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Leonardo da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci

Do not feel surprised at seeing someone here before you who is different than your former guide Nikola. I am he who you once called Leonardo da Vinci on your earth planet. It is only fitting in a case of this kind that we should welcome you with the utmost hospitality and with the highest reception committee which is possible for us to muster up - no less than the best here for you. I see that you are looking at me and wondering just a bit about some of the things of my clothing and so on.

Yes, it is understandable that you are a little excited and may I say that we here, are also somewhat excited. We have long looked forward to the day when we here on Eros could come to your earth plane in a fuller concept and understanding. While there have been a few there who have occasionally glimpsed or surmised that we were in existence, still nothing definite or informative has yet been given. As it was said before, there is a proper time and place for everything. I would, however, like to clear up a few points which heretofore have been somewhat neglected. Nikola explained that our orbit was somewhat of an elongated ellipse or ellipsoidal orbit which took about 3800 years to complete. In this rather elongated ellipse, your earth planet is exactly in the center of the passing and the coming. In other words you could take an elastic band between two fingers and in stretching it out, place a marble half-way in between. That would give you something of a rough picture of how your earth fits into our orbit. (it must be borne in mind that this is an abstract equation which is comparable to a tuning in and out process, something similar to a television or radio transmission.) Thus it is that every nineteen hundred years, we come into a comparatively close proximity with your earth planet. I might also say that this planet is about three times the size of the earth or Venus; it has no rotation or axis inclination as there is no need for such. Unlike Venus it possesses no atmosphere whatsoever. Venus has a rather spiritual or elevated type of atmosphere condition in which the various constituents of oxygen and the rare gases have been in somewhat of an evolved condition. However, in our case there is no atmospheric envelope nor is there any ionosphere. We are therefore in contact at all times with the outside dimension which you call space; and as you look up into the heavens above, you can see there the full impact of that meaning, as even the air about you seems to be filled with some sort of a pulsating radiant quality.

But come, let us walk down this pathway through the parkway toward one of the larger entrances. As you saw from the mountain top, our city is constructed in a heliocentric manner and the large central hub or axis, as you will see, will be the gathering place or the central temple. It will be also the place where the ascensions take place into the other realms and dimensions. Now I might explain some of the functions and relative values of our service in this city. As we are the fifth of the seven cities of the Shamballa, as you earth people call it, we are very functional in the respect that our work relates primarily to scientific aspects, yet is it not so that there is some science in everything which man does? An artist will use science in the mixture of his paints as well as in the application; likewise the musician, in the composition of his notes, combines basic harmonic frequencies. So in all expression you will find a very definite relative value of science in whatever expression of creativeness which man does. So therefore our planet and the city of Parhelion in particular form a vital and particularly integrated service which relates to, not only teaching but to learning the various scientific aspects of all of these creative sciences, whether it be medicine, art, literature, leadership, or any specific thing which you might care to name. It is therefore that we have constructed this city with seven entrances; each entrance is used by its own respective planet or the portion of Shamballa and their respective peoples. As all frequencies in their basic structures between these various seven planes are somewhat different in their relationship, it is necessary that the person who comes into this city be somewhat changed in frequency so that he can function more properly. It is not exactly a clairvoyant state but it does mean basic fundamental frequency changes. Therefore, you will see at the entrance of each of the seven great doorways, there is a certain device which helps focus certain energy beams into the persons who are passing through, thus they are automatically energized and conditioned for their stay in our city, in whatever capacity of learning or in whatever particular portion of the city they may take their studies or do their teaching.

