It has been observed that it is much simpler to deny than to understand. This is quite true in respect to any particular person's individual point of evolution wherein he has not become conscious and cognizant of the various relative, inceptive dimensions of interpolations which have been discussed in previous texts. Most often a person so confronted with truths or concepts which are beyond his understanding, always resorts to the subterfuge of denial. More often too, it is found these people always resort to another common subterfuge which can be called finger pointing and by this simple device, which is a diversionary measure, they hope to detract not only their own personal attention away from their own inadequacies and weaknesses, but also hope to focus the attention of others away from themselves. It should be understood that everyone, to a lesser or greater degree, supports a preponderance of psychic configurations from past lifetimes wherein he has incepted a large number of life experiences which have somehow been either sinful or unjustifiable in a higher expression of life. These various unjustified objectivisms, while they may not be manifest in a person's conscious mind, yet they always exert a certain pernicious effect into consciousness and the person is thus continuously subjected in his daily life to a vague sense of inferiority or maladjustment.

To compensate for what Freud called a loss or deflation of the ego, this person often will- whenever such particular psychisms reach more than normal proportions - set himself upon some sort of a pedestal, often attending various universities and medical schools wherein - in a submerged sense - the motivation primarily being that of attaining a certain position of power or supremacy over his fellow man; he will thus be able to re-inflate the deflated ego which he has suffered from so many past life experiences. Freudianism in itself, while quite factual in some of the surface or elemental equivalents of the more reflex nature of the subconscious, yet is singularly devoid of any concepts which would relate man in his continuity either to the past or to the future. As a matter of fact, Freudianism itself was brought into being after Freud caught a chance remark from a professor who was teaching him in a Paris school, that when someone who was in trouble sought him out, the professor very angrily remarked, "Always trouble, there is always a woman at the bottom of it all, too."

Upon this irritated remark, Freud spent the remainder of his life developing a psychology which thus divested man of all his spiritual attributes and various connections with either the past lifetimes or the Higher Self. Because Freud did not understand the continuity of life as participating elements in frequency relationships, wave form structures, etc., in modern scientific parlance, he therefore set up a huge and preponderant edifice, coined from various superlatives - some of which were self-invented - and with the obvious intent and purpose that here again was a pedestal wherein he was attempting to justify and re-inflate his own deflated sense of ignorance concerning the true knowledge of life.

Unfortunately, this false science has fallen upon eager ears and hundreds of thousands - yes, even millions - have directly or indirectly felt the influence of this evil ideology. It can also be said that by and large, the exponents of this false psychology in the various fields with which they are associated, either directly or indirectly, in controlling the various relationships and destinies of mankind upon the earth today are, in themselves, just as largely masochistic in the subconscious sense as was Freud. In other words, through past lifetimes, here again through the innuendo of sex as it was supported or purported by Freud, the same sense and preponderance of negative expressions in past lives which were mixed up with various sexual masochisms, were again consciously interjected into the present life through this obvious escape device.

Among the very first of the numerous interpolations and concepts regarding the true position of mankind to fall by the way when Freud took out his little hatchet and began hewing at the bastions of human knowledge, was the continuity of life expression as it found itself supported in what is commonly referred to as instinct. While it is acknowledged in common psychology that the various plant and animal life which inhabit the face of the earth today, maintain their expression of life strictly from instinct, yet man, save but one basic instinct, is much lower on the scale of evolution than any of this insect, animal or plant life, for he does not now have any other than one basic sexual instinct to support him in his way of life and all knowledge or wisdom must obviously come from the surface of the world about him.

The word instinct itself, is rather a seriously misunderstood terminology and a much better substitute would be the word intelligence. No one teaches the tiny spider how to spin a perfect geometrically designed web; no one teaches the duckling how to swim after it emerges from the shell. The scale of plant and animal evolution is filled - from one specie to another - with outstanding examples and portrayals of the continuity of life as it is expressed in these various, countless thousands of species in their widely diversified patterns and expressions in this terrestrial planet. Whatever any particular specie is doing to support its particular span of life, it is expressing a direct ratio or proportion of intelligence which was incurred from previous lifetimes lived in almost the identical manner and form to that in which it is presently occupying.

