Any attempt at a thumbnail biography which would accurately and fully portray the life of Dr. Norman would be a gross disservice; sufficient to say the future history of the world will unquestionably prove Dr. Norman to be, without exception, the greatest outlet of interdimensional cosmic knowledge the world has ever known; for he has indeed proven beyond any question of a doubt that he works with and from a higher world.
The most expressive segment of his life work began with World War II, and through that shadowy period of earth’s history he aptly demonstrated the ability of a well-trained clairvoyant mind, to almost countless thousands of people, and particularly to the wives, mothers and sweethearts of servicemen overseas. He accurately described past, present and future incidents in the lives of these servicemen and to any and all others as they were met in all kinds of places and under varied conditions, usually accompanied by miraculous healings and adjustments.
His true mission in life however, did not begin until 1954 when he met and married Ruth, and from that time on he began pouring forth a wealth of literature which ran the gamut from ethereal poetry, philosophy, psychology, evolution, life after death, spiritual dimensions, to the most profound fourth dimensional discussions on matter, time-space, etc. This great explosion of wisdom through the channel of the mail service began to reach many thousands of people—some in foreign countries; and even more wonderful were the accompanying psychic manifestations and demonstrations which changed the lives of those who studied. And as they studied and learned about their past and future, they saw displays of beautiful spiritual lights, smelled strange and lovely perfumes with physical mental and spiritual healings and adjustments, and had numerous other kinds of demonstrations happen to them. All this and much more too, is part of that future history which will reveal the tgrue nature of this man and the vastness of his mission, which is indeed the actual beginning of the Millennium—the ‘Second Coming!’
This history now resides in the many thousands of life testimonials of his students and although He makes no claim, they all know him as ‘the man of Galilee!’