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Nicola Tesla

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Iona, Leonardo's Soul Mate

A cheery greeting to you, brothers and sisters, this is lona. Just in case you have forgotten or do not immediately guess my presence, I will explain that I am the biocentric of Leonardo. Just in case this causes some surprise and my appearance here in Solferino, the central capital city of the planet of Muse, I may say that there is a definite reason for my appearing. As it so happens that the subject of biocentricity or the biune state of consciousness of mankind is of a particular interest to me. As a woman, you will appreciate my viewpoint and interest in, shall I say, my own sex. However, to put levity aside, we will go immediately into the business which is before us which is to further explain life as it exists in the higher realms and dime ns ions.

Now I believe you were left somewhere walking up the street of this wonderful and beautiful capital city, and that this is a very good place where we may start to further explain some of the various cycles and evolutions which have been undergone by those inhabitants of this very beautiful center. As you were further told, that all of these people are in themselves at least first or second degree Initiates, and in many cases they are Adepts in their particular expression of the inspirational arts of the lower astral worlds and the material planes of consciousness. No doubt you are wondering as you walk along the wide and beautiful thoroughfares which are lined with wonderful trees that seem to lace their branches overhead; you will notice that each dwelling place is a small estate all by itself and that it is surrounded by many acres of beautiful park-like grounds. The houses themselves are wonders of beauty and charm. I might tell you American housewives that there is none of the common so-called drudgery associated with the maintenance of these houses as there is no dishwashing, no dust to remove, no vacuuming or the various other things which you have associated with your homes on the earth planes. Such is the evolution of consciousness and concept that it will be so as you have constructed all of these things for yourself. Now you will wonder how this is done, so I will begin by explaining something more which may be somewhat repetitious in spots of the various evolutions which each individual is confronted with. As it was mentioned that starting in the lower material planes or worlds that men and women become various types of artisans and by that I mean that they may be carpenters or bricklayers or they may become plumbers or shoemakers. They may go into the various and innumerable crafts and sciences such as architecture, building railroads, bridges, skyscrapers and various innumerable things with which you have associated in your daily earth-plane existences. Most of these men and women as individuals take a sort of fierce pride in their own craft or work, whatever it so consists of, so it is thus that they will continually for a number of reincarnations or evolutions so attach themselves to these material planes of expression. They will reincarnate and they will again become shoemakers or textile weavers or anyone of the innumerable and numerous trades and professions which we could name at this time. Sooner or later, however, in these evolutions they will begin to be consciously aware of newer and higher dimensions. Such things as they are engaged in will be refined to a point that evolution and progress is only a matter of consequence and time, so in due course of these many evolutions they will find themselves in higher spiritual domains with the passing of each fleshy earth plane life. As they have thus evolved into these higher dimensions, they will learn to so use and to so construct their know ledge with the materials and with the know ledge at hand. Instead of the bricklayer or the carpenter who is evolving into the lower astral plane, he will still continue his trade. He will cut wood or lay brick and will in consequence assume some new and different perspective of his craft or trade. So in the innumerable centuries and evolutions, he will finally arrive into such a dimension as is filled with the radiant energies as you see around you in this one particular planet which is somewhat similar to many of the other higher astral realms as well as the other centers of Shamballa. So such artisans who have been the various craftsmen and tradesmen of the lower physical or material dimensions are now learning to use their skill and knowledge in an entirely new and different way. They thus learn to take the radiant energies as it surrounds them in these higher realms and dimensions and using it with other constructive energies such as are at hand at the present moment, construct the various and necessary things which are many of the beautiful crystalline structures which you see around you, the beautiful cities just as they were in Venus and in Parhelion. Much of this work has been done by these craftsmen who have evolved into these higher dimensions.

Now no doubt in your earth plane you have seen men who took sand and gravel and with the addition of Portland cement and water, mixed it together and formed concrete; such was a basic building material in your earth plane structures. Here in these higher spiritual realms, some such a similar process is followed except here instead of using the sand and gravel we use the radiant energies which are stemming from these great vortexes. The Portland cement is the mind energies which have stemmed from the various minds of the constructively minded individuals who are residing in the earth plane consciousness.