The fallaciousness of genetical science, too, is quite apparent when it is evaluated only on the surface as the transference of various characteristics as they are commonly supposed to exist in the genes and chromosomes at the moment of inception or conception. It must be understood that in our nuclear science it is common knowledge we cannot transmute one element into another without also altering all basic characteristics of the original element. Therefore, as genes are composed of atoms, how then - if they are to be transposed in terms of relationship from one lifetime to another - do they assume any proportions other than that which originally so compounded and supported them from the interior of their own dimension? The intelligence which a human or any other species of Mammalia, fauna or flora on the face of the earth possess is not supported from any genes or chromosomatic structures which originate in the process of insemination or fertilization.

Atoms are only adjutants to the expression of various continuities of wave forms as they are stemming into a certain sphere called life consciousness from a certain psychic cell or nucleus of life which is being expressed in an entirely different dimension from the material world. This is just as true with the new born babe as it is with the spider, or the duckling, or with any other particular specie of plant or animal which you might care to examine upon the face of this earth.

The child coming into the world immediately begins an association of factors in his present environment which become compromised with derivatives or extractions of reactions from past lifetimes. This is strictly a problem of reorientation so far as the chi Id is concerned, in an environment which is usually quite new and different to that which formerly supported him; that is, of course, except in such basic elements as the way in which he obtains his food, clothing and housing facilities which has remained basically and essentially much the same from one epoch of time to another. The configurations in which man lives, as they are portrayed in such examples of housing communities, structures, etc., have remained, to some degree, almost intact for many thousands of years.

While we may in this day have plumbing and electrical conveniences in our homes, it is also conceivable that many hundreds of thousands of years ago, the earth al so supported civilizations which had a much higher and greater degree of freedom from the various physical expenditures of energy which were necessary in the more primitive stages of evolution. In other words, technocracy and automation were much more highly developed in the Atlantean, Lemurian or other cultures than exist in the present day.

Therefore, the newly born child immediately begins a whole system of reorientation into various factors of environment in which he finds himself from past life experiences. This will explain to the psychologist some of the otherwise unexplainable enigmas which relate to such factors as creative ability. The child who is considered a genius and begins composing music or expressing science to a high degree of relationship at the tender age of one or two years, is merely expressing a more realistic continuity of life from one lifetime to another than is customarily expressed by the masses and the multitudes who are in somewhat of a less favorable position to continue such expressionary forms. However, the basic elements in the expression of life, whether they are more or less advanced, whether minor or major, these same principles remain inviolate and intact; whether they are necessary for the propagation of the amoeba from a one-celled animal into a similar amoeba through the simple process of fission into the not too distant future, or whether they have continued on up through any particular expression of life as it is found on the face of the globe. Yes, even into the atoms themselves, for atoms as they are synonymous in basic and elemental structure, one atom to another in its own particular orbit is portraying into the physical or material world a certain continuity of expression which is always supported from the interior surface of that atom's consciousness.

In the practice of medicine, the doctor is also guilty of the same nefarious deviation from a true and constructive evaluation of life. While medical science has advanced considerably in the past fifty or hundred years, it yet remains for the future medical practitioner to bring out the true cause or origin of many of the diseases which are plaguing mankind today. It should be borne in mind by the reader at this time, that there is no particular quarrel with psychology or with medicine as it is commonly practiced today; for such psychology and medicine while in themselves are still primitive, yet they all combine to make up some sort of functional unit or step in the right direction. The main issue in all contexts or expressions wherein we have entered into discussions of this sort, is primarily against the dogmatic attitudes of the exponents of these sciences.

Along with the dogmatic attitudes which have been adopted by the exponents of these various sciences in setting themselves up on these false pedestals constructed from pure fabrication of truth, they have literally, either directly or indirectly, affected the lives and destinies of countless millions of people. They have incarcerated hundreds of thousands of souls into useless and needless years of pain and suffering; they have detracted them from their true evolutionary course. But even worse, with a far-reaching effect which concerns the average individual, there is the implication that every man does not possess a soul or that such concepts are not concurrently substantiated by modern psychological or medical practice.