On the planet Venus, the structures in the domed ceilings were carefully explained to you as performing certain functions which were relative to focusing energies so that they could properly reinforce the mind energies which were likewise being used in conjunction. The mind energies in that case were catalytic in nature and helped to perform and shape into an intelligent, cohesive and adhesive relationship, that particular thing in which the person or persons were thus constructing for themselves, as you saw in the birth of our sister Orda. Likewise such functions are performed, shall I say, in a reverse manner, as 1D the ascension. These things are likewise done on this and on the other remaining centers of Shamballa. However, in our science here, we do not have the obstructing, atmospheric, gaseous layer or the somewhat extended ionosphere; therefore our science relates to a slightly different concept. As you will see, there is much in the way of prismatic arrangements in which giant prisms separate the various bands or frequency spectra, and thus focus them or so arrange them that they form certain cohesive relationships. These bands or streams of energy are thus directed with our minds in such shape or form and pattern as best suits our needs. You will also see that there are centers which are devoted to the more materialistic phases in man's learning on the lower earth planes. You may actually see in some of the classrooms certain students beginning to understand some of the fundamental relationships of such things as electric motors, vacuum tubes, and other paraphernalia which the earth man has found necessary in his evolution in science. Such things, of course, will be taught and learned in other earth life planes of existence throughout the universe, as your earth plane is one of many thousands which have a certain plus or minus relative value of materiality.

Now I believe I will describe something of my own personal past as it is similar to most of us here on Eros. As you see, I resemble the Venusians except that I am about six or seven inches taller in height and more slender. Also I seem to be of an intense white radiance rather than of the yellow radiance which was characteristic of the Venusians. However, as you see, I am wearing a loose fitted tunic which drapes over my shoulders and falls down below my knees. This tunic is composed of very finely woven radiant energies and appears to be rather translucent so that you are able to see my body shining through. I am, of course, using the term, earth-body loosely when compared with your material earth bodies as there is nothing material in your sense of the word, about my body . You can also see, if your eyes are accustomed to the brilliance, the certain radiant energy centers which have been previously described to you as existing in the feet, the solar plexus, the forehead and at the various points of the spine, as well as the fingertips and the centers of the palms. In other words, I may appear - if I can use something in comparison with your everyday earth life - like some of the neon signs which light up your streets.

However, I will not try to tempt you with humor at this present moment. Our mission is far too sacred and grave to indulge in frivolities, presently. Now we have passed down the pathway until we are standing before this very large doorway. Actually it is not a doorway but merely an entrance. As we are about to enter in, you will see over the archway, which is about some 25 or 30 feet high, that there is a certain symbol. This is the symbol which denotes the planet or the center from which the various peoples come. In this case it is the symbol of the planet Venus. As you were just in contact with this planet, it was thought your vibrations would be more conducive and less confusing at this moment. There is also another reason as you will soon find out when we pass through this portal. Now as we are going through you will notice that there is a circular ring of prisms of intense radiant colors through which you will directly pass. While they may have no effect upon you because you have been preconditioned and are in a different state of consciousness, yet they do have a definite effect upon any person, especially from the planet Venus inasmuch as he will be somewhat conditioned after passing through this ring of prismatic colors. He will, in other words, be greatly tempered and conditioned for whatever time he remains within the city. Now that we have come down the hallway, we will first turn in to one of the larger rooms. However, before we fully examine this room, I believe that a little more definite description of this great center would be of value to you here. The various spokes, of which there are seven, are divided within the central section of the outer rim into seven sections, just as you would cut a pie. In this case, the slice would be exactly between the ends of the spokes; each section there, however, will represent to some degree, the limits of the particular type of teaching or learning which is in progress at the moment. There are, of course, other things besides teaching and learning, such as museums, places of convalescence, places of rest and meditation and other points of interest which are necessary. In the center of these spoke-like sections, there are more landscaped gardens and parkways with lakes where the various persons come at different times and wander through in states of contemplation or meditation.

Now that we are about to go into this large room, I might say here is a part of the previous book which was not given to you from the planet Venus, and for obvious reasons, because it was necessarily a function performed in conjunction with the planet Venus. That is the part which relates to people who have become mentally disarranged and with various mental aberrations of such nature that it is necessary to have certain special types of treatment before the proper res t and convalescence, and spiritual therapy is applied. This is done through various scientific apparatus of a very highly evolved nature of which the earth planet scientist would know little or nothing about. I believe in your pas t few years of experience, you have had some inkling of the nature of these types of apparatus and of the nature of the things which they can do.

