediate perspective in the way in which these things were commonly expressed to the outward world.

It can now be seen after some thought, the process of thinking would be quite impossible were it not so connected with the interior or the psychic self which supplies all known and unknown ingredients in the individual's life and which are not from such apparently terminated surfaces of the brain cells as they present themselves in modern psychology or in modern medicine; but that they are only the devices which we have similarized to the transistors or vacuum tubes in our modern electronic equipment.

In laboratories at this moment, scientists are developing certain kinds of electronic devices which, as cells, are able to retain a certain intelligence for an indefinite length of time. These cells when compounded with other functional attributes of vacuum tubes and associated circuitry form what is commonly called a Univac or an electronic device which is capable of performing mathematical or mental feats which are beyond those of the human physical mind.

Therefore it is very easily seen, that to surcharge the surface electrodes of a device known as a capacitor or a condenser, that for an indefinite length of time - depending on the efficiency of the dielectric compound which separates these two surfaces - this surcharged surface can therefore retain its potential until it is discharged and re-manifests itself in the reverse fashion to that which it was first propagated on the surface of the electrode. This condition is the same which concurrently exists in the brain cells, for the brain cells present, so far as consciousness is concerned, the surface of one electrode which is attached to the subconscious or the Superconscious part of the psychic self. This electrode will, in turn, discharge itself into the frontal surface of the conscious self when proper relationships of frequencies are met in the perspectives of the immediate environmental situation. This is an oscillating process; but more important to realize, is the fact that these brain cells in themselves contain, as basic elements of their make-up, certain characteristics which immediately relate them to definite and well defined spectra of energy wave forms as they manifest themselves from the subconscious to the Superconscious Self.

This process can be likened to the various stages of amplification as it is contained either in a radio receiver or an amplifying device, which is necessary to transpose the extremely high rate of oscillating wave forms, called radio frequencies, into demodulated audio-frequencies which are heard and determined by the human ear. This is one of the functions of the transistors or the audio tubes for, in this process of detection or demodulation, the original component - as it was superimposed on a basic wave form as stemming or radiating from a radio broadcasting station - was retained but was transposed downward (so to speak), in frequency relationship, until it became compatible in its frequency expression to the vibrating surface of the human ear.

The same principle of this audio and radio-frequency device, which we call a radio, is applicable in the same scientific terminology to all known surfaces of the different cells of the brain; it also applies to many of the different nerve centers which are scattered in very strategic or advantageous points throughout the human system. These points, in turn, present to the psychic self a certain relationship on the basis of frequency and, in their interpolations of oscillations from the psychic body, will thus regenerate certain perspectives of interpretation into the physical world.

A sub audible frequency of ten or fifteen cycles cannot be heard by the human ear but instead, immediately reacts upon such centers as are associated in the vicinity of the heart and known as the solar plexus. The vibrating surfaces of these nerve centers will, in turn, impart this transference of energy in this sub audible range, into various auditory nerve centers of the body and into the brain. The person in this temporary subjugation of an extraneous force with which he is not customarily associated, will, in turn, react and will feel ill.

The same process on the other end of the audio-spectrum is also true. Frequencies of 20 or 30 thousand cycles per second are similarly superimposed into different bone structures of the head and, in particular, around the ear where, as cells, these structures of the bone act as sort of transducers which consequently stimulate nerve endings terminating on brain surfaces with which these cell surfaces of the brain are not customarily (in any sense of the word), used to associating. This disassociation will cause immediate distress to the person, even though he cannot hear the emanating source of this energy which is being superimposed into his brain structures.

In this scientific portrayal of the principles and functions of the five senses and several of the unknown - and sometimes termed clairvoyant or supersensory perceptions - we have factually related man to an inner or a more spiritual plane of consciousness. We have proved conclusively that man does live as a spiritual or energy being just as he has always, from the beginning of his evolution and even into the beyond when his evolution started in certain conglomerations of sympathetic wave forms and formed regenerative nuclei or cell structures of spiritual energy. These, in turn, formed into aggregates of vortical patterns and thus started or propagated the evolution into that evolutionary pathway of time and space - and beyond the time of time and space - into the unknown where time and space became integrated factors of relationship and assumed regenerative proportions in the dispensations of consciousness, so far as they presented themselves to the Infinite.

We have now established a definite and scientific relationship of man in his existence with the inner self or the psychic body. We have also gained some idea as to the stratification of this inner or psychic self, as these various strata or plateaus can be likened in many ways to those which we shall find in the interdimensional concepts which we have previously discussed. In other words, the psychic self is a composite relationship of a large number of dimensions; each one harmoniously attuned to a supporting dimension in which it most properly functions. This in turn, is again reflected in the idiom of negative to positive transference into ever increasingly higher dimensions of conscious dispensations into the Superconsciousness and even beyond the Superconsciousness into the Infinite which is called the Father Within.