The psychologist fails to properly understand an Oedipus complex - which is basically the sexual love of a male child for his female parent or vice versa - and therefore this complex will remain in rather mystical terminology not only in the minds of the psychologists but of anyone who so hears this particular expression. Therefore, from then on - so far as the immediate future is concerned - the complex which has been attributed to this child, remains an unsolved, mystical and undetermined element simply because the psychologist fails to realize that in past lifetimes, the mother and son or the father and daughter were associated in various relationships as man and wife and built up between them in numerous past lifetimes, a very strong association of sex, which is presently reflecting into their lives in the usual manner and form, and in such vagaries and indispositions which the psychologist calls an Oedipus complex.

This same situation resolves itself into anyone or a number or, as a matter of fact, into all different particular definitions of psychological parlance. Here again, the same facts are quite obvious in our modern medicine. While the scientists or the medical practitioners are quick to take any advantage possible to superimpose their supposedly abundant and prolific medical training, they are, to some degree, the delineators of life and death over hundreds of millions of people and seem to focus themselves in some sort of a sense of false security into the various supposedly virtuous attributes which they have incurred through their training. Yet, when the physician or the therapist is pinned down to the mat, so to speak, he will be reluctantly forced to admit that he does not know the true basic and originating cause of more than two or three hundred of the killers which are plaguing mankind. He will admit that only about twenty-five percent of the available knowledge of the human body is presently understood by the medical profession.

It is quite obvious that the other seventy-five percent of available knowledge is contained in diverse concepts which would relate man into the more spiritual dimensions wherein, if the physician could look into the psychic body and see through previous lifetimes and in affiliations and experiences, psychic shocks and numerous other interpolations of life in these past lives, he would find the true originating cause of the mental or physical aberration. A sword thrust which was incurred two or three hundred years ago in the breast of some particular person is very often found to be the seat of cancer in this present lifetime. A person can also suffer vicariously from seeing different catastrophic happenings which had taken place about him. The supposed unknown cause of any disease and the knowledge which will subsequently lead to its elimination and cure, therefore, must always be found in previous lives. With the exception of a few comparatively primitive aboriginal tribes in the backwashes of the jungles of this world, by and large, most people have lived hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes and, as they have lived these lives idiomatically in anyone particular time, place or civilization, they have incurred the various indispositions of these different lives.

The context of this evolutionary principle of life is contained in many different places in the literature of Unarius, as Truth will always bear repeating. Truth is a many faceted gem which needs constant turning to see the new facets, the new beauties and the new iridescence portrayed upon its surface.

To the exponent of our modern day classical psychology and medicine, may we say that almost every day the old forms of different concepts, as they were firmly believed and reoriented into life from these past dispensations are constantly being torn down? In the past fifty years we have seen the passing of many classical expressions of literature, science, philosophy and other different dispensations of life which came out of the various civilizations of the past.

Newton fell to Einstein, just as Aristotle fell to Galileo and so the pattern goes. Each day finds new concepts, new evaluations, new truths taking the place of those which formerly meant life and death to so many mi II ions of people. On this basis it is quite safe to predict that, in the near future, our modern psychiatry, psychology and medicine will be just as primitive as that which we now consider primitive by looking back into the jungles and into the former witchcraft and pseudoisms which have existed in the past ages. When that long-looked-for day arrives, then mankind will have found his Utopia, for in this common knowledge and in its daily expression, as he relates himself in a progressive evolutionary pathway which is linked into the future and into Infinity, mankind will gradually dispense with the reactionary practices with which he has decimated his world from time to time in the past ages. He will lay aside his warlike weapons, his cruel practices, his masochism; his various complexes which are founded basically in such primitive reactionary elements as would be found in the beasts which prowl the forests and the jungles of the nether regions. He will replace his hypocritical attitudes which have erected these pedestals for him and in their place will come strong and intelligent leadership which will light the pathway for succeeding generations of mankind to follow into a more proper relationship with the Infinite.

