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Greetings, dear ones. May the Prince of Peace always dwell within your house. This is he whom you call Gamaliel. It is at this time that we will resume our exploration of the center of Shamballa which is dedicated to the philosophical sciences as they existed in the many planets such as the earth. But come, let us go directly to the great city of Aureleus and thus begin somewhere where we left off in our previous transmission. As we approach the planet, you will see that like many of the other great centers that it too is of an immense size and that it seems to spread out for many miles in all directions. However, we are more concerned with the structure which you see just before you. This is the great teaching center of the many philosophical sciences. Like all of the others, this too bears some similarity. The atmosphere here, if we can call it such, is the pulsating Radiant Energy with which you have become familiar. The planet itself bears somewhat of a resemblance to your own earth planet, inasmuch as the over-pervading color seems to be somewhat of a greenish tinge or cast. The great central structure which you see before you which is the teaching center of Aureleus is too constructed of the crystalline materials. Here, however, the greenish radiance also seems to be very predominant among the very beautiful auric colors which stem from these structures.

In the center of this vast circular building is a huge temple which like the one on Parhelion can seat several hundred thousand people. The huge dome-shaped roof stretches on up into the heavens above to a height which would eclipse your tallest skyscraper. But come, let us sit on the temple steps for the time has come when the creation of your earth must be explained to you.

As it was foretold, the mysteries of heaven will be unfolded and that man shall come to a newer and fuller realization and understanding with the creative forces of his earth planet. In your Bible as it exists on the earth plane, you have the story of the creation and it is thus said that there was a great void of blackness and that God said, "Let there be Light and there was light". However, this is not quite factual. To the physical eye of the unbeliever and the unbeholder, there would be a great blackness and a great darkness of the void which is called space, but to him who discerns with the spiritual eye, see-eth just as you do in your spiritual consciousness, the great permeating radiance and brilliance of these energies which solidly fill the space and which is called void or space in your earth conception.

A more factual illustration of the creation of the world begins with the Will and Intelligence as it is so conceived by the Immortal God, Father or Central Vortex or Fountainhead, as it has so been called. Thus it was so ordained that your earth should come into existence because it would serve the necessary purpose in the evolution and reincarnation of countless thousands of your fellowmen. As it was explained by Faraday in another transmission that in these great voids which are called space, there began the cycular motion of these Radiant Energies as they portrayed the fullest intelligence of the Infinite Creation from whence they sprang.

In this cycular motion and in the forces which are somewhat likened to the centripetal forces or motions which were so explained, that in the course of the many ages or epochs of time, a great, hard-core nucleus was thus formed of the negative wave forms which were precipitated into the center of this great vortex. Your sun was so formed, so was your earth. So the thirty-three Logi who watch over these many and innumerable earth planes, such as your own, had so directed and so conceived this vortex of energy should become the earth planet. It was they who charged the twelve Lords or Archetypes who thus were so intelligent in their various effectual orders of equation that they directed these energies into the semblance and form of the spherical globe on which you now reside. In the course of the many eons of time, the energies so rearranged themselves into the elemental structures as you know and call them by their various atomic equations as elements. And so it came to pass that in the many ages as your geologist has so described as Eocene or Pliocene or Carboniferous or such other of the forty-three ages which he has associated with the formation of the earth crust, and that in all of these layers of the earth's crust, were laid the many treasures of the earth which were necessary and so preconceived that in the evolutions of time as man appeared upon your planet, he would so need these various and innumerable treasures of the elements for his daily life.

Thus it was that the great stores of petroleum and coal were laid beneath the surface. The great treasures of iron, of aluminum, of copper and of many other of the earth elements as you know them as metals or minerals were so stored in the vast treasure houses in the crust of the earth.

It so came to pass too that as it was partially explained in the principles of evolution by a colleague by the name of Darwin that in the natural evolution or sequence of the various types of life that abounded upon the surface of the earth as it gradually materialized into your physical consciousness that these species would reincarnate and thus regenerate themselves into new and different species, and thus was evolved the concept of your physical body as it would function perfectly in such a dimension.

Darwin, however, neglected one principle and although he was a very spiritual man, he did not stress emphatically enough the infinite and intimate nature of all creative forms of life on your earth planet as they were so conceived in the higher and more relative spiritual dimensions from whence they came. Now you are beginning to see and form within your mind something of the form and thought as it was so conceived in the Infinite Mind as to the creation of your world and of the plan which God had for the races of mankind which would in the future ages live upon this planet. We will for the present moment neglect any forms of life which were relevant or pertain to the general structure and characteristics as they related to man in the earth planet and go directly to the origin of the earth conception of the Shamballa.