I will attempt too, before we are through with this ward, to go somewhat into the relative values of a science which has at different times been practiced, rather closely or loosely on your earth planet - the problem of casting out evil adherences or, as it has been called, exorcism. The man Jesus was well versed in this science; in fact, he took much of his training in this very ward. The casting out of evil spirits is a science which would be of great advantage for the earth psychiatrist to learn. Many of the people who are incarcerated in the various mental institutions would be almost instantaneously liberated could such proper mental therapy be applied. I say to the scientist on the earth who is confining his therapies to the mind, that there is no condition or aberration, whatever you may call such a condition, which is not someway, directly or indirectly, related to such possessive mental adherences which are called obsessions. There are, in the lower orders of spiritual existences, such types of distorted mental phenomena which pass all beliefs. Some of the descriptions of these things have been rather loosely called demons or devils and ogres. It is the type of mentality which has been switched from the constructive and the supernormal into the subnormal reaches which you call the sub-astral plane. The earth scientist, at your present time, has little use for such beliefs in spite of the great work which was done by the great Avatar Jesus. The New Testament as well as other portions of your Bible, not to mention many pages of historical evidence, it supports the entire truth of this wonderful and badly neglected science on your earth plane. It is one of the phases of spiritual progression in which the earth man will have to re-enter and re-learn before he attains his peaceful state of evolution.

Now let us pass through the doorway into this large ward. As you see, it is somewhat like the ones you saw on Venus, and there are, stretching out into a long distance away, vast numbers and rows of cot-like beds in which people seem to be sleeping. This ward is devoted primarily to a more convalescent type of therapy after the mental adhesions have been removed, as it has been called in your Bible, 'to cast out the devils'. If you so desire, although I do not recommend it, you may visit and even go with some of us into the lower realms where we remove, at different times, some of these cases of mentally obsessed people who are passing from the various mental institutions of your country. However, I may say that such an experience would not be pleasant and I would not recommend it unless you think you are thoroughly fortified, as it may leave you in a very completely muddled state of mind.

We will stroll about a few moments and as you see, there are people of all types and all ages here; people who have broken down under the various pressures of the different ways of the civilized world, people who have broken down through fear and ignorance and of the various psychosomatic neuroses which were incurred through mistreatment and malpractice in their infancy. Some of these people brought over their mental conditions from a previous evolution and relived them again on your earth plane. It is needless to say they were thoroughly misunderstood and badly abused and little if anything was done for them. And so it is up to us and, with the help and consciousness of their relatives and friends and those who are in spiritual work to project positive thoughts for them, these energies are so used. They are the catalytic agents to use the supreme energy of the God-Force in directing the reconstruction of their badly warped and distorted psychic bodies. You know (speaking to the Moderator) something of the construction of the psychic body by now, so I will not attempt to go into any more detailed explanation.

You will notice that the color of many of these people present very peculiar conditions; for instance, here is one who seems to be a dull purplish-black color. This person was at one time a violently insane person and passed from an earth ward hospital in a straitjacket. There are other conditions; each one presents its own individual case and its own individual heart-breaking story, a bit of humanity which was tossed into a sea of materialism which had little understanding and much less pity for their condition. You are seeing one of these many wards of convalescence although I may say that they cover many acres of ground if I can put this in the dimensions of the earth terms. There are literally many thousands of these cases of the mental nature of people who have passed on in this condition, and which require this special type of therapy before they can be transferred to other places for further treatment. Mental conditions, especially those which are incurred through adhesions or obsessions as you more commonly termed the word, are particularly difficult to reconstruct because this takes place in a dimension and a plane which is un-relative to the place in which it was incurred. If a person on the earth plane could reenact in similar conditions such a time and place in a psychic way that would be conducive to mental therapy, many of these cases could be, of course, instantaneously healed, as was in the case of the Master Jesus who went about, cast out and liberated many of the diseased or obsessed conditions; however, after a person passes from the plane in which these conditions were incurred, healing is very difficult because we do not have the voluntary cooperation of the patient. Likewise we do not have the intelligence or the cooperation of those who are more directly concerned and who revolve about him in his own native vibrations.

However, I do believe that you are becoming just a little bit tired with my rapid fire conversation; so I believe that for the time being we shall temporarily suspend our narration and our exploration. And may we send you a special ray of love.