Just as he has done in the past, man will replace the asylums, the prisons and the hospitals with institutions of learning wherein mankind can gain a true and more comprehensive pattern of evolution. He will learn to cancel out the various physical and mental aberrations from the spiritual side of life before they have gained sufficient strength and intensity to cause physical and mental distress or even eventual death. He will learn that it is not necessary to remove an organ from the human body when it has become defective; instead, he will supplant this practice with a more realistic medical therapy of life which will relate to prevention and cancellation of a particular psychic shock or a vortical pattern of energy as it stems from the psychic self into the present consciousness. He will learn that such physical conditions as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and various other present killers are, in themselves, a direct result of the evolutionary pattern of life wherein the individual has incurred certain misalignments through psychic shocks and other indispositions; and that reorienting the person into a true spiritual pathway, a true course of life, always removes the misalignment thus bringing about an eventual restoration of physical fitness.

It must be pointed out also, so far as the planet earth is concerned, that in the Infinite Universe in an astrophysical sense, the proponents of various astronomical or astrophysical sciences are just beginning to be vaguely conscious and aware of the great universe about them. With this awareness will come a new understanding: that in this interplanetary and interstellar dimensional space, as it is now called, will be found planetary systems and great worlds which far supersede our own physical world in all sense and proportion. The scientist will find man living in this Infinite Universe and in the many other Infinite universes which are surrounding this particular one. Here again man will find himself living and expressing himself in an infinite number of ways, manners, forms and degrees of consciousness. With this knowledge will come this obvious fact: The earth is comparatively low upon the scale of evolution so far as it concerns mankind and on this planet man has taken only the first step which will, in the concourse of time and many thousands of lives into the future, gradually separate him from the bestial propensities which engendered his existence into the material world. He will gradually learn that through this direct interpolation of oscillating wave forms with the higher forms of life and with the infinite propensities of the Creative Universe that each individual is thus building for himself a certain dimension which is likewise Infinite in nature; thus man will, in that future time, become somewhat Infinite in nature.

By that time, man will have completely lost his physical form and, as a matter of fact, much of the common knowledge which he formerly used to support that physical body upon the planet earth will instead become knowledge and wisdom to support a new kind of life, a new body, and a new way in a dimension which could not possibly be conceived in his present-day consciousness. A cardinal principle in the personal development of any individual in this evolutionary flight into Infinity is contained in the precepts and in the concepts that each man is, in his own right and in his own way, his own personal interrogator, his own moderator and, in this sense, he also sometimes becomes his own judge, jury and executioner.

To those who would stray from the precept of this consciousness, may they be warned that to usurp the authority of dominion over their fellow man in anyone or a multiple number of forms, as it is commonly associated in earth life dimensions, (whether you are king, emperor or simply an exponent of some of the medical or psychological professions in your time and place) - that this warning carries its own message: for if in some manner or form, should you be guilty of diverting another from the true course or purpose, should you usurp the authority or dominion of right which each person expresses as a direct prerogative from the Infinite Will and Consciousness, then indeed, you have incurred grave and sometimes disastrous consequences. The false sense of security which the average individual learns to develop by focusing his attention into some of the medical or psychological practices of this day and time, could be an obvious and devious device wherein his true evolutionary pattern could at least be temporarily, if not permanently, misdirected and thwarted into one of the astral underworlds. Thus, assuming proportions and a preponderance of an absolute moderator, in the sense that the physician or the therapist is in a position to alleviate all the ills of mankind, means that the medical and psychological practice is guilty of usurping the dominion of the Infinite Consciousness which is a direct adjutant of all people existing in any particular dimension. He is just as directly or indirectly guilty of this false assumption of power as is the king, the emperor or the dictator. This is also true of those who have set themselves up as demagogues in the educational profession.