You have been told that the power of prayer if it is properly directed is of such nature that it can be properly used for the purposes of spiritual therapy and healing. So likewise are the energies which stem from the minds of those who are constructively employed. We say that the artist who is painting a beautiful picture or the doctor who is performing a piece of surgery and that his complete mind is focused in an attempt to heal and save the life of his patient or we might say that those who are thus employed in the more constructive phases of your civilization such as it is around you, they are not only performing their various functions in a rather, momentarily at least, detached and unselfish perspective of attitude, but they are primarily interested and concentrating in a direction of performing some service to their fellow-man. There are many of these higher types of mentally developed people around you who have in their minds the more spiritually evolved principles which activate such trades or crafts in which they are employed.

As Jesus once said, "Lay ye not treasures on earth but rather, lay ye up treasures in heaven." You will, of course, wonder how it would be that a person could lay up treasures in heaven when heaven seemed to be such a remote and a far-off place but the treasures of which He spoke were these mind energies which were focused in constructive and spiritual channels in your daily lives. Such energies, in ascending to these higher realms of consciousness, are taken in hand or rather in mind by those who know of the secrets of combining these various energy forces. They are thus projected into the crystalline structures of the cities and of the other wonderful and magnificent things which you see about you. Now I believe that this will somewhat explain to you why it is that such people may arrive into these dimensions and find that they already have some such beautiful home in which it is just a matter of almost moving into. You have somewhat of a concept in the earth plane which has been rather badgered around from time to time which says that when you die you go to heaven, ride around on a pink cloud and playa harp. Now this planet is pink in its general, shall I say, overlaying color vibration yet as you look about you, the grass is just as green as it has been in any of he other places where you have been. The trees are just as beautiful and symmetrically shaped and of just as much abundance and variety as any place. The flowers here are blooming in a lush profusion just as they do in many of these higher spiritually evolved planes. Everything seems to be so well ordered and so well kept. This is, of course, due to the fact that a constant and a terrific amount of mental energy is projected into the maintenance and keeping of these things in such condition.

When I said, "All play and no work," that it was such, the people who live in these various places are putting forth daily not the fun or frivolity or the things which you might think but they are doing a considerable and a great deal of mental work which is so constructively directed that it not only helps other planes, dimensions and the people living there but that it also helps to keep their own cities and their own planets in a beautiful state of vibration.

Now as I said before, this is a particularly good place in which the fullest measure of the biocentric concept can be ente red into. As we walk down these various thoroughfares before we emerge into the central part of the city, I will point out to you various dwelling places of the earth-plane personalities who have lived in your more recent times. I am doing this to carry the full impact of what we mean when we say marriages or soul mates of the higher astral realms as well as these particular centers of Shamballa. I would like you to stop here and pause a moment and look back into the pathway where there is a very wonderful and beautiful dwelling place. Like all the others that are constructed here, and that you see before you, this too is of almost a transparent crystalline structure. The walls s weep around in very graceful lines; the roof is overlayed in a very bright coral shade and all about the house is an air of extreme simplicity and charm. This happens to be the home of one you called at your earth-plane existence, Mark Twain, or as he is rightly known, Samuel Clemens. He was one of the fortunate individuals who found his soul mate in the earth plane and lived with her during his earth life so that he and she are here living in their spiritual simplicity which they rightfully earned through their many evolutions. Here again as we walk farther along this thoroughfare, we will see another very beautiful dwelling place in which the general scheme seems to be something of a more blue cast. However, the color is immaterial. This is the home of one who has somewhat collaborated with you in the field of poetry. His: name is Walt Whitman. You know of him in his earth life as he wandered up and down the fair land of America and that he visited many other countries and climes in the earth world and that he left behind him a great wealth and treasure of very beautiful poetry, yet he did not know the comfort and security, the warmth and spiritual love of his biune counterpart. This was one of the factors which entered in which made him such a restless soul and which gave such a tremendous spiritual impetus to his work. Now, however, he is living here quietly with his biocentric mate just as the others do In their full spiritual consciousness and light.

Over there on the corner is the home of Robert and Clara Schumann. They were in the musical world sometime about ninety or a hundred years ago on your earth plane. Robert and Clara had a rather tempestuous life before they became wedded and even after they were wed they did not know a complete continuity or a spiritual consciousness of their love but only for rather brief interludes because of the nature of their work, as they were both in the musical world thus it was that their careers often kept them separated as well as various other things such as family clashes. However, here they have worked out and completed and have fulfilled to its entirety their biocentric consciousness.

