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Friedrich Nietzsche

A fond greeting to you friends. This is Friedrich Nietzsche. I was of German origin and extraction in the most recent of my earth-plane reincarnations. I have been somewhat elected to help conduct you in your next tour of our city of Aureleus. There has been a rumor on your planet for some time since my demise that I was somewhat mentally unbalanced at the time of discarding my fleshly envelope. It is well for some to say things about others when they do not understand what others have been doing or what their work consisted of. If this was insanity, I only wish that many more of your earth plane people had the same condition. Your world would not be in the position in which it is now. It might be said that many of those who have contributed to the posterity of mankind in his many relationships and facets of endeavor have at some time or other been called crazy. You have slang phraseology which you use now in your earth world about you, such things as 'having things loose in your heads', however, I will not take up any more of this precious time by such references. Rather, let us begin the business at hand to explore this section of Aureleus, which as you see is somewhat reminiscent to you of the pictures you have seen of medieval Europe at about the time of the 15th or 16th century. Here you see the architecture which is predominant at that time fully expressed in a very highly evolved state which is as in the case of other centers and planets all of the Radiant Energy structures. You see English style buildings of the Tudor construction or motif. You also see German style villages which seem to be thatched with the straw or hay of the fields. You may also see great cathedrals which remind you of the cathedrals which you might see in France or in Germany. We have not here in this city gone to any lengths to construct museums, as we have made, shall I say, full scale models of the various philosophical eras of mankind upon the earth. You might wander about this city for many, many years and see the different centers which are devoted to the architecture and the style of living as it was expressed in that particular time.

We could go back to the beginning of Chinese history in some ancient Chinese village and see life as it was depicted at that time and that era. We might see a cross section of Egyptian culture and philosophy as it was expressed in some of the homes and temples of ancient Egypt or that we might go into India and see there too how people lived in the most ancient of times . Yes, even a cross section of the period of Atlantis and Lemuria are also here depicted, so that all of the races or philosophies of mankind are truly illustrated into such a factual manner as best befits its time and its place, so that the student may in his own selected relationship or field go directly to such a center and spend such time as he so desires in the constructive elements of his philosophy. In the few works which I left upon the earth plane, much of the more abstract concepts of evolution of man's nature were entered into. Some of these have already been explained to you by some very worthy colleagues in the other centers of Shamballa . As it has been explained, we do not personally interject such philosophies of the nature which were expressed in these earth-plane relationships. Rather, we are individually expressing a collective philosophy which relates in a relationship to mankind in general as he exists at your time and your place on the earth planet. Such obvious gaps or flaws in the philosophies and nature of man are thus constructively pointed out so that the obvious and necessary changes may be made.

Our nomenclature or terminology is by necessity limited somewhat and is further tempered by the discreet use of such words as will bear more of a harmonious relationship to such people as may be tempted to peruse these different writings.

In strolling about this center which was somewhat related to my own time and my own existence as I lived somewhat later than my colleague, Descartes, who gave the previous transmission. However, the progress of man is slow to change, so we might say that in this center we will find all of the elements which entered into the era of time of Europe which was not only his period of working out a new freedom and liberation but also indirectly led into some of the darkest and blackest pages of earth's history. In this center as it portrays the elements of that period of history, you will find many of my worthy colleagues who are teaching some facets of the philosophical sciences to many and various students who come and go through these centers. You also find many teachers who are from other planetary systems and from other planets of which you know nothing. Such relationships here as have been explained are for the purpose of more correctly integrating these various and numerous facets. As no student or teacher is in his reincarnations limited to one particular planet, he must before he has assimilated the necessary sequence or consequence of such numerous evolutions, have gone into numerous other planetary systems and will have mastered to some degree the necessary portions of his particular science from these relative planetary systems. We hope very strongly that many of the individuals who will read these pages will be so stimulated that they will read some of the works of the various personages who have given some of these transmissions. We sincerely hope also that such works as we have so contrived will be of some value in further liberating the consciousness of mankind in the earth plane as it exists at the present time.

You are indeed much in need of liberation for your own age has produced its own chains of bondage. These are not ecclesiastical in nature but are instead a great and gigantic robot, a mechanical robot which is like a juggernaut from which the crushed bodies of millions of people are strewn about the earth planet. And I will say, not only are the bodies crushed but many times the souls also suffer. Until such further transmissions, may I send you the very best of God's Rays and energies of Love.