Life, therefore, has now assumed an entirely different proportion to that which is commonly associated with present-day dispensations of psychology or medicine. Any act of consciousness does and always will include an infinite number of ramifications as they are concerned in interdimensional relationships through frequency relationship functioning from the psychic self. No act of consciousness can ever be performed by any individual at any given time without its immediate connection to an infinite number of similar experiences which he has performed in past lifetimes. The number of steps which he takes in his daily life are immediately associated with his past life for many thousands of years, far back until he first began to develop legs and walk upon the surface of the earth as some primitive creature.

No, we are not trying to prove evolution as it is concerned in the Darwinian concepts but we are proving evolution as it is concerned with the spiritual metamorphosis of the cell structures and vortical patterns as they portray certain particular resurgent, recreative and expressive values from the Infinite Consciousness. Man has always been too concerned with the immediate or the physical proportion of all things as they assume themselves in his five physical senses and his reactions to the immediate appearance of any objectivism in regard to the reactive function as it involved his five senses. This possibly presents at this time, one of the greatest of any existing paradoxes; that while all known dispensations of life and the function of life, all known concepts of psychology, medicine, religion and the various other elements and factors of life are always the result of the seemingly unknown and intangible which is called the Infinite, yet man knows little or nothing of this Infinite.

Perhaps it can be said that this is also the purpose of the Infinite Consciousness. In the essence of extractions from an infinite number of experiences as they thus polarize themselves in the abstractions of positive relationships to the Higher Self and ultimately to the Infinite, any individual can, in the future eons of time, thus develop into god-like proportions and express some of the more infinite propensities of this Infinite Consciousness.

The objectivism of past texts as we have presented them to you in this work, will now reveal the obvious abysmal ignorance in which man is presently revolving in this "timeless, space-less void", and which is infinitely solid in all proportions. While this introspection will, in some way, tend to deflate some proportions of the conscious ego, yet it will in introspection - and if continued in the right direction for a sufficient length of time - relink any individual into a more constructive pattern of evolution in the future.

It must always be remembered that the immediate or the present is always the by-product of the past in its sum and total of derivations and extractions, as present consciousness is largely supported from these extractions and derivations. However, there is always the other polarity which is part of that ancient and so-called Holy Trinity, the Superconsciousness which, subsequently, is constantly reflecting into itself these various dispensations of daily life; and in the derivations from past lives, making suitable extractions which, as it does, positively polarizes the idiom of these experiences to itself and thus develops the individual's own personal Spiritual Ego.

Thus in the future eons of time, it is conceivable that this Superconsciousness will assume a much larger proportion of consciousness than it now does for anyone individual so revolving in this terrestrial dimension. In that day and time when this Superconsciousness has assumed a large proportion of its reflective or guiding qualities into the daily life of the individual, he will then be increasingly stirred with the desire, the consciousness, the quickening of this Spiritual Consciousness which will begin to differentiate him and separate him from the material worlds of consciousness.

Our present-day psychiatry is indeed crude and the practice of psychology as it is expounded in our various asylums and the so-called therapeutic treatment of the different aberrations is likewise crude; the only difference being that there is now some sort of humanitarian interest to the environment with which the mentally aberrated person is immediately concerned. In other words, the psychiatrist resorts only to a temporary change of environment hoping thereby to induce a permanent change in thought patterns. Such a procedure is extremely fallacious and will explain why it is that so little success is being concurrently displayed in our modern dispensations of psychiatric treatment.

To further expurgate any particular psychic misalignments, the psychiatrist often subjects more advanced aberrations to severe shock treatments. This therapy is indeed crude and primitive and immediately is reminiscent of many of the bygone practices from the pagan or more aboriginal days of the individual healing practices wherein holes were often scraped in the cranium to let loose evil spirits and other weird practices which subjected the individual to horrible and extreme torture. Blood-letting was a common practice in the Middle Ages to relieve various kinds of diseases in the body; and this too smacked of the letting out of evil spirits. The present-day psychologist, in subjecting the patient to a severe shock, can be likened somewhat to fixing a delicate watch with a hammer; the treatment is, as previously postulated, reminiscent of by-gone practices.

Herein, too, enters another commonly misunderstood fraction of psychological dispensation; that is, the complete elimination of various obsessive factors which have entered into the person's life. Through frequency relationships in various negative dispensations, a person quite frequently not only links himself to past similar dispensations but, through frequency relationship, also links himself to an infinite number of similar negative relationships, some of which have no immediate personal relationship to him but which, through this frequency attunement, automatically at that particular moment, become just as much a part of him as anything else. This includes a number of other ramifications involving energy wave forms which have been constructed by other different entities of human beings. Thus, this person in a negative dispensation automatically links himself to these similar destructive configurations of wave forms as they were previously formed by some other entity. If that other entity is in a spiritual world, wandering about in abysmal ignorance, he is quite likely - through that frequency relationship - to associate himself immediately with the mental processes of the person who was originally instigating the negative expression into his life. This is an obsession. It can be either temporary or permanent; it can be thoroughly established, upon the precincts of frequency relationship, that such things do exist and are existing (to some degree), with every human being upon the face of the earth today.