Now as we turn down around here is a little lane which leads off down into a byway by the side of a small trickling stream of water. That is the home of one who lived on your earth plane known as Franz Schubert. He was the unfortunate young man who passed away at about the age of thirty-two and knew not the comfort and spiritual security of his biocentric companion. Here, however, his full destiny is complete. She is united with him as she waited for him in one of the other astral worlds until he was again able to rejoin her. And I could go on and on and point out other and innumerable examples of such nature which read like the most fantastic and romantic love stories that you have ever read or seen composed on your earth plane. Yes indeed, these cities have been not only the scene of many joyful reunions but they have also been scenes of somewhat saddened partings wherein someone who had gained and worked his or her way into such a perspective field of knowledge that it was imperative for the person to leave and to reincarnate in to a lower earth plane. Thus it was that their biocentric would also leave their beautiful and charming residence and also go somewhere to participate in such activities.

There is a story about Nicola, or Nicholas Tesla, and that it is in the biography as it was printed in one of the earth -plane books. However, it is a very beautiful and touching story and one which bears repeating. Tesla never knew the warmth and security of his biocentric mate on the earth plane but she was able to come to him in the form of a beautiful white dove. Thus it was through the years of his earth plane existence that she frequently made her appearance in a materialized condition in the form of this beautiful white dove, where she would circle about and light upon his shoulder and after cooing a few moments, she would disappear. At one time in the latter part of Tesla's life as he was sitting contemplating on some of the inner mysteries, this beautiful white dove or his soul mate, entered into the open window fluttered upon his shoulder and fell dead at his feet. Some way through, shall I say, a short circuit, the connection was broken and so it was that a few years later, Tesla too left his physical body and rejoined his mate in their domain. Tesla and his biocentric are now residing in the scientific center of Shamballa.

And so, dear ones remember you are living in an age which is a fulfillment of the prophecies in more ways than one. Even in the construction of your houses as you see them and that they are composed largely of large surfaces of glass, so they are beginning to take on the face of these more celestial mansions which you are looking about and seeing a t the present moment. You are also seeing various and other manifestations. Your own government has some very outstanding examples which have not been repeated in the histories of time of your earth plane. The leaders of your nation have been united together. Those who you call Ike and Mamie are indeed soul mates, so are the Nixons, the Warrens and so are the Knights. There are others in your earth plane too who are biocentrics and have been so fortunate as to be united with themselves at that crucial moment and hour in the history of the earth, for indeed the earth is in a crucial and critical period of its progression.

Only in the combined spiritual forces, which are stemming from the united and concerted efforts of the earth people as they live in your advanced and beautiful America, can you hope to turn back the tides of the black and evil astral worlds which are swarming about you. You have read much about the battle of Armageddon yet surely, for the past seven or eight years, you have been fighting the battle of Armageddon. You have called it a cold war but surely it is as it has been prophesied, the red mists from the East have been swirling about you, and only by your spiritual efforts, your united cooperation not only with yourselves and your loved ones but with the higher forces from the realms of Shamballa, can you ever hope to overcome these swirling red and black mists which are about you.

So, loved ones - think much about the things which have been revealed to you. Love your neighbor as yourself and love your God with all your heart and your soul. Work constructively and with the full knowledge and consciousness that your efforts shall and will be richly rewarded, for surely these things are the treasures in heaven.

As you go forward in your various evolutions and reincarnations, never cease to have the patience and forbearance which will help you to overcome the trials and tribulations and vicissitudes which come your way. Always in whatever hour of need as well as in those moments in which you are fully thankful and aware, will you continually seek out the help and aid and the assistance of those who have been assigned the special duties of helping you in your reincarnations in the earth planes. Each one of you in your material realms have your own guardian angel, an angel who comes to you from one of the angelic kingdoms. You have also other forces which are more relative to the working out of problems and while your guardian angel is of the directional or inspirational nature, yet surely there must be others who will help you in such fundamental and corrective therapies which your daily lives must be properly constituted and interwoven with. And so my brothers and sisters, in full humbleness and in full thankfulness, I have come to you in some such small capacity as is so. On our next visitation, we will continue on into this beautiful city of Solferino (Coralanthea) and we will examine just exactly its fullest and innermost nature and in the capacity, as it does, of teaching many of the lower astral and earth plane realms in the various five inspirational sciences. But until such time, we send you the fullest measure of our love.