Great universities are now flourishing throughout the civilized world and here the young men and women of the future are all put through holes of the same size and the same sieve and are figuratively given a parrot's beak when they receive their diplomas upon graduation, for now they must all speak the same tongue and the same language. They must all follow the same lines of demarcation and woe be unto the person who dares to go beyond the limits or the boundaries which have been laid down so rigidly in these academic teachings.

This, too, is in direct contradiction to all known precepts which contain historical accounts wherein certain individuals in relating something basic or something good to the posterity of mankind, have always had to step out beyond the bounds of the recognized dogmas and creeds which were concurrently existing in their own dimension and time. These exponents have also suffered, either slightly or much; sometimes direct physical persecution and even death was incurred from the teaching, directing or the pointing out of truths to the race of mankind in a fashion or manner which was not dictated by the precepts of the various existing dogmatic and demagogic forces which were then in existence.

This was the fate of the humanitarian known as Jesus and history is filled with such portrayals wherein individuals have suffered in some manner or form, even to the point of death, for daring to go beyond the reaches of the minds of their fellow men in the systems which had been and were concurrently in force and motion.

During the Dark Ages in Medieval Europe in the time of the Reformation, it was estimated that more than three million people met their death at the rack, the wheel and the stake, all under the guise of being purged from the face of the earth as heretics, working against the name of Jesus the Christ. The list of names which could be extracted from those who have met martyrdom in this manner and form, would be one quite illustrious in nature and a very few indeed, such as Martin Luther and Galileo escaped this perditious practice of the Holy Roman Empire.

Our present-day civilization is not entirely immune to the same practices; and while we do not burn people at the stake or tear them to pieces on the wheel or the rack, yet the demagogues of the professional world, as they express themselves either in religion, science, medicine or psychology, find their own way to destroy these brash individuals who have gone beyond the reaches of their own minds. They will not only be excommunicated from their own organized societies and the tenets of their own understanding, but such excommunications will also extend into various social structures. This is commonly referred to as "black-listing", and this modern expression can and often has, reached the point where the unfortunate exponent of a new truth has actually been railroaded into an asylum or into a prison.

Yes, he may find the faces of his loved ones, his fellow citizens, those with whom he formerly associated on a most compatible basis, will now turn away from him. He will find the very privileges of this society which were formerly extended to him, are now denied. Yet as it always has been, so it must always be; that as far as the earth and such similar dimensions of life are concerned, there must be those who are way-showers; those who must reach ahead into the infinite vistas and extract such suitable configurations of truth which will make life more compatible to succeeding generations developing along that dynamic principle of life expression.

Yes, it can even be said that those who in former lifetimes destroyed the exponents of far-reaching newer truths, often became in later lives their strongest exponents. Many of these people were responsible for the carved and graven images which were set up to those who so perished by their hand. Guilt in itself brings its own day of reckoning and, whether incurred in a previous lifetime and in the idiom portrayed from the nature of any particular individual - yet, in succeeding lifetimes as the individual progresses and presents a new face to Infinity and as the guilt or the wrongness of his actions eventually catches up with him, he then becomes his own judge and his own jury. Quite frequently, in the anxiety and the intensity of his guilt complex - as it is thus compounded from past infractions - he again assumes the false prerogatives which are contained in these pedestals which he has constructed for himself and which he will continue to erect in succeeding lifetimes, until he learns the true evolutionary path of life.

Sin is not a part of the Infinite Mind or Consciousness. Each man makes his own evil by wrongly using or by wrongly interpolating various constituents of life with which he is in contact at that moment. In future evolutions, these various past derelictions from truth now become the core or nucleus for a great guilt complex. It is so conceived in the Infinite Mind that each man shall learn of Infinity in his own way; for while in a complete and abstract sense, the Infinite can be considered perfect in all its relationships and expressions, yet mankind has found various and devious ways to circumvent the true advent and purpose of this Infinite Intelligence into his consciousness. It can be said, by this circumvention - by the continual and repetitious treadmill-like pattern of comparisons between good and evil - that man manages to make derivations and extractions which will form a substantial platform into a future evolutionary pathway.