In our everyday walk of life, we cannot associate ourselves with any immediate perspective of life about us without involving ourselves in that same frequency relationship which originally created that particular dispensation, no more than we can attune a radio to a broadcasting station without the direct result of receiving the program then being broadcast. Obsessions in the form of entities through frequency relationship can sometimes be permanent. When such a condition is superimposed through this manner in the interpolation of life to some individual, he is usually considered to be mentally aberrated or insane, as the various concepts, ideologies and the other confluxes and configurations of energy wave forms from the obsessing entity are sometimes in direct opposition to the present external surfaces of the then existing interpolation of life of the individual. He will then do strange things and thus be considered insane and will be incarcerated in some institution. This concept is not to be misconstrued with any past existing practices of witchcraft as they are commonly expressed in the jungles and back reaches of the world - either in the present or in the past. Such present or past existing expressions are primitive in nature and lack the common essentials of understanding.

We can no more mix or mingle the differences of these past dispensations than we can mix or mingle our present technical knowledge in medicine of the human body with the past dispensations as they were posed by Galen at the turn of the Christian era. And while the old and presently existing forms of witchcraft do contain certain basic elements of truth, yet practices and expressions are crude and primitive and often un-factual, both in the way in which they are usually supposed to exist and the way in which their elimination is attempted.

In the future when such a person is thus diagnosed and is known to be obsessed by an entity which has linked itself through frequency relationship into the person's present expression of life, then the simple and common procedure which is contained in the knowledge of this existing condition, will immediately present the necessary and suitable technique for the elimination of this connection. This is done first, by making the obsessing entity aware of what he is doing; secondly, by making the recipient or the one who is obsessed aware al so of what is taking place. With the interjection of certain catalytic energies which are projected in a psychokinetical fashion in the process of this introspection, the frequency relationships between the obsessing entity and the person thus obsessed will be broken and changed so that the obsession no longer occurs. There is no hocus-pocus about this process; no beating of drums, no rattles, no jumping or dancing about or wearing of great masks; instead, just a simple presentation of known scientific facts and elements which are presently partially understood in our modern atomical sciences.

When our future sciences of psychology and medicine are merged and when they also combine in this union, the different concepts and other perspectives of consciousness which we have entered into in the relationship of the daily life of the individual, we can then empty our asylums, our prisons, our hospitals and turn these buildings into something else of a more useful purpose. Hospitals, asylums and prisons today remain only as monuments to the abysmal ignorance of mankind in his expression of the therapeutic sciences. They are but huge monuments of stone wherein are written in blood, the names of countless thousands of people who have gone down to early and needless death through the re-infliction of karmic substitutes and tortures into the nether worlds by this same ignorance. This continual reversal into the primitive reactionary expression of life continues because it isn't understood. "It ain't so," are the famous last words of many a person and have condemned others, too, who were innocent, to early graves, needless torture and wandering about in the astral nether worlds until they could again reestablish themselves into a healthier pattern of evolution.

How much better it would be if these purveyors of science, these expressionists of the various therapeutic arts as they are so contained in our psychology and our medical science, could realize that their science, their expression was, in itself, an infinitesimally small portion of the whole of Infinity; if they could but realize this particular fact for just a few moments, they would then be prone to strike from their consciousness these famous last words, "It ain't so." These words always brand any individual who so utters them with the stamp of ignorance, an ignorance not on I y of his own purpose in life, but likewise his condemnation of all those with the same type of destructive ignorance with whom he comes in contact.

And so man is still continuing his mad reactionary pace into the future. The rumble and roar of his great machinery, as he builds and rebuilds his so-called civilized world, is but a continuance of past-age dispensations of prefabrications of other temples, other fallacious concepts which perished because they were built upon the sands of ignorance. In laboratories, the battle of the test tubes and other scientific impedimenta sounds more like the rattle of chains which bind a man to his terrestrial dimension. The wonder-drugs which he injects into his veins become an opiate for he will depend upon them and not the integrity of his own personal character for his salvation in the future.

To the cause of reason and to the White and Guiding Light of Wisdom, man will remain unbending and unyielding; but to his own particular conflicts in his daily life, he constantly bends his knee in humble subservience and yet from all this he must learn, for as a participle - a cell in the Infinite Consciousness, he is born again and again; and, through the seemingly never-ending cyclic patterns of life and death, each man comes to the time and place when he meets his Creator face to face. In this meeting, he will join in a common union with sanity, with knowledge and with wisdom.