Through the many ages of existence of man through the thousands of years, there have been references to this mysterious Shamballa and its existence in the southern Gobi desert or that in some such place there was some great holy city of supernatural splendor and brilliance. Now you earth people have a quotation something like, "Where there is smoke, there is fire", and as there has been much smoke, we will see just exactly what the fire is like. We will thus start our story somewhere in the chronology of the earth about a million years ago. At that time the earth had so developed on its outer exterior that it could now support the higher and more advanced forms of life and that the time had now come when man in his entirety should be firmly planted upon this earth. And so it came to pass, with the Venusians working with the twelve Lords of the earth as they had been so relegated and dedicated into the services of your planet, that they came in their great space ships and that the other planets of the more highly evolved spiritual nature also came with their various artisans and craftsmen and so that in the hundreds of years which came to pass they erected from out of the crystalline structures and transmuted them into your low earth plane dimension a great and huge crystalline plateau many thousands of feet high in the center of the great Gobi desert.

Upon this vast plateau or plane was actually constructed this city of Shamballa. As it existed at that time and that age, it too was constructed of the Radiant Energies and was divided actually into seven different parts which properly equated each of the seven dimensions as they are in the seven astral worlds of Shamballa above them. Now as this great plan progressed and many races of mankind evolved in their reincarnations as spiritual counterparts into this city of Shamballa, there taking their proper initiations, they again reincarnated into the physical flesh and became part of the tribes of people who lived upon the surface of the earth around and about this great crystal plateau.

Here they too came into some sort of spiritual abundance and that it might, in some way, parallel the aspects of the Garden of Eden. However, the Garden of Eden is a pure parable or allegory and should not in any way be construed with any life as it existed upon your earth planet. The Garden of Eden merely refers to the original spiritual concept of man and that as he reincarnates into the earth plane he has begun his actual evolution as a biune being or a being of two parts and equalizations as male and female. Such beings are ordained and preconceived purposes of Infinite Mind. You have long confounded yourself with this very simple allegorical equation and you have misconstrued it from its true spiritual meaning and purpose. However, I see that I have digressed somewhat from my original explanation. Getting back to our story, we see now that we have the beginning of a great and wonderful race of humanity as it exists upon the reaches of the earth surface about this great crystal plateau.

It was not a desert in those days but bloomed and blossomed with the profusion and abundance of all the most gracious blessings which were capable of being bestowed upon it by the higher dimensions. It was a veritable paradise in a pure and simple sense of the word. Man found life simple and uncomplicated. It was easy to procure food and he lived easily without crime and without the carnal lusts and desires which are so prevalent in your world today. And so in the thousands of years’ time, it so came to pass that now it was necessary that man was to be born into his own physical world without the guidance and help of the spiritual Shamballa which had, up to now, protected him somewhat and led him in his earth-plane existence. And so gradually the great Shamballa was dissolved and absorbed into the reaches from whence it came.

In the many generations which followed in the earth life of these many tribes of people who abounded around and about in this part of this great world, they came to know not the existence of this great spiritual center of Shamballa but the legends and tales about it still persisted in their minds and memories and were handed down from generation to generation. These people became in the final end the great Aryan race which descended into India at about a half million years ago and became the forefathers of the seven root races as they exist on your earth plane today.

And so it is through the countless thousands of years which have passed since this time that they have laid down the foundation for all of the spiritual concepts and racial attitudes of mankind as he exists upon the earth plane today. It is not my intent or purpose at this time to explain these different concepts as they are tremendously vast and complicated in themselves. It is my purpose here to take a shortcut as it were to explain to the minds of the earth people so that they may clear up some of the confusion which has resulted from the innumerable and multiple explanations of the origin of man. We do not confuse these origins of the seven root races with the Chinese and the Japanese. They are, in themselves, a migration from the planet Mars and as they arrived on your planet hundreds of thousands of years later, they carried with them a more pure and a spiritual form of a basic concept which has existed in the land of China even unto this day. To the many races and cults as they exist in India today, they too had their concepts and origin in the Aryan race as it came from the northern reaches of Tibet and southern Mongolia from the tribes of peoples who were thus left behind from the epoch of Shamballa.

A rather -rough summation of these seven root races would be to say that there is the Brahmanistic which is, of course, vastly complicated and assumes a multiplicity of forms and various and diverse creeds, cults and caste systems, Brahmanism, Hinduism and other such forms and expressions which are all somewhat related and dependent upon the higher form or Brahmanistic concept as it exists in the priesthood of India today.

We can also say that there was the Persian or the Arabic root race which was the ancient Chaldean. Another important branch which came from the Aryan race were the Egyptians, the Ethiopians, the Latin races, the Teutons, the Nordic races and the North American Indians, so that in all ways and in all manners of speaking, their original customs and racial characteristics had their basic concepts in the original Aryan race. It is our purpose on this exploration to further explore some of these more basic or divided root race concepts as I have just outlined them to you. We will go into the various sections of this great center of Aureleus and there you will see the integrated concepts which are being taught into the plebeians and initiates as they come and go into this vast center. However, for the moment may we rest.

Again, dear ones, we have just somewhat discussed the creation and the placing of mankind in his evolution upon your earth plane and that our most recent discourse as it concerns man in your immediate evolution or environment started something like one million years ago, and while this all seems very simple and very easy to do in a few minutes time, you may rest assured that if you will think for a moment that it involves things which are beyond your imagination. The innumerable concepts, the races, the civilizations which have sprung up and ceased to exist, many of these have not even been written in your earth history. In the jungles of India there are civilizations and cities which lie buried which would give much to the relationship of your earth-plane concept of man as he has existed from time to time. I would like to point out to the earth scientist and to those who may be so interested that you may think that in your present day that your atomic science is of a new origin but such is not the case. In the ancient temples and in the various religious centers of India as it has been written on the walls and in the sacred writings, the scientist would find interpretations of atomic structures which would be far in advance of those which he possesses today. The same is true in the ancient lore of Egypt. Even Hermes had a much better association of atomic

Structures than your more advanced scientists.

So it was, these ancients had their know ledge and wisdom of atomic structures and their relationship to the Infinite source or energy Fountainhead as you have called God, and that in the understanding of this relationship, they could appear and disappear, that they could perform the innumerable and countless wonders which have been whispered as legends or have come down to you through the ages of time in more factual forms. We can say in the most recent portrayal of such science was that which was displayed by the Avatar Jesus and that He walked upon the water or walked through solid stone structures with the apparent ease of walking upon the surface of the earth and that these things have not yet occurred to you that there might be something indeed to the written and unwritten pages of history which you have not heretofore examined. It might be well for you to pause in your wild and mad flight in some fancied realm of atomic disintegration and to seek a more earnest and sincere evaluation of the spiritual values and concepts which have been entombed in the various places of the surface of your earth. Even you have so basely misconstrued the spiritual concept of the origin of man as it has been portrayed as Adam and Eve into some sexual malpractice that is not factual, and is entirely irrelevant to its original spiritual interpretation.

My brother has just given you something of a dissertation or a factual explanation of the origin of the various races of mankind as they exist upon your earth planet. I shall therefore go on with this transmission. I am Maha Chohan. He has given you something which you may best understand as to the many and different mysteries of the sciences and philosophies of your earth plane. It is well to remember at this time that all these things present something of an improbable paradox inasmuch as we are actually, as it was said, making a camel pass through the eye of a needle. In this case, you are the eye of the needle and we are the camel. We have not attempted at this time to go into a very complicated explanation of the factual orders of the different theosophies and theologies which have stemmed out of the migration of the Aryan race from the Mongolian plains. Suffice to say to the student who is interested that your earth libraries contain much factual information on these subjects. Such exponents of the occult and theosophical philosophies of life were somewhat gone into by my colleagues such as Mme. Blavatsky, Ouspensky, Churchward and many others which at the present moment and for sake of time, I will not attempt to mention.

There is one point I believe was not mentioned which I think would be rather relevant at this time to explain. At the beginning of the influx of the Aryans as they came from the north into the southern plains of the Ganges of India and that as they carried with them the traditions, the legends and theosophies of their race that they came under the protectorate of one who is called Manu. Later on Manu may take charge of some future visitation into some future center of Shamballa. It has been so devised and conceived in the Higher Minds that the earth planet is at all times under complete jurisdiction of such spiritual forces as will best regulate the cycles of time and the expressions of mankind which exist upon it. You may think that you are creatures which are dependent upon the products of time and evolution but this is not entirely so.

Such evolutions and the products which are involved in the transmission of these evolutions and involutions of reincarnations are preconceived purposes which are born from the original desires of mankind himself. We here who have evolved into the

Higher planes of spiritual consciousness so nourish and further stimulate the natural sequence of these spiritual evolutions as to the betterment of the various races of mankind. Such is the infinite and ultimate purpose of the great and emanating wisdom which comes from the great Central Vortex. In some short time we shall resume our exploration of Aureleus the city of philosophical science and my worthy brother Gamaliel, shall take over. He begs your forgiveness for the interruption. However, until such time as he again resumes contact, may the Radiant Energies of God's Love permeate your entire being.